10 Amazing Car Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Home or Garage

There aren’t a lot of muscle car fanatics out there that have an interest in home or garage décor.  This is because to them there is nothing more beautiful than an engine, a set of gleaming rims or the physical muscle car.  But a little bit of vehicle inspired décor can do a lot for the overall appearance of your home and especially for your garage.  Here are 10 amazing car inspired décor so you can create an amazing looking setup while still fueling your passion.

10 Amazing Car Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Home or Garage

10 Amazing Car Inspired Décor Ideas for Your Home or Garage

  1. Canvas prints

One of the easiest ways to brighten up those dull garage or home walls is by simply ordering a canvas print.  You can order any muscle car photo you like and simply get it stretched.  Hang it on your wall and viola, instant décor without any fuss.  If you want to know a bit more about canvas prints or wall art then you can definitely check out House Decorio.  This superb site will give you plenty of advice on the best wall décor to look out for as well as great tips on the best types of wall art to consider for your unique setup.

  1. Car bed

This is a top idea for a little boy’s bedroom.  Look for an old retro car and convert it into a luxurious bed that is bound to fuel plenty of wonderful dreams.

  1. Stop sign table

Road signs can also be fantastic for bringing a bit of color into your home or garage.  Repurpose engine parts and an old stop sign and create a beautiful coffee table.

  1. Toolbox trolley bathroom sink

This is a great idea for your garage bathroom or even for your home.  Repurpose a toolbox trolley by adding a wash basin onto it with a counter top.  There will be plenty of space to store away bathroom goods or even tools if you need those for extreme cleaning.

  1. Tire mirror

While you are using a toolbox trolley for a bathroom sink you might as well add a wall mirror that is framed with a tire.  This can create a very interesting bathroom.

  1. Tailgate coffee table

Do you have an old tailgate but no truck?  Then you might as well repurpose it into a very interesting coffee table by adding some legs to your tailgate.

  1. Car spotlight desk lamp

An old spotlight can be a pretty fantastic looking desk lamp. Simply modify the old spotlight with some old spare parts and you will instantly have a very unique look for a bedroom.

  1. Engine table

Clean out an old engine block and prop a glass counter on top of it for a very vehicle inspired table idea.

  1. Car sofa

A good way to give new life to an old wreck is by transforming it into a sofa.  There are some pretty amazing ideas out there for repurposing old junk cars and this type of seat would look great in any home, garage or even in offices and restaurants.

  1. Steering wheel clock

This is an easy vehicle inspired decoration that you can do yourself.  Just get an old steering wheel and a build a clock mechanism into the center.  You will instantly give your old steering wheel new life and create a wonderful look for your home.

Why Should You Hire A Cab Service While on Vacation?

Going on a vacation embrace a multiple of physical and mental benefits. However, you need to plan it right. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a mess and can end up causing more stress. Read a few tips in this article to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You might have to spend a little extra money, but it is definitely worth it once you realize how convenient it can be.

To make the most of your vacation, you should book your hotel online before going to your vacation spot. Apart from booking your hotel, you should plan your trip from start to the end and look for the online itinerary. Moreover, you need to hire a taxi tour online to roam around the area without any difficulty. Hiring a taxi tour is essential as it will help you in saving time and prevent inconvenience.

Why Should You Hire A Cab Service While on Vacation?

Why Should You Hire A Cab Service While on Vacation?

Read more reasons for hiring a taxi tour:

  • Convenience:

Hiring a driver is extremely convenient. If you hire a car directly and drive yourself, you cannot enjoy the beauty of the area, as you have to focus on where you are going and put all of your energy into not getting lost. You can conveniently hire a driver and a cab from any taxi tour company online at reasonable prices.

Numerous companies offer taxi tour services that are not only affordable but the drivers are trustworthy, the condition of the cars is quite good. Most of the times you can get certain limited time offers. The trick is to keep looking and checking the websites or taxi tour companies.

  • Security:

Believe it or not, there is a security risk in all places if you are not familiar with the area where you are vacationing. There are places, which are not safe, and if you use GPS to go from one place to another by hiring a car without a driver, you might end up at an insecure place.

