Myths About Transhumanism Debunked

As much as most racers are mostly interested in things that revolve around racing, it is important that they also get informed on other things too. One of the controversial things that are worth knowing is about transhumanism. The internet has played a very big role when it comes to giving information though this may also be a disadvantage as there is too much information. That has led to a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about transhumanism. Some of the common myths about transhumanism include:

Myths About Transhumanism Debunked

Myths About Transhumanism Debunked

It is a religion

To be honest, the fact that transhumanism is very controversial, it may be perceived to be a religion. Most of the time it tends to be secular and thus has been perceived as not a thing for religious people. The fact that it holds on to the belief of life after death makes people to associate it with spirituality. Most religions believe in life after death in a way. When it comes to transhumanism, you are not required to have faith or follow a certain path like religion does. Transhumanism is more of an ideology and not necessarily a religion or a cult as it is commonly referred to.

It is an atheistic movement

As much as most transhumanists are secular and atheistic, it does not mean that it is an atheistic movement. Transhumanism has no religious affiliations and sometimes people just have the wrong idea. There are many transhumanists that are members of other religions though there are many religions that do not encourage their members to be transhumanists.

The aim of transhumanism is to end humanity

If you read more about transhumanism, you will notice that this statement is not true. According to Christianity, transhumanism is like something explained in revelations about the end times which is a misconception. Transhumanism actually come from humanism and it is all about how the future will turn out. Transhumanists also acknowledge the weaknesses of humanity and do not let it define them.

Transhumanism is like a dehumanization scheme

For some reason this is the idea that goes around about transhumanism. This stems from the belief that natural is good and also from the idea that being human is sacred. From the two beliefs it basically means that a common man is limited to just being human, not more than hum or be anything else than human. According to the beliefs of many, transhumanism aims to move people from being just normal. This is not true at all as with transhumanism you can choose who you want to be and believe what you want to believe.

The arguments about transhumanism are there to stay as many people don’t want to look further into it to really understand it. The society already has branded it as something bad, more like a taboo as it is very controversial. On the flip, transhumanism is nothing really bad, it all depends on what you want to believe and you have the freedom to choose what to believe.

Why You Need More Fishing in Your Life

All your life you have survived without the need to go fishing so why do you have to go fishing now?  There are some people who say that they started to fish as a hobby. As people started to get into the whole thing, they realize that they do not merely enjoy fishing – they think that fishing is a part of their life. It is not something that they can just stop doing.

One thing that you should know though is fishing is not for everyone, there are some people who would live and breathe fishing. There are also some people who would rather not get on a boat and wait for the fish to get the bait. Those who love fishing should become familiar with the different types of fishing reels and all the details that are connected to it.

Why You Need More Fishing in Your Life

Why You Need More Fishing in Your Life

You may think that fishing is not for you especially since you love cars. Racing with a friend will surely be different from the tranquil and serene surroundings you will be in when you are fishing. Who knows? You can enjoy the best of both worlds. These are just some of the reasons why you may need to fish more:

  • It will help you totally detach yourself from all of your issues and your problems. When you go fishing, you will be disconnected from the rest of the world. You can stop thinking about the things that are causing you to feel stressed. You are given a chance to connect with your inner self. You are also given a chance to connect with nature.
  • It will help you think more clearly. People who are burned out are unable to think straight. When you go fishing, you will allow your mind to go back to the present. It will clear your thoughts so you can find possible solutions to your current issues.
  • It may help you remember some memories that you thought you have already lost. There are some people who get into fishing because they know someone who do. Finally fishing when you get the chance will allow you to remember some memories that can make you smile.
  • You can spend time with the people that you love. When was the last time that you have seen your friends? If you are too busy to spend time with them, this is a sign that you need to unwind. Do not forget that you still need to live your life. You cannot just make a living all the time. It may come to a point that you will be like a zombie because everything that you do is just part of a routine.
  • You can be challenged when you go fishing. One thing you should realize about fishing is it is not going to be easy. There will be moments when you will not get a catch at all. Instead of getting discouraged, you may become a bit more challenged with it. It will make you feel better.

Fishing will help you get back on track. Are you ready to get your life back?

How to Start A Professional Auto-Related Blog

Are you a car enthusiast? Do you like to share your compassion for automobiles with others? What better way to share your ardour about cars than starting a blog. As you know, blogs are an online diary where you can share your passion and appraisal for things you love. At this moment, technological use and advancement are at its peak. You can easily connect with others in a fraction of a second.

