Why Mission is The Perfect Place for Car Enthusiasts

For any car lovers out there, if you are looking for the perfect place to travel in your favorite and explore different car varieties and events, there is no better place than Mission, BC. The mission is a beautiful country town located 20 minutes from Vancouver, just bordering the U.S. lines. It is surrounded by forests, mountains and the beautiful Frazier River, and boasts a small tight-knit community having 38,000 residents. Here are the reasons this small countryside town is actually every car enthusiast’s dream home:

Why Mission is The Perfect Place for Car Enthusiasts

Why Mission is The Perfect Place for Car Enthusiasts

1.Old Car Sunday

Old Car Sunday is a 27-year-old tradition in Mission. People get to experience over 700 vintage and classic cars all on display, including numerous well-known automobiles like Chrysler New-Yorker Convertible (Queen Elizabeth’s 1951) and “The Terminator,” the fastest jet-powered car. Not only do you get to take photos with some of the most unique and stunning cars, but you also get to have some family fun with rides, amusement attractions, food stalls and vendors, and lots of music and games with different people.


Since the town is so obsessed with cars, you can be sure that they have the best-rated quality auto-shops littered throughout the district. You can get parts and fixes all in affordable ranges and deals; have your favorite car easily fixed at short commutes, and make connections with local shop owners to get the best car upgrades, fixes, and information on the market. Shops like Dales Auto Service and Mission Automotive offer you the best car repair and maintenance deals with supportive service providers you will shower you with the Canadian hospitality you know and love.

3.Car and tire dealers

You are not just going to get the best location for your own car. Mission BC offers exquisite high-quality cars and tires at well-established car dealers and tire shops like Fountain Tire and Pioneer Chrysler Jeep, all at affordable rates. You can go window-shopping for modern and vintage cars alike, and maybe if you get lucky, find yourself a dream car with the best upgrades and machinery money has to offer, all within this small hometown.

4.Mission Raceway

Mission Raceway Park is an auto-racing attraction in Mission, where you can enjoy annual drag races and see amazing auto cars race across quality road courses. Not only can you enjoy these events in the town, but also Mission Raceway offers abundant job opportunities to car enthusiasts who would like to get up close and personal to professional auto cars and drivers for some hands-on experience.

5.Perfect homes to keep your car in

Want to be a part of this countryside community so you can experience all these cars and tracks? Bob McLean Personal Real Estate Corporation offers you homes for sale Mission BC at reasonable prices and deals.

Not only do you get to enjoy these car-lover attractions, but you also get to buy the ideal home to store your car in. Choose from a wide variety of houses, like lakeside houses or country mansions, choosing the style, design, and unit-size of your choice that comes within your budget range.

Need assistance? Bob McLean has 15 years of real estate knowledge as well as hands-on experience in the town of Mission. He guarantees you the best house buy by providing relevant information based on community interactions and personal deliberations. Drive through the beautiful forests and mountains as you journey to car shows and amusement parks, all while meeting many more car-enthusiast along the way in Mission’s friendly and car-loving community.

If you want to benefit from beautiful cars and attractive scenery, call 604-302-0177 now and make the greatest decision of your life by moving into your dream destination for your car passions and needs.

6 Good Reasons to Take Your Muscle Car on A Road Trip to Cozumel

Street racing is great fun and is probably the biggest reason for you to own a muscle car or the biggest reason for you to modify an old car into a muscle car.  There is nothing that can quite compare to that feeling of power underneath you as you speed down the street in your newly renovated car.  If you have just finished off a major modification or restoration on your muscle car then you probably cannot wait to get out on the open road to see what your vehicle is capable off with the new modification.

6 Good Reasons to Take Your Muscle Car on A Road Trip to Cozumel

6 Good Reasons to Take Your Muscle Car on A Road Trip to Cozumel

A road trip is a fantastic way to test your vehicle and to have a bit of adventure on the sideline. Here are a few good reasons to choose a trip to Cozumel while you are testing your vehicle.