In an unknown place, a condition in which you have a security threat should be avoided at all costs. Taxi tour drivers know each part of the area and can aid you to avoid the unsafe areas. This is a big reason to hire a taxi tour driver.

  • Save time and money:

Hiring driver assists you to save time while vacationing. You do not get lost, and you do not have to look out for different roads and GPS. Even if you get into an accident or the car gets damaged you never have to pay for it as you were not the driver. Doing that would save you both time and money.

Taxi tour Cozumel:

Cozumel is a beautiful island in Mexico famous for its tourism and fishing activities. It is not a small island, you cannot visit the entire place by walk, and that is why you should hire a taxi tour. This way you can go to the popular tourist spots without getting lost. Another big plus point is the tour guides can speak English so there will be no language barriers.

The taxi tour Cozumel takes good care of your comfort, the cars are equipped with AC, coolers and other equipment for your comfort and coziness. If some things are lacking, you can always buy these from the add-ons by paying a minimal amount.

The tour guides are well educated and follow a certain code of conduct, thus; they are well mannered, and there is no security risk on their part. They keep good track of time and don’t let you wait even for a minute. As this is a private touring company, they work on the schedule, you provide. The drivers are at your disposal from six am in the morning to eight pm a night.

You are provided with a list of tourist attractions and shops for shopping. You can choose the places you would like to visit.

How to Clean and Organize Your Garage

Do you realize that you have not cleaned your garage for quite some time? You can allot one weekend in order to clean and organize your garage properly but it might not be as easy as you have thought.

The reason why people are having a hard time cleaning is because they do not know where to begin. If you want to make things easier for you, you can hire a popular car parksweeping company in Perth that can take charge of cleaning your parking space as well as your sidewalk. You may do this after you have organized your whole garage. You are going to end up with a very clean parking area for your car. This may be what your car deserves.

The first thing that you should do is to survey your garage. Do you have all the right items that you can use for your vehicle? If you do not have all the items that you need just yet, do not worry because you might unearth them when you start cleaning. Decide what items you are going to give away and what are the items that you are going to keep.  

To help you in making decisions, here are some things to remember:

  •   If you have not used the items for more than a year, you probably do not need it.
  • If the object is not bringing you any happiness when you look at it, you may have to get rid of it.
  • Place the items into separate files so you will know which items you are going to sell, which items you are going to give away and which items you are going to throw out.

Once you are done with knowing what items you need and do not need, you can start cleaning your garage. Remember that this is a daunting process and it can take a long time before you are able to finish cleaning. It will all depend on how long your garage has been neglected. The longer that you have not paid any attention to it, the more problematic it will be.

These are some important tips to remember when you are cleaning your garage:

  •  Always start from the top going to the bottom since the more that you remove from your garage, the more dirt will fall on the floor.
  • Once you are sure that the items have already been removed, you can start scrubbing and cleaning your walls. Once you are satisfied with how clean they are, you can start drying the walls.
  • You can use a broom to sweep all of the dust and debris towards the front portion of the garage. By ding this, you can survey your garage more and you can see which items would need to be cleaned more and what portions are already fine.
  • If in case there are oil stains on the floor, you can try brushing the oil stains until they are completely removed. If not, you can hire professional cleaners to do it for you.

With all of these tips to remember, you will have a well-organized garage that you will appreciate greatly.

The Best Mercedes Benz Models of All Time

There are a lot of people who consider Mercedes Benz to be one of the best car brands of all time. The brand takes pride in this and they make sure that they offer the best that they can provide to their loyal patrons and to people who may want to switch from another car brand.

Probably because their cars are known to be luxurious, some people only dream of getting their own Mercedes Benz. They would usually settle for other brands that are more affordable. You can still get a Benz for a few days or so by getting Mercedes GLS class lease. You know that you will feel like a VIP every time you use it. You can also lease a car whenever there are special occasions that you have to attend.

The Best Mercedes Benz Models of All Time

Aren’t you curious about what experts consider to be the best Mercedes Benz models of all time? You have the right to know and these are the ones that you have to check out:

  1. 1954 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gull-Wing Coupe

This is a part of the Sports Light class. It has gull-wing doors and people find this feature very iconic. People who are into collecting cars normally search for this type of Mercedes the most. It is truly a beauty especially when you find some that are restored to good condition.