By starting an all-about-cars blog, you will not be just sharing your love for vehicles, but it is also an ideal way to connect with other car enthusiasts like yourself. Moreover, the usage and manufacturing of vehicles are increasing with the growing population of the world. Those who want to buy a car must choose from so many options that they often get confused. Your blog can save such people from the hassle of rigorous research and it can serve as a guide for them.

How to Start A Professional Auto-Related Blog

Here are the three initial steps you need to take for starting your auto-related blog:

  • Pick a website and decide your blog’s name:

First and foremost, choose if you want to start a blog on WordPress, Instagram, or BlogSpot. It is preferable to start with WordPress because of its professional outlook. Moreover, the traffic it brings is mostly of intellectual readers. Carefully pick the type of content you want to write whether it is about street racing cars, sports cars, high-end quality vehicles, luxury cars, or vintage cars. Target the audience by your content.

Don’t isolate your blog, remember to link to the blog posts to social media sites, so people from a heavy traffic generating sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) can also view your blog. If you wish to have a separate website for your automobile weblog, you can take help of website generators available online like or get the WordPress premium plan for an authentic website. You must also select a name for your blog, pick something witty, catchy, and relevant such as FullThrottle.

  • Hire an SEO photographer:

Cars are something that you cannot just read about; you need to see a picture of the vehicle to get an idea about its image and manufacturing. Being a car lover means the instant gratification you get after seeing the sleek feature of a Ferrari or the sporty look of a Jaguar.

So, SEO (search engine optimisation) photography is necessary if you would like your blog to rank higher in Google search. There are numerous SEO photographers available online. If you want further information regarding them, you must read this SEO article on Travelstoked.

  • Become a car knowledge buff:

One cannot start a blog with closed eyes. Keep in mind that whatever you write is going on the internet where thousands of people will read it, so write the content accordingly. Write about things that nobody has spoken much about. Do your research well and get acquainted with car terminologies and slangs such as drophead (slang for convertibles), beltline, torque steer, lockup, brake bias, blip the throttle, etc.

As mentioned above, focus on a specific topic. If you are going to talk about car engines, then keep your focus solely on engines of different cars. Other topics can include car safety, contrasting different vehicles, comparing costs and features of cars, street racing cars, etc.

Take constructive criticism into account by reading comments of disapprovals on your posts. Blogging is an ever-evolving area, and it just keeps improving with time. Try to write things in a professional but slightly humorous manner so the audience would be compelled to read further. Content written in monotonous flow makes us feel like we are reading a manual.

Things To Consider Before Becoming A Certified Veterinary Assistant

If you are looking for a career that is challenging then you should consider going into the veterinary field.  This faculty of medicine has evolved over the years from the simple “veterinary technician” designation there is now a plethora of roles including the popular “Certified Veterinary Assistant”. What makes this role distinct over the others is you do not need to spend a large sum of money in school learning how to care for patients, instead the course incorporates both academic and hands on training. What you will need to do is look for institutions that have the best curriculum so you can gain the knowledge needed to do the job well.

veterinary techs group picture

Spotting The Right Certified Veterinary Assistant Training Program

The first step is going on the Internet and identifying all of the institutions that provide these courses. After you have identified them you will need to find out whether they are accredited. If they are not accredited then you should not even consider signing up. When you have the names of all the institutions that are accredited you will need to start screening them in greater detail to hopefully find the one with the best veterinary technician program. Find out how long the institution has been providing the training and whether the veterinary technician instructors have been working in the field for a considerable number of years. The more experience the instructors have the better the training however your due diligence is not over yet.

It would be prudent to look for testimonials made by former students who took their veterinary technician training from the same institution you are thinking about using. There should be a student alumni website but if you cannot find it then you could look on websites like Facebook for insight. What you need to do is look for the school with the greatest percentage of students actually working in the field.  The reason you have to perform this due diligence is to make sure you are getting the best education to secure a lucrative certified veterinary technician position, if you are wondering how much the position pays you could use this resource.

With all of the money you will be making as a veterinary assistant you could purchase a hot looking classic car to drive around but all of this is predicated on you doing your research right now so go on the Internet and start your review.

The Key in Learning How to Drive a Race Car and Use a Chainsaw

The Key in Learning How to Drive a Race Car and Use a ChainsawYou might think that car racing and the use of chainsaw are two different skills. You need to learn both skills separately. Of course, it is true. There are various technical issues that you have to deal with. However, there is a key to learn both skills easily. This is muscle control. Whether you are to drive a race car or use a chainsaw, it is a must that you have control over your body movements. Otherwise, you place yourself in such a great danger.

