If You Care For Your Car, Then Show Your Garage Some Love Too

When your car is your baby, you are willing to spend as much time as necessary to keep it in the best condition possible. But do you show the same care for your garage? Part of keeping your car in pristine condition is making sure the space in which it spends the most time is also in great shape. If you haven’t shown your garage some love in a while, then here are a few things you can do today to get it back on track.

Keep it Clean

If your garage is dirty, you may find it harder to keep your car clean too. Take the time to clean up any debris that may be lying around, and clean all of your surfaces on a regular basis. Unkempt areas full of dust and dirt won’t do your car any favors, so make an effort to keep the garage in reasonable shape too.

If You Care For Your Car, Then Show Your Garage Some Love Too

The same rules pertain to the floor as it does on other surfaces. You want to regularly sweep out the area. Additionally, make sure any spills are properly managed quickly. Not only can this help preserve the appearance of the floor, but it can also help avoid any dangerous chemicals or materials from seeping into the ground.

This is especially true if you invite people over who ultimately want to see your car. No matter how great the car looks, a messy, grimy garage steals some of the spotlight. Help your car make the best impression by keeping the exterior or your garage as nice as the interior. A Sun Joe pressure washer can help clean exterior surfaces quickly and without any unnecessary chemicals.

Maintain the Garage Door

A garage door requires regular maintenance to ensure it is operating properly. Failure to do so can lead to damage and may even render the system inoperable, trapping your car inside or outside of the space depending on when the failure occurs. In a worst case scenario, it may even come crashing down on your car, causing unknown amounts of damage.

To keep things in working order, you first want to regularly inspect the door and tracks. Clean any exposed surfaces to remove dirt and grime, especially in the hinges or roll. The system also needs additional lubrication on a regular basis, and you want to make sure the door is properly balanced.

Other tasks may also be required. When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual regarding any care instructions and follow them to the letter. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to operational issues, some of which can be dangerous.

If the door is damaged or you are experiencing issues with its operation, then you may need to work with a professional to get everything repaired or replaced.

Mind Your Lighting

While a burned out light bulb doesn’t immediately spell a problem, having insufficient lighting while you work may make it harder to spot hazards or see what you are doing while completing tasks. Often, replacing light bulbs is fairly easy, so there is no reason to neglect this form of maintenance. Simply keep a supply of light bulbs in the garage and replace burned out bulbs when necessary. When your supply gets low, grab some on your next trip to the store. Then, you know you will always have one available when you need it.

Muscle Up With a Custom Golf Cart

Just because you are taking a break from your oh so sexy muscle car with its roaring V8 engine and super slick low profile tires does not mean you have to walk all the time.  A golf cart is the perfect solution for short distance travels, holidays and sports like golfing.  They can also be terrific for every day jobs like hauling around equipment for jobs like pool cleaning, gardening, luggage delivery, animal feed hauling and much more.  Golf carts are super fun because you can enjoy a chilled breeze while you travel from one point to another and they are rechargeable which means no fuel consumption while you are constantly traveling short distances from one point to another.  And you can now even muscle up your Golf Charts by customizing them to suit your personal tastes, desires and needs.

Muscle Up With a Custom Golf Cart

Choose your color & designs

Have you ever dreamt of driving a jet black golf cart with sizzling flame graphics?  Well, now you can because these golf carts are completely customizable.  You can get one in any color of your choice and pimp them up by adding your own wraps or graphics in any style you like. The seating and seatbelts are also available in a great variety of different colors and you can choose different tires, rims and steering wheels for your golf cart.

Choose your functionality

The golf carts are not just adjustable in the form of looks. You can also customize it to be a lot more functional and to suit your every need. You can add extra seating or loading space to haul people or carry objects around.  You can also add boxes, flat decks, hitches, lift kits or roof racks to your cart which will enable you to use it for work instead of just for sports or fun.

Add a boom box

You can add stereo to your chart and play radio or CD’s while you travel.  Some of the stereos can even function through Bluetooth so you can play music directly from your phone.