Enjoy a fantastic cruise

Cozumel is a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea.  You cannot drive all the way to Cozumel – which gives you an amazing excuse to enjoy a luxury cruise.  Cozumel is a very popular port point for plenty of cruise ships that travel the Caribbean Sea.  You can get on one of these cruise ships and enjoy all sorts of luxuries on the cruise and have a great time on the Cozumel island.

Give deep sea fishing a try

Another good reason to take a road trip and holiday to this Mexican island is that of deep sea fishing.  Cozumel fishing charters will take you out to the depts of the sea, supply you with all required fishing gear and bait, and they will teach you all that is needed to know for a great catch.  Deep sea fishing is a glorious adventure, especially if you managed to catch a trophy sized fish that you can get mounted.

Enjoy snorkeling

Cozumel is a major snorkeling hotspot because various flourishing reefs surround the island.  Snorkeling charters will supply you with all the snorkeling gear you need and will teach you all the basics of snorkeling.  They will take you to some of the most beautiful reefs in the world where you can marvel at a great variety of fish species and underwater creatures.

Visit ancient ruins

Cozumel is greatly popular because this island was once inhabited by ancient Mayan civilizations.  Many of their building structures like pyramids and Mayan ruins are still in good condition and guided tours to these ruins are great fun and incredibly educational.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches

Cozumel has plenty of beautiful white sandy beaches where you can swim, relax, take long walks, go for a run or simply marvel at the natural beauty of glorious sunsets.

Try lots of water activities

You can also try a great variety of water activities like paddleboarding, swimming, canoeing and much more while you are enjoying a peaceful day on the beach.

With these great activities you definitely cannot deny it; A holiday Cozumel would be fantastic.  The drive to the Mexican shoreline would be great for putting your car to the test and everything from the cruise ship to the island adventures will be great fun to enjoy.

Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Cool

It may not be enough for you that you have your own car. You would like to improve its appearance so that it will look great all the time. You now have the right car that you want to customize and you also have acquired enough money to make some changes to your car to make it look cool enough for your needs.

The first thing that you have to remember is to know exactly what you would like to improve with your vehicle. Do you want your vehicle to have the ability to play music effectively? You can check out the best 4 inch car speakers. You may find the right speakers that you are searching for. Take note that speakers that have a lot of bass sounds may be appreciated better as compared to other available speakers.

Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Cool

Ways to Keep Your Car Looking Cool

Aside from your speakers, what else can you concentrate on so that your car will look cool? These are some ideas:

  1. Add a navigation device – This may not add some points to your car’s appearance but it will help you navigate better especially when you are exploring territories that you are not familiar with. This will help you save time in the long run.
  2. Have a stash box – If you do not know yet what a stash box is, this is where you will place all of the items that you normally have no space for inside the car. It may stash different things depending on what you like. Having a stash box will allow you to not have different items scattered all over your car.
  3. You can have a portable refrigerator – This is the place wherein you can put your drinks so that they will be kept cool the whole time that you are traveling. This is better than having to stop over from time to time to buy cool drinks. You do not want to waste your time, right? This may be the best option available for you.
  4. Customize your steering wheel – If you do not want to make the changes to your car become immediately obvious, it is best that you can start with small things like your steering wheel. There are different options available and you can always customize depending on what you like. You can make the customization so simple that people will not realize that you have made changes in the beginning or you can make the change blatantly obvious. It will be up to you.
  5. Place a DVD player and some car television inside your vehicle. It may not be a good idea to place the television on the dashboard because you may get distracted but you can place it at the back of your car seats. This will help keep your passengers highly entertained.

You can always go with some customizations that are easy to see such as your car rims or placing a body kit on your car but the things mentioned above will not only make your vehicle cool, the changes will also be functional.

