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The Worst Car Crashes in Racing History

You love racing. You visit our site to learn more about the sport. And, no doubt you have enjoyed watching other people race their suped-up vehicles down the dragstrip or around the track. If you’ve been enjoying auto racing for any length of time, you have seen some pretty serious wrecks. So, we would like to present to you the worst car crashes in racing history.

The crashes on this list are going to be far more intense than anything Panel Beaters Perth is ready to handle. However, if you are in a car accident, you might want to access their levels of expertise. If you are in a wreck, they will come out to get you and help you with the paperwork. And then, they will get you safely home while they make the necessary repairs to your car. You can rest easy knowing that your car is in good hands with them, while you review these horrific racing crashes.

The Worst Car Crashes in Racing History

Racing Crashes that Made You Cry

Racing fans are a special breed. They are loyal to their racers and will travel all over the place just to see them compete. So, we are certain that if your favorite competitor was involved, these are the racing crashes that made you cry:

  • Old Bridge Township Raceway Park– In 2008, Scott Kalitta, a hugely successful drag racer competing in the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes experienced an engine explosion. He was killed on impact and that led to the shortening of the track by the NHRA.
  • Riverside International Raceway– Back in 1964, the Clown Prince of Racing, Joe Weatherly, lost control of his vehicle and hit the wall. His head was crushed against the wall, he wasn’t wearing his harness, and didn’t have a window screen installed. Window nets became required by NASCAR after that event.
  • German Grand Prix- The last Grand Prix to ever occur at Nordschleife was held in 1976. Austrian, Niki Lauda, lost control on the second lap, hit the wall, and his car caught fire. He was stuck in the car and suffered scars and severe burns to his face. Learn more.
  • JGTC at Fuji– It’s now called Super GT, but in 1998 it was the JGTC. During that race, the Fuji Speedway was enduring horrid conditions that included thick fog and heavy rain. In fact, they were so bad that the safety car caused two Porsches to collide while aquaplaning. One driver, Tetsuya Ota, was trapped in his car and on fire. He never raced again.
  • Daytona 500– NASCAR fans know this moment in 2001, as a very dark day. It was the last race for Dale Earnhardt Sr. His car got smashed into the wall at 160mph. The crash caused a fatal fracture to Earnhardt’s skull even though fans admit the accident didn’t look as bad as it was. Read this.
  • Italian Grand Prix– A faulty signal was to blame in this 1978 tragedy. The race started before everyone got into their proper positions. A major crash ensued, with a nine-car-pile-up. Unfortunately, Ronnie Peterson got stuck in his car, which was on fire. He was stuck for almost 20 minutes in the car before anyone came to the rescue. He died in the hospital the next day.

You can read the whole article here if you’d like to know about the other 9 crashes.

The Future of Cars

Despite the fact that vehicles have changed fundamentally since their beginning, the pace of enhancements in cars is expanding – particularly identified with progressions to battle their negative effects. A few futurists foresee the presence of self-driving cars – within this decade.

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The Future of Cars

Components of Significant Change


The primary cars looked like the stallion drawn carriages that they replaced, basic boxes on wheels. Early producers had little learning of streamlined features – the resistance of articles traveling through the air, or “drag.” Drag increments proportionately with speed. The state of the car, particularly the frontal range, specifically influences the energy consumed as the vehicle pushes ahead.

Another impact of increased speed is extra lift – the propensity of the car body to ascend from the street surface – from air streaming underneath the car, diminishing footing and strength amid turns. The utilization of wind passages has guided car configuration designers to diminish sharp edges and enhance streamlining, in this manner lessening drag, lift, and energy utilization.

As an outcome, makes and models seem comparable as every producer rapidly receives any favorable position picked up by a competitor. Future cars are probably going to be shorter with more bends while keeping up or expanding inside space for travelers.


A car’s weight directly influences the fuel utilization of a car. University of Washington reports that far reaching utilization of unibody development, lightweight materials, and smaller motors lessened the normal vehicle’s weight by 1,700 pounds in the vicinity of 1975 and 2009. Nonetheless, a significant part of the favorable position was balanced by an expansion in vehicle measure and included usefulness.

