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Welcome to Mac’s Street racing, home of the best street racing and car talk online. We are here to talk about cars and street racing, as well as break down all the features you can think of. We discuss different engine formations and oil, as well as the gear shift length and the best places to street race. There also will be occasional talk about our favorite movie series, fast and the furious. 

My name is mac, and I started this website mainly as a place for my friends and I to write about street racing, cars and other things that we are interested in. It kind of gets a bit random at times, but for now we still like to keep our main focus on cars and street racing. We have a lot of debates about what the best car for street racing is, as well as some of the best spots for street racing, and it seems like we can never come to a conclusion. It’s fun to try though.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been working on cars for your entire life, you will find that here through our site, we want to be the top resource for all things car related.  We love cars and live, breathe and think about them every day of our lives.

Thanks for stopping by, and let us know what your favorite street racing car is, and what your car looks like and the mods you’ve done on it.