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Hire a Muscle Limo Service for Your Next Event

I can imagine that it feels awesome riding in a limo, the exquisite leather and probably a bottle of champagne for you to enjoy with your friends. And then there is all the torque that comes with powerful Hummers. We all love to feel the power of the engine as the car drives, giving us a superior feeling over other vehicles on the road. These powerful engine limos can get you through terrain that the lower limos can’t. In this article, we are going to look at reasons why you might want to hire a muscle limo for your next event.

Intimidate Other Road Users

When you’re holding an event, you don’t want distracted driving getting in your way. You also don’t want to worry about other distracted road users. Hiring a limo service with powerful vehicles that intimidate smaller ones will ensure that you’re not distracted at all, while the chauffeur intimidates other road users with the sheer power of the vehicle. You can sit back, relax and think about the event as you enjoy the purr of the powerful engines. You can socialize with the rest of the passengers in the limo, browse, watch television or even pull out your laptop and get some work done.

Keep Everyone Together

You were all supposed to get to the event at 6 PM, but when you get there, you realize that nobody else has arrived. This could be due to things like traffic, mechanical problems with their cars, getting lost along the way and getting started for the venue late. One of the top reasons for hiring a powerful limo is to ensure that everyone is together. You all get to arrive at the venue on time and even if you’re running late, the powerful engines are sure to get you there on time.

Hire a Muscle Limo Service for Your Next Event

With a Powerful Limo, Forget Stressful Road Rage

Having other drivers frustrate you could ruin whatever event you’re going to. Plus, dealing with road rage from others is never pleasant. With a chauffeur driven limo ride, you can laugh away with fellow passengers, all the way to the venue. And besides, driving a powerful and raised limo like a Hummer is bound to intimidate other road users.

Parking Is Never an Issue

Can you imagine arriving at the venue where this very important event is being held, only to discover that there is no parking? You could end up driving around in circles as you wait for a spot to become available, or you could end up parking many blocks away. With a powerful limo service, you’re dropped off at the entrance, and when you’re ready to leave, you’re picked up there. You don’t have to walk several blocks in those uncomfortable shoes or clothes.

Directions Aren’t Necessary, People Respect Power and will Stop to Help

One of the most common reasons for hiring a muscle limo, especially for out of town guests or events, is so no one gets lost. The limo service is given all the directions well in advance, and the drivers usually know their way around cities very well. They even know the alternative routes to evade the traffic. And besides, who wouldn’t want to give directions to the powerful looking monster.

No More Wasted Time in Traffic

On the day of the event, you don’t want to get bored and frustrated in traffic. You don’t want to feel like you’re just sitting around in the jam, wasting your petrol. In a limo service, you wouldn’t be bored because you would be in the back with all your friends, entertaining each other. There’s also the entertainment unit of the vehicle and the fact that you can pull out your laptop and get some work done.

Let the Muscle Limo Make You Feel Like a VIP

Although this could look like the obvious reason for hiring a limousine, in most cases it is usually overlooked. If you’re attending a special event, it is good to feel important when you arrive. Arriving in a muscle limo has that effect, giving one that VIP feeling, and even boosting confidence.

Perth Stretch Hummers

Limo Hire Perth by Perth Stretch Hummers is an experience that you would not want to miss out on for that event of yours. The service offers three stretch Hummer limos for hire in Stunning Purple, Diamond White and Hot Pink. These party limousines are the perfect match for whatever function you have, whether it is a ride from a school ball to weddings and even kid’s parties or Perth Swan valley wine tours.

What they Offer

When in Perth, the first thing to riding in a stretch Hummer limo is that it has to be fun. Perth Stretch Hummers know that, and that is the reason why it has many recurring customers. The 14-seater Hummer H2 limousines are appropriate for all of those occasions that you would like to attend in Perth. The colours are attractive and you’re bound to have everyone looking after you whenever you drive by.

Fully Loaded Interiors

The limos are fitted with all the luxuries that you could possibly think of while you’re on the move. The have laser lighting rigs, multiple flat screen TVs, pumping sound systems and even smoke machines. You can even start the party in the limo if you bring along your drinks. The limo service will take care of the ice.