  1. 1963 S600

This used to be known as the ultra luxury sedan during the 60s. This model has been featured in so many films and people highly coveted this model at that time. Those who had it were very proud of it and some still look for this model in order to their add to their car collection. This luxurious model has inspired more recent Mercedes models.

  1. 2003 SLR McLaren

This is known to be one of the most exotic sports cars that you will see. You will have no trouble appreciating the features of this very powerful sports car. It comes with a V8 engine which means that it can look like a speeding bullet when it is on the highway. The best colour of this vehicle is in silver. It just looks amazing.

  1. 1990 500E

Some people may say that this is probably a boring model but it is still a luxury sedan that was very popular during the 90s. Even if it looks like the usual sedan, its performance is comparable. It comes with a 5L V8 engine that took people to various placed in a faster amount of time when they wanted it before. This is still cool and even though it is a bit modern, it can still be considered one of the best Mercedes models you will find.

  1. CLA 45 AMG

This model started to be produced in the year 2014 but people are still undecided which variety is the best from then. The high performance of this car should not go by unnoticed and it helps that it has other features that will truly make you feel that you are riding a luxurious car.

Out of all the Mercedes Benz models that you have seen, which one is your favourite?

Good Alternatives to Muscle Cars

Muscle cars are the most popular kinds of cars, and all car enthusiasts want to have them. Unfortunately, they are also costly, so not everyone can afford them. The one thing to remember at all times is that you can save up money and buy a muscle car. All you must do is to have the will and work hard. Muscle cars will never go out of fashion. Whenever you think you can afford to buy one, you should do so. However, until then, you must find suitable alternatives for muscle cars. Here are some suggestions:

Good Alternatives to Muscle Cars

  • Old School Cars

Old school cars can be bought at a meager price from anywhere. No matter the place you are living, you can go to the nearest mechanic shop and ask them for old school cars. There will be many options and dealers who will give you different rates for the vehicles. You should always check the vehicle thoroughly before you invest your money in one. Many of the defects of these old school cars are hidden well. You need to take the cars for a test drive to make sure the condition is okay. Old school cars will not last long, that much is certain, which is why you need to calculate the investment in years. If you can buy a good car after a year, then invest in an old school car that will last for a year only. Save your money by being smart.

  • Bicycles

Bicycles are another good alternative to cars, especially if you do not have to travel for longer distances. There are countless benefits of cycling. Health benefits include a constant flow of blood from the legs to the brain, which allows the brain to become healthier. The cycle is a cardio exercise tool that will benefit you in the long run. Your heart muscles get strong. Your body also gets into better shape, and your lower half will be especially toned. If you do not have time to go to the gym, cycling is the most suitable alternative. Cycling to school every day will help you maintain a healthy body weight. You do not have to stress about weight gain, and you always have a solution parked right at your house. Cycling also improves brain activity, because your brain becomes better at judging distances and coordination. These are vital things that will help you throughout your life.

  • Public Transport

Although not an ideal alternative, public transportation is a solution that will help you save a lot of money in significantly less time. We often do not even realize the money we spend on traveling; however, when you are using public transport, you are definitely saving a lot of it. If you cannot travel via buses or trains every day, you should at least use them whenever you can. It is better to save money and buy a muscle car for yourself as soon as possible, rather than overspend and wait for years.

  • Walking

Perhaps the best alternative to a muscle car is walking. That depends on where you live, and where you have to go every day. In some situations, walking to work or walking to school is not possible, as the distance is too great, or your health might not allow it. For such times, you can commute with a friend or make use of public transport. However, whenever you have the opportunity, just walk to where you need to go. You save money, and your overall health will improve as well.

How to Save Money While Keeping A Car

People buy a car after saving or earning a good amount of money. Your car is the ultimate result of your hard and an exquisite asset you would never want to go unwanted. You might have heard people saying owning a car is not an easy thing. People have to spend a fortune on its maintenance now and then. This statement is true, indeed.