Style up with enclosures

The golf carts can also be transformed into a much safer and more functional little car by adding wind shields or full body enclosures that will enable you  to drive around in the rain without getting wet and still enjoy sunny days since these enclosures can roll up and down for flexibility.

Choose your power

You can muscle up your golf cart by investing in a better quality battery. Lithium batteries lasts a lot longer and will enable you to drive around for a lot longer before you will need to recharge the batteries.

With all these changes your little golf chart will be almost as fantastic as that roaring muscle car you love so much only the little cart will give you a lot more freedom because you can enjoy holidays and mini golfing adventures a lot more or even use your golf cart to be more stylish on the job.

The Best Cars for Long Distance Travel

You love cars and while the sports car in your driveway sure is snazzy, it probably isn’t the best car to take on a long distance travel vacation or business trip. On the same side of the truth is the fact that the classic car sitting snuggly in your garage is more than likely not the best option either. So which cars are the best to take on long distances? Keep reading to find out.

The Best Cars for Long Distance Travel

Best Cars for Road Trips

Traveling by plane has become a bit of a pain in the rear. There are so many rules and regulations and now they want to charge you for your luggage. Sure, you can check for the best luggage here, but if you are going to have pay exorbitant amounts of money to take it with you, perhaps you should consider taking a road trip with it instead. And, we are happy to provide you with a list of the best cars for road trips:

  • Leaf– Nissan’s attempt at hybridizing their cars. This car claims to be able to attain 118 mpg. The Environmental Protection Agency clocked it at about 115 mpg, but imagine how far you get driving one of those! Read more.
  • Volt– Manufactured by General Motors, this hybrid is quite impressive. According to the EPA it is the most fuel efficient car sold in the USA reaching 76 mpg. It is an electric/gas combination that allows the gas to take over for your long distances, while the electric side works amidst the stop and go of daily driving.
  • Prius- This is a Toyota designed hybrid. It is one of the cleanest vehicles sold in the USA according to the California Air Resources Board and the EPA. It is the first mass produced hybrid vehicle and has been selling since 1997. The Prius gets about 55 mpg.
  • Civic Hybrid– With hybrid in the name, the car’s design is pretty obvious. This is a Honda version though and boasts 50 mpg. It was the first, in the US, to be Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle certified. That designation is provided by the California Air Resources Board.
  • Golf TDI– Volkswagen has long been known for its diesel cars. This is no exception. With a range of 49 mpg, this is the first non-hybrid we are including. The car has been in use since 1974 though it has cycled through various names over the course of its existence. Ultimately, it was created to replace the air-cooled, rear-engine, Beetle.
  • CT- By far, the first and only luxury car to be included on a long distance travel, best cars for road trips, list this Lexus takes the cake. It, too, is a hybrid but it only claims 47 mpg. Its style and name is supposed to make up for the lesser gas mileage, especially since it declares itself to be a compact premium sports car with a hatchback. We’re still not sure how all that fits together, but it is a nice looking car. Learn more.
  • Fiesta– We felt we couldn’t leave Ford off since we gave Chevy a top of the list position. So, the Fiesta’s manual transmission version can hit 42 mpg, while the automatic one tops out at 45 mpg. Ford calls this a super-mini car and they have been making them since 1976.

If you’re in need of further recommendations for great travel cars, click this.

The Top 3 Drag Racing Tips from Racing Experts

If you’re someone who loves drag racing, is ready for the thrill and adventure that comes with it – and is also aware of the few dangers and precautions associated with it – you’re ready to move to the next level.

Just as hunting experts can give you tips about using the ar 15 scope, just like that, some racing experts have given their insights to some drag racing tips.

The Top 3 Drag Racing Tips from Racing Experts

Here are some hunting tips from hunting experts:


At the point when you are hunting, the greater part of us don’t move gradually enough, or stay put sufficiently long. Try using your watch as a guide. Settle on a timeframe to stop, for example, five minutes.


If you make a noticeably loud noise, stop and remain there for as long as you can in the event that you think creatures are close by. A deer may stand quite a while and gaze toward you. On the off chance that it doesn’t see or notice you, it may go back to feeding itself or whatever it was doing before being disturbed.


