Classic Cars A Unique Hobby

People have various kinds of hobbies but some people have a distinctive hobby of collecting classic cars. The classic car collectors are always on the lookout for classic models to add to their collection no matter how far they have to search for them or how costly these cars are. Here are five such classic car models that are rare, expensive but a must to have.

Classic Cars A Unique Hobby

Classic Cars A Unique Hobby

  • Helica De Leyat: It first came out in 1921 in France. It was then termed as “the plane without wings.” It was designed by Marcel Leyat, the founder of the automobile company at that time. It was famous for its unique looks and original design. This car was powered by a huge propeller rather than a normal engine and had a really dangerous speed. Only 30 models of this car were produced.
  • Talbot Lago Grand Sport: It was in 1948 when the Grand Lago Sport was produced by Talbot Company. This car had two versions, a sports car, and a luxury car. There were only 12 cars in the luxury collection and the car collectors are crazy about getting this car.
  • Porsche 916: This one is among the rarest models in the world today. Produced in 1972, this was among the most highly prized, the lightest and fastest Porsche model ever manufactured. Its maximum speed was 233 km per hour and was a beauty to the beholder. But because of the high price of only 11 prototypes of this model were made and later was canceled.
  • Dodge Hemi Coronet: This is the rarest American muscle car that was ever made. There were only 4 models that were ever introduced. Two cars were produced in 1967 and two in 1970. It was not an extraordinary car in terms of appearance but was known for its scarcity.
  • Rolls Royce: The oldest, rarest and the most expensive car of all those that exist today is the Rolls Royce of 1904. There were six highly expensive Rolls Royce models that were made but now only a single model of this car is found in automotive shows and touring museums around the sphere. It had a speed of 62 km per hour and a beautiful and comfortable car of those times and the first manufactured by the owners of Rolls Royce.

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Tips on How You Can Maintain Your Car

There are a lot of articles and even stories that you will hear about car buying but when it comes to car maintenance, you have to exert a bit more effort to find what you are searching for. For vintage car lovers, maintaining old cars can be complicated but it can highly fulfilling when the car is able to run almost as well as new vehicles.

If you do not have enough money to maintain vintage cars but you do have your own modern car to take care of, do you already know the things that you can do to make it last longer? Do you know your car’s parts well?

Tips on How You Can Maintain Your Car

Here are some tips that you can do to help care for your car in an easy manner:

  1. Your Tires Deserve to be Checked

When was the last time that you have checked your tires? Your manufacturer will be very specific about what your tires’ pressure should be. Aside from the pressure of your tires, you should also pay attention to tread wear indicators. Once they start appearing on your tires, you should replace your tires immediately.

  1. Remember that Oil of the Car is the Blood to Your Veins

Without oil, it will be hard for cars to function. If you want your car to be quiet, you need to make sure that you will have your oil changed whenever you travel 3.000 – 3,5000 miles. There may be times that you will forget to do this but once you remember it, do not ignore it because this will make a lot of difference with your vehicle.

  1. Your Brakes Can Save Lives

It can be hard if you would be driving a car without brakes because you will be risking your life, the life of your passengers and even other people who are driving every time. Your brake system should be replaced periodically so that you will not have any problems when you have to stop. The moment that you sense that something is wrong with the brakes, you ought to have your vehicle checked immediately.

  1. Clean Your Battery

The battery of your car does not always need to be replaced but you can check it once a month to see if there is any corrosion. If there is, you need to clean it up so its condition will not worsen. The worst thing that you can do to your battery is to run it down. This can happen if you would leave your hazard light on for hours. Your car battery will work after a jump start but its performance will not be the same anymore.

  1. Do not Forget Your Car’s Appearance

Of course, your car’s performance will matter a lot because its performance will ensure that you will have a safe trip but you also need to pay attention to the way that your vehicle looks. Aside from the exterior of your car that you can easily clean, do not forget to vacuum your interior once in a while to ensure that you are not trapping any allergens inside your vehicle.

You may not be able to ask Stephen Collins details about your vehicle but you are sure that he was able to entertain you through his shows. If you have any questions, it is best that you will ask your mechanic about it.

