Buy Your Wife a Quilting Kit So You Can Have More Time for Racing

There are some women who love racing, fixing cars or who simply enjoy watching their husbands while they race.  But sadly the women who love racing are a limited kind amongst the feline species.  Just because your wife doesn’t share the same racing enthusiasm that you have doesn’t mean you love her any less.  You can’t exactly force her to join your races because her heart simply isn’t into racing but you can give her something fantastic to do while you enjoy racing. Quilting is a great hobby that is cost effective and can be done from the comfort of your home.  She can create wonderful quilts and enjoy the therapeutic effects that quilting has on the mind while you can get your adrenaline levels pumping while on the race track.

Buy Your Wife a Quilting Kit So You Can Have More Time for Racing

Buy her the perfect quilting kit

One of the easiest ways to inspire her to enjoy this creative hobby is to get her everything she needs.  There is nothing more annoying when you are trying to do your hobby than to have to struggle to find everything you need.  Your quilting gift set should include the following;

Sewing machine – You can get her the best sewing machine for a quilter.  These machines are fantastic for beginners because they are sturdy and easy to use.  She can also use the machine for various other sewing items such as handbags, clothes, upholstery and much more.  The sewing machine is the most expensive and delicate piece of equipment that she will need.  Once you have the machine, you should be able to find all the other items from a nearby fabric store.

Scissor set – A small scissor is perfect for cutting off thread and a bigger and very sharp scissor is needed to cut the fabric. Rotary cutters are also fantastic for quilting.

Needles and pins – She will need pins to pin the fabric pieces together and a set of extra needles for her machine. You should also get a few hand stitch needles for finishes.

Measuring tape – The tapes are essential for measuring out the size of the pieces for the quilt and no, this is not the measuring tape you find in hardware stores.

Seam ripper – To correct her mistakes she might need a set of these.

Thread – You can settle for a couple of rolls of basic colors like black and white but should also get some thread that matches the fabric.

Fabric – If you know nothing about fabric then it is probably best to ask a seamstress for some advice on which fabrics to buy for quilting.  A good quilt consists of at least three different colors of fabric but should be basically the same type of fabric.

Lessons – The internet is a great source where she can learn how to make a quilt but you can always make things a lot easier by paying for a few quilting lessons to kick start her hobby.

A quilting kit is the perfect gift for your wife because you can both enjoy your off time so much more even though you are apart.  Being satisfied with your personal life will help your love blossom so you will appreciate one another more when you spend time together.