At the point when assembling a drive, we tend to place standers before and close by the zone being driven. In the event that you have enough individuals in your gathering, position a stander in the back where the drive started. Deer will frequently sit tight for seekers to pass and after that sneak back and keep running off the other way.

Now here are some tips that can add to your knowledge about drag racing:

 (1) Contrary to Popular Belief, More Tire Pressure is Better, to a Point

A great deal goes into launching a race car. suspension parts, geometry, weight appropriation, power control, and so forth, all have real impact in moving the car out of the opening. One of the simplest things to control is tire pressure. In any case, there’s a typical misguided judgment with respect to low tire weight. It’s certain the foundation of this originates from road racers endeavoring to make their DOT tires more like slicks. racing tire wrinkle. But with regards to getting the fastest E.T., more tire pressure is better, to a point. The lower the tire pressure, the more a tire will provide for fit in with the asphalt surface. Henceforth more rubbing; more grating = speedier 60 foot times. Be that as it may, when an intense drag car is furnished with slicks, side-divider wrinkle happens because of the measure of torque the car is setting on the tires.

(2) Selling T-shirts with Wheelies? You May lose E.T.

Having less wheel stand is better, once more, to a point What race fan doesn’t care to see a guard dragging, sparkle flying wheelie mostly down the track? It’s one of the coolest things a race car can do. racing wheelie However, with regards to security and also E.T., that front end needs to stay down. A decent measure of accidents or incidents on the tower side of the track happen because of drivers not controlling the car amid a wheelie. It’s difficult to guide with rudders on a race car! Wheelie bars will empty the car and counteract wheel stands, however they do only that, empty the vitality that was lifting the car and let the back tires turn. On the off chance that whatever you can see is sky when you dispatch, and quick E.T.s are your objective, tuning ought to be done to bring down the measure of force the car is creating amid dispatch.

(3) Good Crews Win Races

When beginning in racing, it’s typically just you and a mate or a few other people. Then again perhaps you are distant from everyone else. Be that as it may, there comes a period when you make the move to race increasingly. When this happens, it’s a great opportunity to begin searching for a group. It hard to discover great individuals who are willing to work to improve you and the team as a whole. Be that as it may, having the right group behind you can have all the effect in the world. However, one critical employment of the group regularly disregarded is to back the driver. Ensuring the driver is in the right attitude, isn’t concerned if things have been done, and is focused and concentrated towards his driving his vital.

How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Car

There are a lot of things that you know you should be aware of in this world. We all wish that we can be like Mark Dubowitz who is making changes through reporting different things about the serious issues that the world is facing right now. We all want to be like him but sometimes we get caught up with simple things that we can focus on to improve the quality of our lives.

You can focus on important world issues and pay attention to your car at the same time. You do not have to solve all of the problems immediately. You can always start on things that are easier to solve such as trying to understand how you can properly choose the right car tires.

How to Choose the Right Tires for Your Car

Your car tires can be easy to choose if you have the right details and information to follow. In just a few minutes of reading, you will have enough knowledge to shop for the right tires that your car needs. There are some questions that you need to ask yourself first:

  • Are you going to purchase new tires because you need a replacement or because you need some spares?
  • How many tires do you need?
  • Do you know the right tire size that you are going to purchase?
  • Are you particular about the brand of tires that you are going to pick?
  • What climate do you usually experience in your area?

If you were able to answer all of the questions that are mentioned above with ease then you are ready to purchase new car tires but if you had blank answers in some of the questions, do not worry, you can always research more about the car tires that you need before you buy anything.

These are some tips that you can follow to correctly purchase the tires that your vehicle needs:

  1. Know the type of tires that you need.

Do you want tires that will lessen the bumps that you will feel on the road? Perhaps you want to have tires that can provide excellent traction because you are living in a place wherein the roads are always slippery. You have to know the right tires that you need to search for.

  1. Decide how many tires you are going to purchase.

If you only need one tire because one of your tires got damaged, then you have to find just one. Some stores do not sell just one tire. Sometimes, you have to purchase in pairs or by fours. Purchasing second hand will allow you to purchase just one but you have to ensure that the quality of the tires is still good.