The Benefits of Hiring a Taxi Service

In general sense, a taxi can be characterized as a vehicle for hire furnished with a driver. It is utilized by a single traveler or small gathering of travelers, frequently for a non-shared ride. It is the most helpful and financial method for making a trip starting with one place then onto the next. Regardless of where you live, you should employ a taxi service in some purpose of time. Utilizing a taxi service will guarantee you that you will have a vehicle that will take you to the intended area securely and proficiently at an affordable rate. Aside from this, there are likewise various advantages of utilizing a taxi service for your transportation needs. Here are some benefits you can obtain if you hire a taxi for the day in cozumel.

The Benefits of Hiring a Taxi Service

The Benefits of Hiring a Taxi Service

24-7 Service

Taxi organizations today furnish their clients with 24hr services, 7 days a week. This implies, regardless of wherever you are and what time of day it is, a taxi service will dependably be there for you with its services. You should simply call up the taxi organization, give them your present area and wanted area; they will be at your service in only couple of minutes.

Economic and Affordable

When it comes to the ease and comfort that comes with choosing a taxi organization, we can state that the taxi services are the most economical and reasonable type of transportation. Individuals have a misguided judgment of paying high cost for taxi hire, however in the event that we compare it against the service we are availing, we understand that what we are paying is exceptionally reasonable and worth the price.

Saves Time

Opting a taxi hire service saves a lot of time and energy. For instance, in the event that you opt for public transportation, you’ll need to manage the problems like walking to the boarding destination and sitting tight and waiting for the vehicle. Furthermore, in the event that you pick to drive yourself, there will be worry about finding a space in the parking area. Enlisting a taxi will free you from these issues and naturally free your time. The organization will send you a taxi only couple of minutes after you put them a call.

Proficient and experienced drivers

Taxi organizations utilize proficient and very much experienced drivers. These drivers know about all of the routes in the city and are likewise well recognizable about the traffic designs. Subsequently riding in a taxi with an experienced driver will give you a feeling of safety, unwavering quality and affirmation. What’s more, they pay a lot of attention to punctuality.


Not at all like public transportation, taxi services are exceptionally adaptable and can be modified by your need. It gives you the adaptability to move wherever you need and at whatever point you need.

These are a few of the many advantages you get when you opt for a taxi service. Aside from these advantages, we ought to likewise realize that taxi organizations today give general taxi services, as well as cabs for airplane terminal transportation, hotel transportation, and so on.

Why Garage A Necessary Part of Your House?

When you invest in cars, you do not only invest in an object, but you actually invest in your future. Your car stays with you for a long time and help you in times of need, and it will be there to get you out of trouble. Keeping your car safe should be your first priority. Numerous people do not realize cars need as much attention as any other precious thing. This is why whenever you make your own home or shift to a new place, you should always check if the place has a garage. A garage is a necessary part of the house because of several reasons.

Why Garage A Necessary Part of Your House?

Why Garage A Necessary Part of Your House?

Read some of the reasons:


There are various agencies, which will provide you with homeowners insurance quotes in Florida but very few companies pay extra attention to the garage. This company is one of the best ones that collect information from all over town and gathers it in one place. You can collect information regarding the insurance policies of any company and then you can evaluate the best company for your car. Home insurance is vital in today’s time especially if you own a car. When you get your car insured, there is no asking of where you will keep it or how you plan to keep it safe. Nonetheless, when you get your house insured, all these questions are asked, and you be extra careful. The garage is a part of the house, which provides safety to your car and if there is an incident, you can at least keep your car safe. Garages are not included in every quote so make sure to check them properly before choosing the final plan.

Protection from the weather

Your car needs to be protected from the weather at all times.  Sometimes it is raining outside while other times the sun is too bright and your car paint can get damaged. A garage is a place where you can keep your car clean. You need to make sure the garage is made in a way that the water does not come inside, and it is not too humid. The humidity can cause the car to wither away, and it gets rust. A garage should also have all the equipment you need to protect your house and yourself from any storm.


If you own a car, you might know how hectic it is to keep it clean. When you take it out on Sunday and spend three whole hours washing it and drying it, you will know the energy that it takes. A garage aids to keep your car clean for a longer time. You can keep it inside, and there is no chance of dust or any other thing settling on it. A good garage will always keep the wind out, and the smell of a freshly washed car in.


