Car Collectors & Gun Collectors – The Similarities

Collecting as a Hobby

People have many different hobbies, and collecting objects is a popular one. Individuals will collect anything and everything; popular things to collect include stamps, trading cards, seashells, memorabilia of a favorite television show or band, or even comic books.

Two other popular things to collect are cars and guns. People who collect these different objects are similar in a few different ways.


Caring for Their Collection

Something all collectors have in common is that they do their best to take care of their collection. In the case of cars and guns, these collections should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Both objects are intricate pieces of machinery with different moving parts. Vintage objects in particular need special care. Storing the collection in a proper manner is another important aspect of caring for it. Protecting the collection from circumstances that could damage it means using a gun closet, car garage, or other means of protection.


Some collectors like to maintain the original state of their individual collectibles. Others choose to upgrade them with superior equipment. For cars, this could mean getting a larger and more powerful engine, bigger tires, flashier rims, or a cool sound system. For guns, collectors could improve shooting quality by adding additional equipment such as the best rifle scopes like these, or replacing old and worn parts. Guns can be fitted with newer technology such as different optics and the best AR-15 scopes to increase accuracy. Other changes can be made to prevent jamming and improve overall performance.

Collectors can make upgrades such as these, but many want to keep their items in their original condition and even strive to find original parts when their own parts become damaged.

Showing Off with Pride

Gun shows and car shows are popular events in communities where thousands of people can gather and discuss their collections, how they started collecting the item, and socialize with new people that have the same interests. Participants bring their collections and compare them.

In addition, most of these events are open to enthusiasts who may not have collections of their own. They could feature special contests, family-fun events, and food. Sometimes, they can be week-long festivals that bring collectors and visitors from around the world. Collectors are given a venue to show off their collections, others attend the fun and friendly event, and the surrounding community gets a boost in visibility and business.

The Ability to Use the Collectibles

Unlike many other objects that are collected, cars and guns have an intrinsic use. Cars are a popular mode of transportation, while guns can be used for sport such as target-shooting or hunting. In addition, these uses are not terminal; the collector can use the item repeatedly when he wants to, unlike a stamp.

However, collectors have to be careful when using a collectible object. Using it could expose the item to wear and tear, decreasing its value and putting it in harm’s way. Collectors need to decide if the risk is worth it.