  1. Find tires that are made with good quality.

You do realize that if your tires will not have the right quality, they will not last long. Some cheaply priced tires may not work as well as you thought they would. Quality will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear so do your research before you make a choice.

Now that you know the things that you have to consider before purchasing the right tires, do not forget this knowledge especially when you need to buy tires again in the future.

How to Improve Your Car’s Performance

Trying to improve your car’s performance is different from how it was like before. In the past, you are required to have a lot of money just to make modifications on your car that will make a huge difference. The appearance of various products that can be used to modify cars have made it easier for car enthusiasts like you to make small changes without having to spend too much money in the process.

Just a reminder though, when was the last time that you checked your car tires? New car owners do not know the importance of having the right tire pressure on their tires. When your tires are too soft, you cannot pick up speed and you will have the tendency to feel the bumps and cracks on the road more. When your tires have too much air, there is a tendency that your tires will wear out sooner than you expected. Actually if you do not check your car tires often, there is a big possibility that you are going to replace them sooner than when you should do it.

How to Improve Your Car’s Performance

Get your meal prep bags now as you might have to stay with your car a long time so that you can improve your car’s performance:

  1. Get rid of the unnecessary items that you have on your trunk and your backseat. You may not realize this but the junk that accumulates on your car will make a huge difference on how your car will be able to traverse different roads. You will also notice that your gas mileage will decrease if you have a lot of unnecessary items in your car.
  2. Do change oil regularly. Whether you have an old car or a new car, there will be moments when you have to change the oil of your car. This will ensure that your car will perform well. At the same time, you can also improve your engine if you would choose the right type of oil.
  3. Replace spark plugs. Have you noticed that your car does not have much power anymore even when you are trying to get it moving? This may be because of your spark plugs. Do your car a favor and replace the old ones. Depending on the model of your car, they may come cheap although some may be more expensive than others.
  4. Change your strut tower brace. Are you wondering how you are going to improve the handling of your car? This is the best thing that you can do. The best part about this is that you can install it on your own.

There are different modifications that you can do for your car. The ones that are mentioned above are simple and will not cause you a lot of money. There are some modifications that will greatly improve your car’s performance but it may also void your car’s warranty. Make sure that you know the pros and cons of each change that you are going to do just to be sure.

Make Your Ride Shine

When you want your car to say something about you, it needs to do more than just run well, it needs to stand out in a crowd.  In order to really bring out the shine, taking extra steps beyond a basic handwashing are often required.  Consider these additional steps the next time you are preparing your car to be seen at a race, show, or on the road, and you will be sure to make an impression.

Pressure Washing

If your car is covered in dirt and other road grime, you will want to pressure wash the vehicle before applying any cleaners or detergents.  Once the surface dirt has been lifted, apply the detergents to the vehicles surface.  Finally, rinse the detergent off, from top to bottom, using the pressure washer, and then seal and dry.

Pressure washers are also highly effective for cleaning tires and wheel rims, and the water pressure can more easily reach hard to reach areas.  If using a pressure washer is going to become a standard part of your car care routine, consider checking out a selection electric pressure washer reviews and purchasing one for your personal use.

Make Your Ride Shine

Hard Waxes

Hard waxes, though harder to apply, provide a higher level of protection than liquid or soft waxes, as well as a nice shine on most paint finishes.  It is important to avoid abrasive waxes, especially on cars with a dark paint job, as the abrasive qualities may damage the finish.

Apply the wax in sections, working in a circular motion as you apply it.  Once applied, you will need to let the wax set based on the time recommended by the manufacturer before using a soft cotton rag to buff and polish the finish.

Tire Products

Once you have the body of your car shining, you will want to pay attention to the tires.  A variety of products are available to help bring back the original shine, with many options being available in spray on versions.

First, the product is sprayed onto the tires.  After the product has set for a few minutes, it can be wiped off with a clean rag.  Be sure to avoid overspray hitting other portions of the car, as it can leave stains on certain materials, such as those used on side panels and rims.