A Car Lover’s Dream

Automobiles are incredible innovations. We have come so far in their designs and gas mileage capabilities. No doubt future generations will think we were not as innovative as we could have been. But, if they’ll take the time to enjoy from whence we’ve come, there might be some appreciation fostered.

That’s the beauty of the automobile museum. It creates a record of automotive excellence, construction, design, and dreams. And, there are incredible automobile museums worldwide. When you are trying to book flights at the last minute consider some of the locales of these prestigious museums and take your kids. Inspire them with the love of transportation you embrace.

A Car Lover’s Dream

Top 5 Car Museums You Should Visit

When it comes to being a car aficionado you must also be a travel connoisseur if you desire to see some of the most incredible modes of transportation ever constructed. There are certainly more than five phenomenal museums available for your perusal and you can read more about them here. However, we’ve included our favorites in this list:

  1. Museo Storico Alfa Romeo- The six floors of spectacular car-focused artwork within this newly renovated museum will tantalize and inspire. And, since it’s located in Italy there’s no reason not to visit. Alfa Romeo doesn’t have to remain the butt of Maserati and Ferrari jokes thanks to this impressive showcase. For some great car humor go here.
  2. Porsche Museum- No racing fan can negate the value of Porsche in the history of German automotive design. A relatively new museum, having opened in 2009, the $106 million spent on its creation guarantees its devotion to prestige and prowess. The cars inside its structure are quite possibly the most striking automobiles on the planet.
  3. Mullin Automotive Museum- Located in California, Peter W. Mullin’s museum contains some of the most expensive automobiles known to man. His predilection for the art deco era has inspired the collection which includes a Bugatti from the 1930s valued at $40 million. The bad thing here is that because it’s a private collection there are only two days each month in which it is open to the public. So, call ahead before you schedule your vacation if you’re hoping to set foot in those doors. For contact information click this.
  4. Louwman Museum- Possibly the quirkiest of the museums on our list, this Netherlands based structure is home to Elvis’ Cadillac and James Bond’s Aston Martin. Like the Mullin museum this is also a private collection of incredible automotive history. And, it may be one of the oldest collections in the world!
  5. Museo Lamborghini- Also in Italy and quite small, this museum still packs a punch. Anyone enamored by racing and speed needs to pay a visit to this wee display. The avant-garde design that makes Lamborghini spectacular is revealed in this intimate setting. Racing doesn’t get more intuitive and astonishing as it does in a Lamborghini. This museum has its own site where you can read more about it.

Don’t Dream it, Do it!

If you’ve been dreaming about traveling the world, stop. It’s time you get out there and explore. And, since you love cars, and everything attached to them, plan your travels to incorporate the five museums we suggested. You don’t have to just dream it, you can do it! And sometimes you can get cheap airfare to boot.

How to Make Buying a Car into a Good Investment

As we know, a car purchase is big. In fact, it may be the second-most expensive purchase that you make after your home. A lot of people consider a car an investment because of its price. But experts say that a car is not actually an investment. When you make an investment, you assume that the money you put in that item or asset will generate an income or appreciate in value in the future. In other words, an investment makes you money. Typical examples of investments are a home because it appreciates in value overtime; stocks because they pay dividend and also appreciate in value; and retirement plans, such as self-managed super fund and annuities, because they allow you to grow your money tax-free. Cars depreciate in value over time, so financial experts don’t consider them an investment.

car investment

However, owning a car is something that most of us hope to experience, well at least even once in our lifetime. And isn’t it a bad feeling to know that that one thing you ever dream of having is not actually worth buying? Fret not. In this post, we will provide you some helpful tips on how to ensure that your next car purchase will be the best investment you make.

Do your research

This is the first and foremost thing you should do before buying a car. You can start by looking at some buying guides on the internet. You can also go to your local library and dig through their car buying guides to get much information about the models and features of the cars you’re considering. If you have friends who know a lot about vehicles, you can also ask them for some advice. Do your homework and research as much as you can. It’s tens of thousands of dollars we’re talking about here, so it’s very important to ensure that you get the best out of your money. If you head to the dealership without getting well-informed, you’re going to end up with a poor selection.