Professional Chauffeurs

Safety and comfort come first, and that is the reason why Perth Stretch Hummers only work with experienced and fully qualified chauffeurs. They aim to provide you with the best service in the city, with the best drivers, at the best prices!


Arrive those events in a powerful limo that is full of torque and elegantly designed. You are bound to be the show stopper. Let the sheer power of the limo make you feel important.

How to Choose the Right Car Service Center for Your Audi

When it comes to a car, it’s all about the maintenance regardless of what model of car you have. If you maintain it well then you will enjoy maximum benefits from it. Audis are well known for making highly efficient and reliable cars. They have a broad spectrum of cars and also different car engines to suit different customer preferences. Just like any other car, Audi servicing is very important to ensure its full functionality. A good service will make sure that your car is able to run well and also has a good residual value. There are many service centers from which you can take a car but you have to be careful to make sure you land a good one. The following should be kept in mind:

How to Choose the Right Car Service Center for Your Audi

AA Garage guide

This is a good place especially if you anew in a place and are not sure where to take your car to be serviced. With AA garage guide you will get a listing of competent and high quality garages as they carefully do their vetting so you are sure you can land a good garage. Good thing about the site you can also read other user reviews to make sure that you get a good service.


Every car should be serviced after a certain mileage, normally the mileage recommendations will depend with the car. With regular servicing you are reducing the risks of car breakdown and other problems that may arise on the road. If you are dealing with a second car however there is much uncertainty about the servicing history. Good thing with Audis is that they come with servicing guidelines that will make sure that the residual value of your car remains high and thus you can still sell the car at high value even after using it for a long time.

Service costs

Service costs vary from place to place but that does not necessarily define the quality of the service. Most of the time however, a cheap Audi service is usually not a good quality one. There are other factors other than price that should be looked at when selecting an Audi car garage. It is better to take time and choose a good and reliable center.

The parts

Most people have a very limited knowledge on the parts that are being replaced in the car. Having some knowledge on the parts helps a great deal as you know exactly what is going on. With a service center you aren’t sure of however they may do a replacement with a low quality part that is why you have to be knowledgeable on the parts.


There are many centers for Audi service center Perth. Out of the many not all have the same quality of service. Since different customers have different needs, it is better to do a research and comparison in order to find a garage that will best suit your needs.

How to Stay Busy When Your Muscle Car Has a Breakdown

One of the best ways to stay busy when your muscle car breaks down is with fixing your muscle car, of course.  But sometimes you simply don’t have everything you need to your disposal and have to order parts from online shops and wait for the delivery time.  Sometimes you just don’t have the cash available to you to go shopping and many muscle car owners simply don’t have the time to do the repairs themselves and send in their beloved wheeled beasties to professionals that can do the repairs for them.  If you are suddenly feeling a bit lost with too much time on your hands then staying busy can help you pass the time.  It is also good for your health to get a regular break from your favorite hobby so you can catch up on all of the other important things in your life.

How to Stay Busy When Your Muscle Car Has a Breakdown

Reconnect with your wife

If you have a wife then the first thing that should be on your checklist is to spend some quality time together.  It is so easy to get so caught up in your hobby and in street racing and so easy to neglect those that have been there for you all along.  Reconnect with your wife by doing something she loves to do.  Something like watching Stephen Collins shows, going to the movies, shopping or spoil her a bit with a special spa day for the two of you.

Spend time with the family

Family time is always time well spent.  Reconnect with your children and find out what they are up to, if there are any major changes in their lives and see if your kids are still emotionally stable and happy.  It can be so easy to overlook problematic behaviors and warning signs of a much bigger problem in young kids and especially in teenagers with their mood swings.  Spending time with your family will help you determine if there are any problems that require your attention.

Go on an outing

An outing like a fishing trip with friends, a bowling expedition with your fellow street racers or a trip to a fun water park is always a good idea since the fresh air and change of scenery is always great for promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Do something completely controversial

Try to do something you have never done before at least twice in a year.  If you cannot work on your muscle car then this is the perfect opportunity to take on some brand new journey, try something that you have never tried before or go and see something new in a different place.

Go watch a race

Of course one of the best things you can be doing when taking a break from vehicle repairs is watching a race.  Check out some of the local races in the area and go and scout for some good ideas or be inspired by some of the designs of other muscle cars that race the streets.