For car racing, if you don’t have muscle control, you might not be able to control your speed and this could lead to accident. On the other hand, if you don’t control your hands when using the chainsaw, it might not position the device properly and you could end up with cuts and bruises. The good thing is that there are ways for you to control your muscular movements.


This is an ancient technique of breathing and doing different poses. There are basic skills that you can learn and you can keep moving forward up until you learn the more difficult stunts. Aside from observing your breathing and posture, you must also learn how to be stable. Otherwise, you can’t perform the poses properly. In order to remain stable, you need to be in control of your muscular activities. You might be surprised that those difficult poses that you see other people do, you can also do them.


This is also another strategy where you become aware of your body and your movements. Those who have reached higher levels of meditating techniques can totally ignore everything around them. They can keep doing the same position for a long time. In a way, this can also help in muscle control. You can remove all other factors that may bother you and just focus on the task at hand. Whether it is driving a car or using the chainsaw, you can easily do the job.

Video games

There are video games about car racing. You can use them to master the art of car racing although the technicalities are totally different. The point is that you can simulate the actual environment in driving the actual car. You also learn how to control your muscles by using the video game controllers. Though there are no video games involving chainsaws, the point is that you learn how to control the buttons in the controller and take over your hands. You also become an expert in eye and hand coordination. This is an important skill in order to use the chainsaw properly.

When you have learned how to control your muscles, things become a lot easier for you. Of course, it also helps if you use the best gas powered chainsaws  which you can buy after reading battery powered chainsaw reviews and other online chainsaw reviews. The point is that when you have the right device, you can also easily feel confident using it no matter how scary it seems.

Hard Water VS Soft Water

Water hardness and soft quality has nothing to do with its touch and feel. It is more about concoction mixes broke down in it. They are both safe for human utilization. Unadulterated water (like clean water) is soft water. It just turns out to be hard when it comes into contact with rock layers made up of mixes, for example, calcium or magnesium, and breaks up in it.

How does soft water turn out to be hard water?

Give us a chance to take water as an illustration. The water might be somewhat acidic on account of some carbon mixes noticeable all around from contamination. How about we expect that the water falls on a zone with heaps of limestone rocks. Limestone contains calcium carbonate (CaCO3). As the water douses into the limestone layers, calcium mixes break up in the acidic water. The water is currently hard water since it has calcium and magnesium particles in it.

Benefits of a Using a Water Softener

There are different levels of hardness. Everything relies on upon the stone sorts found in that district.

You won’t know whether water is soft or hard by simply taking a gander at it. It must be tried. In your home, there are a few signs that can help you figure if your water is hard or soft.

Here are couples:

  • Issues of hard water: Hard water does not effortlessly foam with cleanser.
  • Issues of hard water: Hard water leaves a great deal of filth (some whitish stores) in the bathtubs and sinks.
  • Issues of hard water: Boiled hard water abandons some lime scale buildup, which can make funnels obstruct after some time.
  • Issues of hard water: If the hard water has ferrous irons (oxidized to the ferrous structure) it might abandon some rosy cocoa stains on your attire after clothing, or on the washroom lacquer surfaces.

A few individuals trust that hard water tastes better to drink. It is likewise known not useful for bones and teeth, and can even lessen coronary illness.

Will hard water be diminished?

Hard water can be transient or changeless. Transient hard water is brought on by calcium bicarbonate. This hardness can be evacuated by simply heating up the water, as this changes over the carbonate to insoluble carbonate (This departs a hasten and can stop up your evaporator). Perpetual hardness is typically brought on by different salts.

Changeless hard water can be made soft by including sodium carbonate (additionally called washing pop) to it. This will mellow both fleeting and perpetual hardness. In this concoction response, the calcium and magnesium particles respond with sodium to frame a hasten. This additionally deserts lime scale and can stop up your funnels. This is not the best thought for softening water in your home.

In another procedure, particle trade segments are utilized. In this synthetic response, the sodium particles swap places with the calcium particles. The outcome is water with sodium particles rather than calcium particles. There is no lime scale encourage or deposit. Now that you know how good water softeners are, check out best water softener reviews of the year on this particular website.

The Need for Focus When Driving Muscle or Classic Cars

The Need for Focus When Driving Muscle or Classic CarsI am rounding up a list of the upcoming movies that I am to include in my must watch films for 2016.  There are some movies that caught my attention, and there are also some that don’t make the cut. This year, I noticed that there are quite a number of superhero movies like Batman V. Superman, Civil War, Suicide Squad, and Wolverine VS Hulk. Lately, their trailers have been flooding the Internet.