If you are planning to start your own service station that is a nice idea for business as the demand for car maintenance is very high. You will have a bright future if you owe a good service station. Even if you are not thinking to open a service station and you are a car owner, you know the struggle of removing stains of paint or dirt from your vehicle. If you get to face this quite often, you should get a permanent solution to this instead of running to you the mechanic and spending money. For that purpose, you can buy a pressure washer. It will solve all your problem, and you can clean your own car and get rid of stubborn stains and marks. If you have plans of buying a pressure washer, here is a website that can guide you to choose one http://www.washwisely.com/simpson-ps3228-s-powershot/. They have given all the detail related to this amazing product, and you can check the comparison if you have any doubts which one to buy and the one that suits you? You can also check electric as well as gas washers and select the one that is convenient for you.

How to Save Money While Keeping A Car

Moreover, read these tips to know more about the car maintenance:

  • A Spacious Garage:

Before buying a car, you should plan everything. You should ensure your garage is spacious enough to fit your vehicle in it. It would be best if your garage has the space for passing by when your car is parked there. If it is a small one, it might annoy you while you pass by. Furthermore, it can be dangerous for the car as anything too close can leave a scratch on it. Even the wall of the garage can make that happen if it is a very small one. Therefore, remember that before buying a big car.

  • Wash Your Car At Home:

One of the best things to do is to wash your car at home and save money. You do not always need to go to a service station and spend money on car washing. You can do that task at home very easily. You can wash your car with pipe water and polish it afterward. Doing that would save you a lot of money and time as you do not need to leave the car at the car wash then rush back to get it. Instead, it can be done under your roof.

  • Drive Carefully:

It is something every driver gets to listen on a daily basis. It is actually very true and useful if acted upon. Firstly, you should drive carefully because your life is imperative and you should follow all the traffic rules. Secondly, rash driving can cause big problems. If you do not drive carefully, your car might break down and then you would have to go to the workshop to get it fixed again. That affects your savings account which is you would never like to happen.

Reason Why You Should Rent A Car on Vacations

Let’s say you are going on a holiday and there is an extensive list of places you would like to see before the trip ends, but a problem arises, and no tour guide company is available since the tourist season is in full swing. You have two options now, either sit and get bored in your hotel room or head over to the nearest rental company to get a vehicle.

Which one seems better? No doubt, the second one because no one likes to spend their vacations sitting in the hotel room while staring at a wall.

Reason Why You Should Rent A Car on Vacations

Here are few other benefits of renting a car while you are on vacation:

  • Convenience:

Rental cars are a blessing for those who like to travel in seclusion. If you would not like to hire a tour guide and prefer to explore things at your own pace, a rental vehicle is the ideal mode of transportation for you. Renting a car makes it your property for the time being. It gives you control over your sight-seeing time.

Traveling is a tiring task because the long journey wears you out and makes you feel cranky. Therefore, privacy is an essential aspect of any trip, and that is what a car hire service provides you. It makes things easy and convenient for vacations.

  • Luxury On A Budget:

As humans, our nature is complex and is not compatible with every person we come across. If you have ever used the services of a tour company, you know what a pain it is. Since several individuals are traveling with you, everything feels rushed. You do not get enough time to see places, and the enjoyment is cut short.

Hence, renting a car seems a very appealing option when you consider the alternatives. It is an excellent way to travel comfortably while staying on a budget.

  • Helps Save Money:

While vacationing, there are several places where your money gets utilized. Nothing is free, especially for vacationers and you will meet countless people who’ll try to scam you. One has to be extra careful when it comes to spending their money on things. Moreover, staying in a hotel is not free, and rents usually go up when demands are high. At a time like this, leasing a vehicle is an economical choice since it will help you save money which you can spend on other things.

Best Car Rental Company in Finland:

Finland, with its record-breaking amount of lakes and islands, is one of the best vacationing countries in the world. So if it is the next spot on your list for places to travel, keep the Vuokraus Hyypia (Rental Hyypia) in mind. It is a car rental service that guarantees excellent service at optimum rates. Unlike other car services, the booking here is quite straightforward and convenient; you won’t have to go through a mountain load of paperwork just to get a car. You can get an online reservation, contact on their number, or send an email to info@hyypia.fi.