Aluminum Rim Care

Just as the tires require a special product, so do aluminum rims if you really want them to shine.  Since they should have been pressure washed with the rest of the vehicle, a simple aluminum polish is often all that you need.  After making sure the rim is completely dry, just apply a small amount of polish to a clean cloth and begin working it onto the surface in small circular motions.  Continue applying and polishing until the desired finish is reached on all four tires.

Polycarbonate Headlight Coverings

Overtime, polycarbonate headlight coverings can cloud.  In order to restore the original look, begin by sanding the surface taking care not to contact the painted car body.  The sanding should remove any yellow coloring that has built up on the light, and let the surface somewhat dull and rough to the touch.  Follow up the sanding with a fine polish which will restore the lenses to a clear state.  Finally, apply a UV sealant to protect the finish.

Reasons to Appreciate Vintage Cars More

There are a lot of things that you may be passionate about and you know that as you get to experience the world more, there are more things that you will discover along the way. You already know that you love Bang Tidy Clothing because of their amazing selections but what other things would catch your interest in the long run?

Have you ever thought about being passionate about vintage cars? These are cars that have been created a long time ago. Some may be created decades before you were born. They are different from the cars that we see right now. Their design is more elaborate and you know that they are special the moment that you see them. If you never knew reasons why vintage cars are considered extraordinary by car enthusiasts, here are some of the reasons that you should know:

Reasons to Appreciate Vintage Cars More

  1. Classic Cars are Simple

It is true that their designs are different from the cars that we see now but this is only because that was the common design back then. They are usually simpler than the modern cars that we see now. You cannot expect them to have a lot of buttons that are made for a wide variety of purposes. Everything you have to do, you have to do manually.

  1. Classic Cars are Smaller

If you have never been fond of big cars then you should know that there are some vintage cars that are smaller than the average compact car now. They are also relatively lighter and you can feel the difference when you drive a vintage car around your town. This is especially true when you are choosing sports cars, vintage cars are usually lighter which means that they can be faster than the modern ones available.

  1. Vintage Cars are not High Tech

You may be thinking why this is a good reason to appreciate vintage cars. A lot of new drivers are used to being aided by their cars. Their cars can tell them what to do, their cars can tell them where they should turn and what roads they should take that they become too dependent on their cars. If you consider yourself a good driver, you can test yourself by trying to drive a vintage car. You will learn more about yourself and vintage cars this way.

  1. Vintage Cars Command Attention

You can bring your typical car and you know that no one would pay attention to your car this way but if you bring out a vintage car, a lot of people would stop to look at your car in its full glory. The truth is that vintage cars are hard to maintain so if people see vintage cars that are running well, they know that these cars are worth checking out. Some pictures of your car may even be featured in some social media sites.

You know that the driving experience that you can get from vintage cars will be hard to get from the modern cars that you can see right now. Just try driving a vintage car and you will surely see a difference.

5 Tips to Take Awesome Pictures of Cars

Taking pictures of your favorite vehicles, i.e. car spotting is a really interesting hobby that attracts thousands of patrons. Getting the perfect shot of cars in motion or at a standstill is an interesting thing, almost like science. Every time you take a photo of a car you like, it works as a learning experience. Vehicle photography is a rather interesting niche in the world of photography that you might want to discover if you like both cars and cameras.

5 Tips to Take Awesome Pictures of Cars

Here are some guidelines to help you get the perfect shot of your favorite cars- whether it is moving or standing like the majestic creature that it is.

  • Beware of reflections

One needs to be very careful as to what is reflected in the car windows or body. In order to make sure nothing unwanted comes into the picture, scan the perimeter and look at the car closely to see if anything is reflecting on its surface. New, shiny cars have very reflective and mirror like surfaces. To keep reflection to a minimum, try taking photos in places where there is plenty of open space- like a field. It’s best if there are no trees or buildings near you. The most important thing to be highlighted in cars is the design lines, which can get spoiled by unwanted reflection.

  • Choose the perfect time of the day

The mistake made by most people while photographing cars is not choosing the right time of the day. The best time for the perfect photos are a few minutes before sunrise and a few minutes after the sun sets. To make life easier, invest in a tripod to get that subtle light on your photographic canvas.