Although I have grown immune to the charm of these kinds of movies, I still can’t resist watching some of them most especially when my squad pulls me against my will to the cinemas. So I guess, this year, I would pick at least two or three of these and watch it with a couple of my friends who are really a huge fan of Captain America and Superman.

Comedy, Drama and More

Then there are a dozen of comedy films like Zoolander 2, Hail Caesar, Dirty Grandpa, Neighbors 2 and How to be Single. I love a good comedy movie every once in a while, especially when they aren’t really trying so hard to make me laugh. It’s great to giggle and punch someone’s arm when a perfect punchline comes out of the blue. Don’t you like funny movies too? I think everyone does, well maybe at least from time to time, right?

Drama, thrillers, romance and action films would also be a part of the list. I read about the Finest Hours, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldier of Benghazi, Triple 9, Elvis & Nixon, and Miracles from Heaven so they also land a spot.

I also tried looking at the latest Sundance Film like Holy Hell, Swiss Army Man and Captain Fantastic. These sound like they have a good story so, I am including them in my list as well. Sundance Films never cease to amaze me and I know for sure a lot of people share the same sentiments with me.

Horror films will also be included in the list. I heard they’re releasing the Conjuring 2, Amityville, The Boy and Jeepers Creepers 3. I will try to squeeze them in the very tight movie schedule that I have.

Preparing for Home Invasion

I always have my friends sit on the carpet whenever they come in to watch a film with me at home. So, while I was looking through the juicy details of the castings and reading through the latest news about these movies, I also tasked myself to look for the best carpet cleaner to buy. I did notice how filthy my carpet has become after my carpet cleaner broke down. I also searched for online carpet cleaner reviews just to make sure that I get something better than what I used to have. It’s very important that I find a solution to my carpet issue ASAP.

I think I also have to restock my movie goodies because I’ll soon be expecting my movie buddies coming as soon as I get all the movies I want in Netflix. Snack binging and movie marathons do come hand in hand together and I personally think they’re always better together.

Overall, I think it’s going to another great movie year for all my fellow movie fans. I look forward to the other movies that will come later this year.

What Every Locksmith Should Have

The best way to know what a locksmith is as well as their work, it is best to take into account that a locksmith cannot work without his tools on hand. The process of locksmith is to be able to create and surpass locks. There is a variety of mastery and skill required in the industry of locksmith so as to carry out the task properly. The traditional locksmith that everyone knows about would be a mixture of several skills like lock picking, metal works, carpentry and few other skilled works. In the past when locksmithing turn out to be a career, it was even more complicated because the equipments that they made use of are second-rate as opposed to what we have nowadays.

Most of the times, the way to fixed or open a lock, the locksmith would simply have to change some parts of the locks with the same or common parts.  The most common job that involved a locksmith Pro Chicago IL is the key replacement of cars or doors. There are some locksmiths that likewise can provide expert help like replacement of automobile ignition and replacement of keys for transponder and regular. The home security upgrade is also included that can be suitable for common locks and even for the high technology security system.


The older tools that were used before were also modified for quicker use. These are all used by the locksmiths of today to get the work done. The general use of these tools would be to open locks. It consists of turners for keys, tension wrenches, lever picks and manual picks. When there is other way to open the lock, these tools are also used to destroy the lock. The most common equipment for this task would be the bell and special crackers of cylinder. The other tools included are cutting burrs, grinders, milling machines that can grind the discs and bits and used as pick gun.

With the fact that there are a number of keyways and locks, different kinds of tools also exist in order for these locks to be open. Every locksmith in general would have their unique way to open the locks of which they are experts of. Read more at

Today, almost all locksmiths offer mobile service. It means that they are able to go instantly to your location so as to fix the lock. Most mobile service of locksmith would be needed by those who left their car keys inside their cars or have lost the keys. To unlock the car doors, the most common tool used would be the air fighter pro. This contains a bag that can slide between the frames of the door then it will inflate so as for the locksmith to use the tool to interfere the lock while not damaging the car. As for old models of cars, simple lasso equipment can be used by the locksmith.

There are several companies that offer locksmith assistance. It can be handy to keep a phone number of one of them for any emergency needs of a locksmith.

