5 Tips to Take Awesome Pictures of Cars

Taking pictures of your favorite vehicles, i.e. car spotting is a really interesting hobby that attracts thousands of patrons. Getting the perfect shot of cars in motion or at a standstill is an interesting thing, almost like science. Every time you take a photo of a car you like, it works as a learning experience. Vehicle photography is a rather interesting niche in the world of photography that you might want to discover if you like both cars and cameras.

5 Tips to Take Awesome Pictures of Cars

Here are some guidelines to help you get the perfect shot of your favorite cars- whether it is moving or standing like the majestic creature that it is.

  • Beware of reflections

One needs to be very careful as to what is reflected in the car windows or body. In order to make sure nothing unwanted comes into the picture, scan the perimeter and look at the car closely to see if anything is reflecting on its surface. New, shiny cars have very reflective and mirror like surfaces. To keep reflection to a minimum, try taking photos in places where there is plenty of open space- like a field. It’s best if there are no trees or buildings near you. The most important thing to be highlighted in cars is the design lines, which can get spoiled by unwanted reflection.

  • Choose the perfect time of the day

The mistake made by most people while photographing cars is not choosing the right time of the day. The best time for the perfect photos are a few minutes before sunrise and a few minutes after the sun sets. To make life easier, invest in a tripod to get that subtle light on your photographic canvas.

  • Car color

In different lights and different times of the day, various types of paints tend to react in their unique ways. Most colors do not look very good in direct sunlight; however some colors are great reflectors. Light colors like baby blue are excellent in this case.

  • Motion blur

Vehicles are all about the artistic motion, the action and the adrenaline rush. In order to get some great motion going, you might want to consider standing by the road and let the vehicle drive past you in all its glory. Setting the shutter speed to 125th of a second, you can trail behind the car with the camera lens in a single smooth action for some breathtaking shots.

  • Shooting while driving

Motion is the key to getting great shots in this method. You simply take the photograph of the car you want while being in a moving vehicle yourself. The ideal shutter speed for these shots is 1/100th of a second and the ideal car speed is 60km/h. When your prep is done, shoot the car out of the window in order to get nice movement on the wheels and the road. The shutter speed can be decreased as necessary. You can also get some artistic blur going on with your favorite photo editing software. Check out this website if the Lightroom vs Photoshop debates are still confusing you.

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