A car is not just one thing you need to keep safe somewhere in your house. It comes with a separate set of parts and tools that are vital for its maintenance. You have to make sure all these things are kept together so if there is an emergency, you waste no time in finding them. For this very purpose, a garage is the most useful place. You can make shelves and containers in it and store the car equipment there. When everything is kept together in one place, your life becomes easier.

10 Amazing Car Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Home or Garage

There aren’t a lot of muscle car fanatics out there that have an interest in home or garage décor.  This is because to them there is nothing more beautiful than an engine, a set of gleaming rims or the physical muscle car.  But a little bit of vehicle inspired décor can do a lot for the overall appearance of your home and especially for your garage.  Here are 10 amazing car inspired décor so you can create an amazing looking setup while still fueling your passion.

10 Amazing Car Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Home or Garage

10 Amazing Car Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Home or Garage

  1. Canvas prints

One of the easiest ways to brighten up those dull garage or home walls is by simply ordering a canvas print.  You can order any muscle car photo you like and simply get it stretched.  Hang it on your wall and viola, instant décor without any fuss.  If you want to know a bit more about canvas prints or wall art then you can definitely check out House Decorio.  This superb site will give you plenty of advice on the best wall décor to look out for as well as great tips on the best types of wall art to consider for your unique setup.

  1. Car bed

This is a top idea for a little boy’s bedroom.  Look for an old retro car and convert it into a luxurious bed that is bound to fuel plenty of wonderful dreams.

  1. Stop sign table

Road signs can also be fantastic for bringing a bit of color into your home or garage.  Repurpose engine parts and an old stop sign and create a beautiful coffee table.

  1. Toolbox trolley bathroom sink

This is a great idea for your garage bathroom or even for your home.  Repurpose a toolbox trolley by adding a wash basin onto it with a counter top.  There will be plenty of space to store away bathroom goods or even tools if you need those for extreme cleaning.

  1. Tire mirror

While you are using a toolbox trolley for a bathroom sink you might as well add a wall mirror that is framed with a tire.  This can create a very interesting bathroom.

  1. Tailgate coffee table

Do you have an old tailgate but no truck?  Then you might as well repurpose it into a very interesting coffee table by adding some legs to your tailgate.

  1. Car spotlight desk lamp

An old spotlight can be a pretty fantastic looking desk lamp. Simply modify the old spotlight with some old spare parts and you will instantly have a very unique look for a bedroom.

  1. Engine table

Clean out an old engine block and prop a glass counter on top of it for a very vehicle inspired table idea.

  1. Car sofa

A good way to give new life to an old wreck is by transforming it into a sofa.  There are some pretty amazing ideas out there for repurposing old junk cars and this type of seat would look great in any home, garage or even in offices and restaurants.

  1. Steering wheel clock

This is an easy vehicle inspired decoration that you can do yourself.  Just get an old steering wheel and a build a clock mechanism into the center.  You will instantly give your old steering wheel new life and create a wonderful look for your home.

Why Should You Hire A Cab Service While on Vacation?

Going on a vacation embrace a multiple of physical and mental benefits. However, you need to plan it right. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a mess and can end up causing more stress. Read a few tips in this article to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You might have to spend a little extra money, but it is definitely worth it once you realize how convenient it can be.

To make the most of your vacation, you should book your hotel online before going to your vacation spot. Apart from booking your hotel, you should plan your trip from start to the end and look for the online itinerary. Moreover, you need to hire a taxi tour online to roam around the area without any difficulty. Hiring a taxi tour is essential as it will help you in saving time and prevent inconvenience.

Why Should You Hire A Cab Service While on Vacation?

Why Should You Hire A Cab Service While on Vacation?

Read more reasons for hiring a taxi tour:

  • Convenience:

Hiring a driver is extremely convenient. If you hire a car directly and drive yourself, you cannot enjoy the beauty of the area, as you have to focus on where you are going and put all of your energy into not getting lost. You can conveniently hire a driver and a cab from any taxi tour company online at reasonable prices.

