10 Tips on How to Buy a Car

It gets to that point in life when we need to get a new car, and this can be a pretty stressing affair for some. There are a number of things that people can check to ensure that they get the right cars and that they don’t fall prey to those sweet-talking salesmen that are only after money. Some of these tips can even make you save money and get the best deals. By buying the right car, it means that you’ll be able to manage it in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance, and it will serve the specific purpose for which you bought it and more. In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 tips on how to buy a car.

10 Tips on How to Buy a Car
10 Tips on How to Buy a Car


We all know the power of knowledge, which in this case can be gained by researching the car you’re after. You need to know everything about the cars of your choice in order for you to make informed choices. There are many resources where you can get the information, such as the Yahoo Autos on the internet. Research should also be done for used cars, checking out things like the current resale values for specific models, and whether they accept trade-ins.

Check for Pre-Financing Options

Most car dealerships offer financing although the interest rates are usually way higher than loans, which is why you should consider getting financing from financial institutions such as Banks and credit unions. You can visit financial institutions or research car loan rates online. Ensure that you get these rates sent to you on paper, written so that you can give the car dealerships when you’re ready to buy the car. this can be used as leverage to get better rates from the car dealerships.

Shop Around

It is best to shop around so that you can get the best deals on the market. It is even better if you check out of town car dealerships since at times the rates are based on location beautiful young couple standing at the dealership choosing a car.

Negotiate Terms

Most car dealerships are willing to negotiate rates, something that you should do because buying a car is a very important investment that could involve paying over a period of time, and taking time before you buy a car again. Confidence is key here, and you shouldn’t be afraid to walk away from deals that aren’t working for you.

Look at Both New and Used Cars

When searching for a car, you should check out both used and new cars, and especially if you are after saving money. Used cars are bound to be cheaper although nowadays people prefer to hang onto their cars for longer periods of time, meaning that their prices might not be as low. In such circumstances, you might want to consider going for a new car instead.

Buy Based on Purchase Price, Not on Monthly Payments

The monthly payments for cars are usually very attractive when it comes to monthly payments but don’t let that fool you. Ensure that you know the full purchase price and negotiate based on that. Make sure that you’re aware of any hidden costs that could include taxes, car preparation and delivery fees, and dealership costs.

Utilize the Internet

Make the internet your friend when searching for a car. This is one of the best ways of knowing dealers that aren’t annoying, and also getting the best prices. This also takes out the hustle of having to visit dealerships individually. On the other hand, be on the lookout for scams, and make sure you get to test the car and even have a professional check it out before purchasing online.

Don’t Mention Your Trade-In

One of the ways of keeping the deal in your favor is never to mention your trade-in until the very end of the buying process. This will make it easier to bargain based on the price that you were given, ensuring that you get the most out of your trade-in.

Consider the Insurance Costs

What are the insurance premiums that will be associated with your car once you’ve bought it? Check with insurance firms based on factors such as the make and model of the car, as well as personal information that could include your age, driving history, and marital status. You’ll find that there are cars that attract higher premiums such as sports cars, or even red cars in some instances. Cars that are popular with carjackers also attract higher premiums.

Avoid Impulse Buying

One of the main reasons for doing your research is so that you can avoid impulse buying. Impulse buying could be an expensive mistake since once it has been paid for it might not meet your expectations.

Bitcoin (BTC) Cryptocurrency

There are many payment methods that you can use to pay for your vehicles such as cheques, and even bitcoin currency. With bitcoin, there are lower cases of fraud, have lower transaction fees, and have minimal cases of identity theft, since they use Blockchain technology. Bitcoins don’t rely on a central regulatory agency, but rather relies on cryptography to control its creation and management. Car dealerships know how the use of bitcoin can influence their businesses and many of them have incorporated it into their payment systems. A quick peek at a bitcoin live feed will let you know how people are now trading in bitcoins. This shows how the market has accepted bitcoins and people are making money trading it.


Take your time to get a good deal when buying a car by following the tips above. You should also consider safe payment methods such as bitcoin if you’re purchasing the car online. To learn more about bitcoins, you can try learning how to trade them and you might just find yourself actually making profits.