Pressure from the government to build efficiency will bring about a more prominent utilization of lightweight steel, aluminum, composite materials, and plastics to lessen weight and enhance crashworthiness. For instance, the Tesla Roadster’s body is developed from a lightweight carbon fiber/epoxy composite that is as solid as steel and weighs 30% less. As assembling expenses of the material descend, more producers will swing to the progressive new composite materials for their vehicles.

Mechanical Efficiency

The four-stroke inward burning motor has been the essential power hotspot for cars for quite a long time. Throughout the years, innovative advances, for example, twofold overhead cams with four valves with variable valve timing, constrained acceptance of air, fuel infusion, PC balanced fuel infusion, and variable valve timing has expanded motor productivity and power.

The boundless utilization of the motor control unit – an on-board PC that manages start timing, air/fuel blend, and sit out of gear speed – makes more noteworthy fuel effectiveness and steady motor determination. Transmissions are more productive, advancing from manual changing of three forward gears and turn around, to programmed changing of six to eight gears and invert. Enhanced water power empowers easy power controlling, while electronically monitored slowing mechanisms have radically diminished halting time and space.

Things you must do to keep your car insurance legal

There are no grey areas when it comes to car insurance. Some us might have experienced the discomfort of not being sufficiently paid out after a claim. An insurance agreement is an agreement between the insurer and the insured and as with any relationship it is important to keep things legal and legit to make sure you don’t have any problems at claims stage. It is true that you might have to pay more for your insurance if you mention risk factors like what you are going to be using your car for but it is worth it if you consider you might have to pay half the damage at claim stage because you didn’t disclose everything. Click here for factors that might impact your car insurance premium.

As previously mentioned it is important to tell the truth. Disclose information that affects your insurance like your age, driving experience, address and your claims history. It is a legal requirement at all times with insurance for you to disclose information that directly impacts your premium. Lying about anything on your application is considered to be insurance fraud and would cause you to have no cover if you do need to claim for your car. Take a look at for reliable car insurance that is available at an affordable price. If you are looking for the best possible claims experience in the fastest amount of time this will be the best insurer for you.

Things you must do to keep your car insurance legal

Most insurance companies will request the names of drivers that will be driving the cars on the most regular basis. Make sure that you are honest with this answer. It happens on occasion that parents lie about the fact that their children will be driving their cars. Because of this there has been many claims where no funds where paid out. If your child is learning to drive you need to make sure that it is listed on your insurance policy. Accidents do happen and it is vital that the information is correct. It is also important to report any accidents to your insurer. If you feel your friend can fix it quickly it’s all good but you need to inform your insurer that you are fixing your car privately and that you had an accident.

It is also important that you take care of your car, negligent behavior is a bad thing and if it causes an accident your insurer might not pay out the claim. Click here for tips on taking care of your car. You also need to make sure that anyone that drives your vehicle is covered by your insurance policy so take care if you lend your car to a friend. If you have any modifications done to your vehicle make sure that you declare it to your insurance company as this is necessary to enjoy cover for these modifications and upgrades. If you don’t you might end up with a stock standard vehicle if your car is written off or stolen. Remember that you should only use your car for what it covered for. If you selected strictly social use you cannot use your car as a commercial vehicle as you might have difficulty in getting covered if something happens.

5 Ways You Can Protect Your Car from Getting Stolen

Want to protect your car against thieves and intruders? Here’s how you can do so:

1) Park your car in an awkward way

A car thief will maintain a strategic distance from your car on the off chance that it requires a considerable measure of push to move it, so transform your wheels into the kerb when stopping in the city, or towards another car when in a car stop. Likewise, do whatever it takes not to invert into a garage, rather go in hood first and turn the wheels. On the off chance that you do have a garage dependably utilize it as it means the thief would need to come nearer to you to get the car, and they would prefer not to do so.