  • Car color

In different lights and different times of the day, various types of paints tend to react in their unique ways. Most colors do not look very good in direct sunlight; however some colors are great reflectors. Light colors like baby blue are excellent in this case.

  • Motion blur

Vehicles are all about the artistic motion, the action and the adrenaline rush. In order to get some great motion going, you might want to consider standing by the road and let the vehicle drive past you in all its glory. Setting the shutter speed to 125th of a second, you can trail behind the car with the camera lens in a single smooth action for some breathtaking shots.

  • Shooting while driving

Motion is the key to getting great shots in this method. You simply take the photograph of the car you want while being in a moving vehicle yourself. The ideal shutter speed for these shots is 1/100th of a second and the ideal car speed is 60km/h. When your prep is done, shoot the car out of the window in order to get nice movement on the wheels and the road. The shutter speed can be decreased as necessary. You can also get some artistic blur going on with your favorite photo editing software. Check out this website if the Lightroom vs Photoshop debates are still confusing you.

Want to delve deeper into photographing cars and appreciating their true beauty? Read this article for more-


7 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Used Car

With the high sticker price of new cars, and the speedy devaluation rate of new vehicles, numerous shoppers search for used cars available to be purchased. Keeping in mind putting resources into a used car may appear like a wise alternative, purchasers still should be keen in their decisions. Used cars that are sold with hidden faults can turn out to be expensive issues for the clueless purchaser. To abstain from buying the wrong car, here’s a checklist that could be useful:

7 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Used Car

  1. The Test Drive

It’s generally best to take the car on a test drive on both nearby streets and interstates. In various situations, you can get a decent vibe for how the car reacts and performs. On nearby streets, you can feel how the car moves and reacts to sharp turns. You’ll likewise get a smart thought on the state of the brakes with unpredictable. With an outing on the thruway, you can note if the motor runs easily or not. While on a test drive, keep your eyes and ears open.

  1. The Aesthetics: Inside and Out

Make a point to check the inside upholstery carefully, alongside any repairs to the outside of the car. This shouldn’t imply that you shouldn’t buy a car that has been in a minor accident, however you’ll need to ensure the outside was repaired professionally and that the outcomes are scarcely unmistakable to the eye. Continuously open the hood and investigate the motor and parts. Messy and rusted parts can be a solid sign that there might be inconvenience not far off.

  1. The Leak Test

Any car that is spilling liquids is a warning for a required repair. While you’re on a test drive, pause for a minute to stop in a perfect range out and about, and let the car keep running for no less than 30 seconds. At that point, move the car and do a noticeable assessment for any spilling substances. Dark liquid may be a marker of releasing oil, green liquid may demonstrate a break in radiator fluid, and pink liquid may show a hole in the transmission.

  1. Research Reviews on the Make and Model

Do a bit of analyst work on industry and customer audits eager for advancement and model to reveal conceivable deserts or even basic issues. You can without much of a stretch do a check by doing a pursuit on Google.

  1. Research Price

To guarantee that you are being charged a reasonable value, make a point to analyze costs for the same make, model and year with a few sources. Checking the Blue Book qualities and merchant costs should effectively be possible on the web. Despite the fact that condition and mileage will assume a part in value, you can at present get a decent ballpark figure of the going cost.

  1. Repairman Inspection

Numerous shoppers don’t take an ideal opportunity to have a technician investigate their used car before buy, which can prompt more costly car upkeep not far off. The expense to have a car assessed by an expert can be certainly justified regardless of the cost. A workman is the expert who can help you find concealed issues furthermore help with deciding the car’s quality. On the off chance that there will be significant issues with the motor or transmission later on, this is the star that is going to tell you. .

  1. Checking the Seller

To maintain a strategic distance from purchaser’s regret, never rush to pull the trigger when purchasing a used car. In addition to that, it would be a good idea to run a background check on the seller. Click Here for more help regarding this. Taking an ideal opportunity to do careful research and arranging at the best cost is the most ideal way you can guarantee you’re getting a decent arrangement on the right vehicle.