Numerous companies offer taxi tour services that are not only affordable but the drivers are trustworthy, the condition of the cars is quite good. Most of the times you can get certain limited time offers. The trick is to keep looking and checking the websites or taxi tour companies.

  • Security:

Believe it or not, there is a security risk in all places if you are not familiar with the area where you are vacationing. There are places, which are not safe, and if you use GPS to go from one place to another by hiring a car without a driver, you might end up at an insecure place.

In an unknown place, a condition in which you have a security threat should be avoided at all costs. Taxi tour drivers know each part of the area and can aid you to avoid the unsafe areas. This is a big reason to hire a taxi tour driver.

  • Save time and money:

Hiring driver assists you to save time while vacationing. You do not get lost, and you do not have to look out for different roads and GPS. Even if you get into an accident or the car gets damaged you never have to pay for it as you were not the driver. Doing that would save you both time and money.

Taxi tour Cozumel:

Cozumel is a beautiful island in Mexico famous for its tourism and fishing activities. It is not a small island, you cannot visit the entire place by walk, and that is why you should hire a taxi tour. This way you can go to the popular tourist spots without getting lost. Another big plus point is the tour guides can speak English so there will be no language barriers.

The taxi tour Cozumel takes good care of your comfort, the cars are equipped with AC, coolers and other equipment for your comfort and coziness. If some things are lacking, you can always buy these from the add-ons by paying a minimal amount.

The tour guides are well educated and follow a certain code of conduct, thus; they are well mannered, and there is no security risk on their part. They keep good track of time and don’t let you wait even for a minute. As this is a private touring company, they work on the schedule, you provide. The drivers are at your disposal from six am in the morning to eight pm a night.

You are provided with a list of tourist attractions and shops for shopping. You can choose the places you would like to visit.

How to Clean and Organize Your Garage

Do you realize that you have not cleaned your garage for quite some time? You can allot one weekend in order to clean and organize your garage properly but it might not be as easy as you have thought.

The reason why people are having a hard time cleaning is because they do not know where to begin. If you want to make things easier for you, you can hire a popular car parksweeping company in Perth that can take charge of cleaning your parking space as well as your sidewalk. You may do this after you have organized your whole garage. You are going to end up with a very clean parking area for your car. This may be what your car deserves.

The first thing that you should do is to survey your garage. Do you have all the right items that you can use for your vehicle? If you do not have all the items that you need just yet, do not worry because you might unearth them when you start cleaning. Decide what items you are going to give away and what are the items that you are going to keep.  

To help you in making decisions, here are some things to remember:

  •   If you have not used the items for more than a year, you probably do not need it.
  • If the object is not bringing you any happiness when you look at it, you may have to get rid of it.
  • Place the items into separate files so you will know which items you are going to sell, which items you are going to give away and which items you are going to throw out.

Once you are done with knowing what items you need and do not need, you can start cleaning your garage. Remember that this is a daunting process and it can take a long time before you are able to finish cleaning. It will all depend on how long your garage has been neglected. The longer that you have not paid any attention to it, the more problematic it will be.

These are some important tips to remember when you are cleaning your garage:

  •  Always start from the top going to the bottom since the more that you remove from your garage, the more dirt will fall on the floor.
  • Once you are sure that the items have already been removed, you can start scrubbing and cleaning your walls. Once you are satisfied with how clean they are, you can start drying the walls.
  • You can use a broom to sweep all of the dust and debris towards the front portion of the garage. By ding this, you can survey your garage more and you can see which items would need to be cleaned more and what portions are already fine.
  • If in case there are oil stains on the floor, you can try brushing the oil stains until they are completely removed. If not, you can hire professional cleaners to do it for you.

With all of these tips to remember, you will have a well-organized garage that you will appreciate greatly.