This company is a part of the famous car rental chain in Finland known as Scandi Rent. So, if you rent a car from Vuokraus Hyypia, you can return it to any of the fifty outlets of the chain. The car hire in Hyypia is available in other locations too, namely Hamina, Imatra, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, and Vainikkala. Hence, if you have planned to check out any of the towns above then make sure that Vuokraus Hyypia is the first name on your list. It is an authentic car hire service which is free from any shams. The rates are affordable, and it enables you to travel in style.

Make sure to check out their website http://www.vuokraushyypia.fi. Here, you can find the detailed info and all the necessary contact information.

Follow These Simple Steps To Maintain Your Car At Home

Your car is your greatest investment. It aids you in times of need, and you can enjoy your ride to the office or a long drive with your friends or family. Once you have found the right car, the next step is to get to know how to take care of it. A car requires as much attention as any other living thing. You can take it to the workshop if it requires mechanical work, but eventually, you will learn that there are numerous things you can do at home as well.

Read this tips if you would like to do car maintenance at home:

Keep the Engine Cool

The engine is the central element of the car and has to be kept cool at all times. When you are in a hurry and ignite your vehicle, but it does not start, you should know that the engine is heating up. You require buying a good coolant and once a week, replacing the old coolant with this one. While you are doing this, add distilled water to the pipe as well. Doing these things will keep your car running for a longer period.

Paint Removal

Using heat guns to remove old, worn out paint is a good technique, and it will save you abundant money. Heat guns are tools shaped in the form of regular guns, but they emit heat. You can control the temperate by the thermostat given on top or at the side of the gun. Moreover, these are cheap and can be kept at home without worry. These are very not dangerous. However, these should be kept out of children’s reach because sometimes the heat blast is high and it can burn your skin.

Follow These Simple Steps To Maintain Your Car At Home

Once you have used the heat gun to remove the paint from your car, you can take it to a car workshop and get the new paint done from there. That is recommended because even if you miss a spot, the mechanic can take care of it. There are different types of heat guns available in the market. For a car, you should buy one that uses electricity to function as they have the highest temperature options. In addition to that, you should visit yourheatguns.com to find out what a heat gun is? Several choices about heat guns and a complete guide to safely use the heat gun. Heat guns can be used for in the industry, for bending and welding plastic. There are infrared heat guns which can be used by beginners to remove the paint safely.

Oil Change

Car’s oil needs to be changed every month. It is a simple task and hardly takes about fifteen minutes to do. However, you should take care of various things while performing this task. First off, your car and engine must be cool before you start changing the oil. If the generator is heated, let it cool down. Leave the vehicle’s bonnet open for some time. Furthermore, you have to use a jack to lift your car. Doing that would slide the oil on the back side and settle. Do not remove the jack right after you have filled the oil as the movement can be dangerous. Always wear old clothes while performing this task because the oil stains won’t wash out even after several washes.

Keep Your Car Clean

Half of the problems occur in cars because they are not kept clean. The dust starts clogging the airways and the pipes. Likewise, the wrappers children throw in the cars tend to make it very dirty. Every week you should do a complete cleanup of your car. You only need a rag, a vacuum cleaner, and some spray to get the dirt off the seats. Therefore, do not spend hundreds of dollars on tasks which you can perform at home for free.

Tips for Shipping Racecars and Bikes

There are many reasons why we wouldn’t want to drive our racecars or bikes to the racing tracks, and that is why they should either be towed or carried there. We will not go into the details as to why, but we are going to look at the tips for shipping racecars and bikes. This will make it more convenient for you the next time that you’re out searching for a company to ship your race toys to the racetracks.

Tips for Shipping Racecars and Bikes

Never pay anything upfront

There is no way that you should pay for services before they are delivered, although in some instances, you might have to give in your credit card details when booking. In such instances, they don’t charge the card until the services are complete. Always ensure that you read the terms and details of the contract very carefully before signing it so that you don’t get unpleasant surprises later on.

Get Multiple Auto Transport Quotes

In order to get the best possible deal, you should go and get quotes from numerous companies. You can search Google for the different auto shipping or transport companies in your area and request for quotes.​

Beware of Low Car Shipping Quotes

Like they say, when the deal is too good, think twice. The same applies to the quotes, and when the rates are too low, this should be a red flag. What are they covering in their quote? Is it too low because they aren’t experienced enough? There are many other reasons why rates would be too low, and sound advice is to steer away from them.