2) Take everything and put it out of sight

Messy cars pull in criminals, which incorporates leaving things on show, for example, telephone drives, satchels, sat nav holders and printed material. It shows to a burglar that you may have been in a surge and not just left something of significant worth inside the car itself, yet neglected to lock the door or shut the window appropriately. Put all contraptions in the glove box. under the seat or in a perfect world, secured away in the boot.5 Ways You Can Protect Your Car from Getting Stolen


3) Adorn your car with beautiful repellents

On the off chance that a car has flowers painted on it or soft toys inside it will probably be avoided by a criminal. This is on the grounds that it draws the wrong kind of consideration and needs ‘road cred’; likewise, they have a tendency to be cheaper cars. Private plates are likewise a hindrance because of standing out and being effortlessly spotted.

4) Alarms and obvious security signs do work, so utilize them

A car thief wouldn’t like to invest a limitless measure of energy and time attempting to remove any anti-theft gadget or security device such as a steering wheel lock or alarm, so it makes sense putting resources into them on the off chance that you don’t as of now utilize them. Indeed, even basic stickers will put off a criminal, joyfully moving onto another vehicle with no obvious security by any stretch of the imagination. Alarms that are factory-fitted are the best, as the cheaper ones are easier to break into in case the thief tries to do so.

5) Hide your keys, even inside

In past times, a criminal would just hotwire a car – yet present day innovation has put paid to that practice and new cars now require the memory chip which is needed to start the car. Regularly, thieves will go ‘letterbox fishing’ or attempt the secondary passage of the property since such a variety of individuals leave theirs open. It might appear to be shortsighted, however many individuals leave their keys in their passage, on the stairs, in purses left on the ground floor or in the kitchen, uninhibitedly accessible for some person to snatch in the event that they can get to. In case you hide your keys to such an extent that you are yourself unable to find them, avail services from emergency locksmiths like Silverfern Locksmiths who will not only help you get into your car in case you get locked out but also provide you with new keys and various other automotive locksmith services, no matter what time of day it is.

The Best Racing Cars of all Time

From the time that cars have been created, people have realized that they can be raced against each other and it can be a fun activity that a lot of people can appreciate. Some races are planned and are considered professional while there is also some car racing done illegally.

Over the years, more and more racers have become well known and have become richer. There are also some movies that have become connected to racing. As the population grew, the more people who appreciated everything related to racing and all of the cars that are driven.

With the use of your Samsung Galaxy J1 that you have purchased from izengate, it can be quite easy to take track of the latest details about racing. Whether you are more interested about local or international races will be up to you. The uses of smartphones have truly changed the way that people learn more information. If in the past, it would take time before news can appear in newspapers, some details can be learned immediately as long as you have connection to the internet.

The Best Racing Cars of all Time

What if you would like to learn more about the best racing cars? Here are just a few details that you ought to know:

  1. Audi Sports Quattro S1 E2

This is the racing car that was considered to be the most powerful in the 80s. There are different varieties of this car available but it cannot be denied that this is one of the most well known. This comes with a 2.1 litter turbocharged 5 cylinder engine. It has been said that this used to go up to 600 hp at its prime although it is only expected to go to 470hp.

  1. Chaparral 2J

Let us go to the world of Can-Am racing. This is one of the cars that have managed to get an edge over the others. The thing is that it has a snowmobile engine. It is made out of various parts that are considered to be scraps especially in the world of racing. When it was being raced, it was one of the fastest especially when compared to its competitors but the fact cannot be denied that it was very unreliable. Its uniqueness makes it one of the popular racing cars.

  1. Ford GT40

Let us go to a race car that a lot of people know because of its brand name. According to stories, this was created by Ford solely because he failed to get a Ferrari. He wanted to produce something that can be good for the race track. This vehicle is known to be one of the cars that can greatly endure racing especially in the 60s. There are different varieties of this race car that has been produced and all of them are respected in their own right.