Guide in Choosing the Best Condo in Singapore

“Should I buy a condominium or a single family house?” This is one of the common questions that most Singaporeans and people who are planning to live in Singapore ask themselves when looking for a new home. But as we know, condominiums are getting popular these days. Although a condo property is an expensive investment, it’s definitely much cheaper compared to a normal house. Most condominium buildings also offer complete amenities, such as parking and pool areas, which you can use for free if you’re a resident. But despite these benefits, many people are still in doubt if they should buy a unit or not.

But if after several thoughts you’ve decided to purchase a condominium, it’s vital to take some factors into consideration before you purchase and sign any contract. Keep in mind that even though a condo is much cheaper than a comparable house, it’s still considered an expensive investment, so it’s vital to plan and evaluate some conditions before getting one. The following tips will help you find the right condominium in Singapore that you and your family deserve.


Location and Accessibility

One of the first and foremost factors to consider when buying a condo is the place where it is located. In case you still don’t know, Singapore is divided into five regions, the Central, North, North East, East, and West regions. Obviously, the Central Region is where the most commercial and recreational places are to be found. This is also where the well-developed properties are located, including the Marina One Condo and Marina Bay Sands. But of course, while some people prefer to live in a place where there are well-developed infrastructures present, there are some people who prefer to stay in a town that is still surrounded with green and quite surroundings. But if, for instance, you decided to buy a property in a quiet surrounding, ensure that the place has easy access to various types of important services, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and public transportation. Always choose a neighborhood that meets you and your family’s specific needs.

Price Range

As we know, condominiums are not cheap, so when looking for a condo unit, your budget is an important issue to consider. Ask yourself, “How much are you willing to spend in a condo unit?” Determine your budget, and then ask about monthly fees, interior insurance, taxes, and other fees involved. Also ask about additional cost, if there’s any, such as parking fees. This will help you determine if the unit that you’re planning to purchase is something that you can afford. If not, you can move on to your next prospect, or seek for a financial advice to determine how you can afford it.

Facilities and Services

Of course, one of the most important factors to also consider is the kind of facilities you would want your place to have. Some people would prefer to buy a property with swimming pools and party areas. Some would like to get an easy access to gyms and spa. Your choice will depend on your personal taste. If you want a condominium with function room and exclusive dining areas, then find a place that offers such services. But of course, it is important to note that most buildings with luxurious services are more expensive than those without.

Smart TV Reviews of 2015

Most people prefer smart TVs over other TVs nowadays, and why shouldn’t they? Smart TVs can be connected to the internet. Additionally, some TVs even have built in web browsers, with most TVs having apps to access some of the most popular video sites, such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. If you want to buy a latest 2015 TV, chances are, it’s a smart TV, as that is popular these days. The good quality TVs are all smart TVs, and if you want a good TV with excellent picture and sound quality, then keep reading for smart TV reviews.

Sony X930C

Sony X930C

This one is an LED TV by Sony which has     been considered to be excellent by the customers. It has a great motion control and is bright. It is very wide with speakers that are front facing on both the sides of the TV. The bottom is thicker than the top. Overall, it is a nice and clean TV with properly functioning apps.

However, the range of apps is still limited, although the most popular ones are available in this model. Customers have complained about the remote, which they say isn’t very good, as well as the touchpad remote, which they say is quite poor.

LG UF7600

LG UF7600Another LED TV, this one has great features as well as a great color accuracy from an angle. The LG UF7600 is quite the ordinary looking TV, with a glossy finish at the back. Overall, this TV has an amazing interface with a voice-enabled remote.

However, if you want to be picky, the browser is said to be a little slow, although it is faster than Samsung’s 2015 TV models. Additionally, it also has a greater number of apps in comparison to Samsung TVs. For those looking for an attractive TV, this model is one of the best that you can purchase.

Samsung JS8500

Samsung JS8500

This model has been ranked the second best in 2015, and it is all thanks to the great overall picture quality that it possesses. The overall TV is thin, but the TV is quite thick around the borders. Additionally, it comes with a stable stand which isn’t too wide and doesn’t draw too much attention to it. Although this does not have as many apps as some of the other TVs mentioned above, the OS is easy to use and feels familiar.

Additionally, the remote works really well and is sleek, which is a plus. However, it might take a little getting used to, as it lacks buttons and might be tricky to use at first. The browser of this model is also quite fast, although it cannot handle the tests of HTML 5 that the LG TVs could. That said, this model is still among the best and has not disappointed anyone.

Bottom line

The smart TV reviews mentioned above are among the best smart TVs for the year 2015. If you want a TV of the latest model, consider buying one of the models mentioned above.