Research and Compare Reputation and Services

Once you have the quotes in hand, it is time to move on to the next step, which is researching and comparing the reputation and services of the companies. Check out the company reviews, which should be online on various platforms. What sort of services does the company offer? Are they licensed, bonded and insured? What is everyone saying about them? Armed with this info, it will be better to decide the company that can work best to transport your vehicle or bike.​

 Ask About Auto Shipping Discounts

Many people are unaware of some of the discounts offered by auto shipping services, and they should not hesitate to ask. Below are some of the most common discounts found in the industry:

  • Military Discounts
  • Multiple Car Discounts
  • Round Trip Discounts
  • Senior Citizen Discounts

Emmanuel Transport

A good alternative to shipping your vehicle, is to move near the racing tracks, since this could save you a lot of money. In this instance, you would move to a house near the racetracks, and you would need to hire movers to move your household or office things to the new home and office. That is where Emmanuel Transport comes in. this is a moving company that is located in Perth, Australia, and they are the top of the game when it comes to moving homes or office. This is a company that comes with excellent reviews, whether you’re moving within the city, or to another city.

Reasons to Use Emmanuel Transport

  • No Depot to Depot Charge
  • Fully Insured
  • Affordable Prices
  • Years of Experience

Things to Note:

  • No Depot to Depot fees
  • There is a $55 call out fee
  • They have a two-hour minimum on each move
  • Each truck is fitted with trolleys, blankets, ties, and other accessories
  • 5% surcharge will apply to Eftpos transactions
  • For distances greater than 30km from pick up to drop off, a fuel surcharge of $3 P/5KM will apply
  • Cancellations of less than 48 hours will incur a two hour plus GST fee
  • Extra-large or heavy items such as pianos, pool tables, large stone or marble table must be notified at booking


Shipping your vehicles and bikes is important if you’re going to take part in a race because you wouldn’t want the vehicle or bike getting used and possibly damaged before the races. Another good alternative is to move near the venues where you race are. This would lower rates charged for shipping your car, and you would probably incur a one off moving charge for your home and office. Don’t hesitate to look up companies like Emmanuel Transport to sort out your moving needs.

How to Successfully Market Your Car Dealership Company

Marketing is the backbone of any organization and the marketing strategy you use for your company is what will determine its success.  Normally marketing is influence by a variety of factors such as the niche of your product and the market niche. Since there are many marketing strategies, you have to figure out a strategy that will best work for your company depending on your customer niche. If the right strategy is used, your car dealership can go to the next level. Some of the basic but sure ways to market your car dealership company include:

How to Successfully Market Your Car Dealership Company

Have a proper website

If clients are interested in your services they will most likely visit your website. That is why you are supposed to have a proper and well updated website as it gives the customers an impression on the kind of service to expect from your company. Since many people may want to access your website with mobile devices, make sure that your website is mobile compatible and fully featured.  This will make sure that you don’t lock out those who want to access your site with a mobile device. Make sure that you invest in a professional website that gives a value added experience.

Use email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that should not be ignored especially for car dealers. Direct mail advertising may lead to increase in sales. Be sure to include auto responders. It is important that when you get visitors on your site you encourage them to sign up or leave their email address so that you can communicate with them if need be. Be sure to include some value in the email such as newsletters with updated content or customized content. This will help you to build a relationship with your prospects which may lead to increase in sales. Valuable information such as what to look for when looking for a car is important. Send them customized content depending on the model of the car they expressed interest in. A good email marketing strategy will help to build trust which will lead to an increase in sales.

Content marketing

Content marketing for car dealers is very important. You should focus on the right content to your customers so that you can be able to get their attention. Focus your content on what customers may be interested in such as promotions, available deals, cost savings and information on used inventory among many others. That will help even the customers who are cost conscious to be encouraged to make a purchase. Since many buyers are on the lookout for information on how they can save and cut down on their costs, providing such kind of information will definitely get their interest.


Those are just but a few marketing methods but there are plenty of many others. Digital marketing is another powerful marketing tool that cannot be ignored. To be successful you only have to look what will work for your company and embrace it.