There are still other racing cars that should not go by unnoticed like the Mazda 787B, Porsche 917 and McLaren MP4/4. Can you still think of others that you feel should be a part of this list? Feel free to give your comments.

How to Effectively Sell Your Car Online

There are times when you just want to sell your vehicle but it can be hard if you do not know how to sell. The world of the internet has made it possible for you to deal different things but merchandising a big ticket item like a car can be a bit hard.

One of the problems that you may encounter when you are trying to sell your vehicle online is that your advertisements usually get blocked by various websites. You would like to have unblockable ads! These ads are offered by Advertise World. This means that even people who are using ad blockers will be able to view your ad. You may never know, they may become interested in what you are selling and eventually purchase your car.

How to Effectively Sell Your Car Online

Know Where Your Car Should Be Sold

It is best to research about the different websites wherein you can sell your vehicle. It is not recommended that you build your own website just to sell some items. It does not mean that just because you already have a website, this will be viewed by your target market. There are a lot of complications that you have to go through so just choose a marketplace where you think your vehicle will sell faster.

Know The Actual Price of Your Car

What if you thought that your car’s value is higher than it actually is? You may sell your car in an expensive amount only for people to ignore your advertisement because they think that your car is too expensive. Get to know your car’s value and compare it with other sellers who are selling the same model. You will have a better idea about how you can put a price on your car.

Create a Good Advertisement

How will you sell your car if you would not even put photographs of your vehicle? In placing photos, make sure that you will put some clear ones. Be precise about the conditions that your car may have so people will not be shocked anymore and they know exactly what they are getting when they inquire about your car. At the same time, you have to write your contact details too so that people will find it easier to contact you.

Be Prepared to Have Many Photos Available

One of the mistakes you may make is not uploading enough pictures. You should remember that even 20 pictures are sometimes not enough for potential buyers to see if they truly like your vehicle. When selling your car, upload about 40 pictures or more. Take pictures of every part of your vehicle so that people can browse through these pictures and decide if they like your car or not.

Have Keywords Prepared

To make your ads easier to see by possible buyers, make sure that you have some important keywords on the header of your advertisement. The easier your ad is to search, the more people who will get to view your ad.

Selling your car online is not as hard as it was before. Don’t you think it will be nice to sell your vehicle effectively?

Do’s and Don’ts Car Racing for Beginners

There are a lot of people who are most interested in car racing. It is normal to become interested because it can be fun and exciting especially for racers who are going to win the race. If you are a person who is only starting out to race, then you may not have a lot of money and time to get to know the things that you are going to do to your car and the things that you should do in order to increase your chances of winning.

Do’s and Don’ts Car Racing for Beginners

You do not want to end up having a totaled car that would have to be picked up by Executive Towing Services tow trucks Perth. You know that they offer great service but you do not want to own the car that they will pick up to bring to another place. As much as possible, you have to make sure that you will stay safe while racing. How are you going to do that? It is a good thing that there are different tips that you can follow:

  1. When you drive, do not only base it on what the one in front of you is going to do. You have to remember that the driving that you are going to do should be based on what you think will help you during the race. If you base it solely on what the other person in front of you is doing, then you will end up doing the same mistakes that he is doing.
  2. Do not push your car to the limit. You may think that this is a good thing that you are testing just how well your car is in a race but you should know what your car can and cannot do even before you use it in the race.
  3. Always check your car tires. One of the things that you would expect to be overused whenever you race is your tires. You have to make sure that your tires are functioning properly. Do not use them to the point that they will already spin on the track because of lack of traction. If in case you feel that your tires are already starting to have issues, then have it checked immediately. While racing, go to the pit stop to have your tires as well as other parts of your racing car checked. It is better to be safe than sorry after all.
  4. It is best if you have a spotter. The thing about racing is it is complicated to see what is ahead of you or what is even in front of you. You will never know if there are some lanes that are free or not. Having a spotter will make it easy for you to gain ideas about the next steps that you are going to do.

With all of these things in mind, you will be more prepared to go to your first race and you may even win your first race if ever it would be effective for you.