Choosing The Best Air Compressor

There is nothing as good as having the right air compressor, it makes all the difference. Most of the times however, an air compressor I mostly confused for an air pump. As much as they may relatively have the same function, they are very different.  To avoid the mistake of ending up with the wrong air compressor however, you have to know what to look out for so that you may get the best one for your needs. Some of the factors to consider when looking for an air compressor include:

Choosing The Best Air Compressor

Choosing The Best Air Compressor

Size of the compressor

The size of the compressor is an important consideration to make. The right size however will depend on your need. You also have to look at the CFM requirements of the tools that are used with the air compressor so that the capacity of the air compressor is more than those requirements.

Source of power

The source of power will determine the functionality of the air compressor. The compressor you are planning to use should be near your preferred source of power which can either be electricity or gas. Most of the time gas powered air compressors are used industrially where electricity power source may not be near.

Pumps and pistons

Air compressor pumps can either be oriented horizontally or vertically though that does not have any effect on the compressor quality. Different units have different ease of movement and have different sizes of footprint for example most horizontal units have ease of movement as compared to vertical units.


There are different types of compressors and they all come at different costs depending on the kind of features they have. It will depend on your set budget since it can be cheap or expensive depending on the amount of money you have. You should however note that some manufacturers will charge according to the brand name and that does not necessarily mean that they are better.


Before you venture into buying an air compressor, it is important to do research to be sure what other experiences customers had with the same air compressor. There are many review sites where you can get to read reviews and know what to expect with the air compressor. Reading reviews helps you avoid mistakes you would have otherwise made.


There are many sites that deal with air compressors and will even guide you on air compressor. In case you don’t know how to go about it you will be fine as they will help you with the process. On sites such as Air Compressor scout you can get many good air compressors and at a cheaper cost.

From research it will be easy for you to know what you need and what might work for you. It will also be easy to find the best deal. If you need a temporary air compressor it might be better to go for a second hand air compressor since it is cheaper and will still serve the purpose.

The Best Mercedes Benz Models of All Time

There are a lot of people who consider Mercedes Benz to be one of the best car brands of all time. The brand takes pride in this and they make sure that they offer the best that they can provide to their loyal patrons and to people who may want to switch from another car brand.

Probably because their cars are known to be luxurious, some people only dream of getting their own Mercedes Benz. They would usually settle for other brands that are more affordable. You can still get a Benz for a few days or so by getting Mercedes GLS class lease. You know that you will feel like a VIP every time you use it. You can also lease a car whenever there are special occasions that you have to attend.

The Best Mercedes Benz Models of All Time

Aren’t you curious about what experts consider to be the best Mercedes Benz models of all time? You have the right to know and these are the ones that you have to check out:

  1. 1954 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gull-Wing Coupe

This is a part of the Sports Light class. It has gull-wing doors and people find this feature very iconic. People who are into collecting cars normally search for this type of Mercedes the most. It is truly a beauty especially when you find some that are restored to good condition.

  1. 1963 S600

This used to be known as the ultra luxury sedan during the 60s. This model has been featured in so many films and people highly coveted this model at that time. Those who had it were very proud of it and some still look for this model in order to their add to their car collection. This luxurious model has inspired more recent Mercedes models.

  1. 2003 SLR McLaren

This is known to be one of the most exotic sports cars that you will see. You will have no trouble appreciating the features of this very powerful sports car. It comes with a V8 engine which means that it can look like a speeding bullet when it is on the highway. The best colour of this vehicle is in silver. It just looks amazing.

  1. 1990 500E

Some people may say that this is probably a boring model but it is still a luxury sedan that was very popular during the 90s. Even if it looks like the usual sedan, its performance is comparable. It comes with a 5L V8 engine that took people to various placed in a faster amount of time when they wanted it before. This is still cool and even though it is a bit modern, it can still be considered one of the best Mercedes models you will find.

  1. CLA 45 AMG

This model started to be produced in the year 2014 but people are still undecided which variety is the best from then. The high performance of this car should not go by unnoticed and it helps that it has other features that will truly make you feel that you are riding a luxurious car.

Out of all the Mercedes Benz models that you have seen, which one is your favourite?