Purchase a used car

According to, a new car loses its 11 percent value the minute it rolls out of the dealership. In the first year, about 15 percent of its value is lost, with another 15-25 percent lost each year thereafter. A good rule of thumb if you’re looking for a vehicle is to buy a car that is at least 2-4 years old. That car will still be relatively new, and the great thing is you don’t lose your investment dollars because the first owner has eaten the larger portion of the depreciation. If you’re done with the car and would like to purchase a new one, you can sell it for near the purchase price.

Pay in cash

The next thing to consider is when you buy, pay it in cash. Paying cash can benefit you financially in a lot of different ways. First, you no longer need to pay for interest. As we all know, when you loan, you’re automatically charge with finance charges and interest. Second, it gives you total ownership of your car, so that means you have full control of it. If you have a loan and you fall on difficult financial times, the bank or whoever you owe money to can take the car from you if you fail to make payments. But if you own it already, you no longer have to worry about monthly payments. And the best thing is you have the option to sell it in case you need some cash. And of course, paying in cash also means eliminating the hassle of dealing with annoying lenders.

Take care of your car

Once you own the car, keep it clean all the time. This will certainly keep your car looking newer for longer amount of time. Better if you also learn the basics on how to maintain it, including airing up car tires, changing oil, changing air filter, and changing transmission fluid. Not only will this keep your car in good shape, but it will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Street Racing; So What Movie Do You Pop In When You Want Your Fix?

street racingYou’re obviously a street racing aficionado if you’ve made it here so far.  You love everything that has to do with cars, especially street racing.  Your home, or “Man-Cave” or “Lady-Lair” is filled to the rim with all the things you’ve collected about your favorite hobby over the years.  From autographed pictures of your favorite racers to handcrafted street car models you’ve labored intensely over to bring your ideal ride to life; it’s definitely your special place.  More power to you, enjoy the cave!

When you’ve had a tough day at school or work (or both), you just want to sit back and watch an adrenaline pumping movie.  You’d like to get some speed action going on, what’s your favorite one to turn to?  Admit it, we all know you keep your stash of speed racing and street racing movies apart from your others!  You’ve got a favorite, and we’re not going to count the Fast and Furious series as that’s a given.  You’ve got to love those automatically.  I’m talking about your choice of a speed movie that is fun and has been proven to give you a good time over the years no matter how many times you’ve watched it.

One suggestion that you may or may not have seen is a heart thumping one with a great comedy script where a lot of famous actors from the 70’s got together and made famous.  It’s Cannonball Run just in case you haven’t guessed it already.  It had it all from Burt Reynolds to even James Bond (okay, Roger Moore in that time frame) and even Sammy Davis Jr and Farrah Fawcett.  A surprise to me when I first saw it was Jackie Chan was in it too.  It’s a speedy cross country race that’ll keep you cheering and guessing the whole way through the movie.  If you haven’t watched it, be sure to let it run after the end and watch the cut scenes and bloopers for even more of a good time.

That’s just a suggestion though.  Some of us are all about speed, some the love story, some the underdog, and then also some like a little comedy mixed in too.  What are you favorites?  Shut down the internet browser tab and stop browsing and learning about the Phlebotomist job for a moment and think about what your favorite might be.   You might wind up taking a pause from the list of more classes in California and take the rest of the day off and watch some of your most awesome speed racing favorite movies.  Get some munchies to snack on and kick back in your cave (or lair) with a couple of friends and indulge yourself with some speed for a while.

The internet will be here tomorrow.  Unfortunately, that also means so will your school, work or both as well.  Take some time off and enjoy getting your speed on with one of your faves you haven’t watched in some time and take a break for yourself and your favorite hobby.  Your TV is waiting to show you some thrills!

Car Collectors & Gun Collectors – The Similarities

Collecting as a Hobby

People have many different hobbies, and collecting objects is a popular one. Individuals will collect anything and everything; popular things to collect include stamps, trading cards, seashells, memorabilia of a favorite television show or band, or even comic books.

Two other popular things to collect are cars and guns. People who collect these different objects are similar in a few different ways.


Caring for Their Collection

Something all collectors have in common is that they do their best to take care of their collection. In the case of cars and guns, these collections should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Both objects are intricate pieces of machinery with different moving parts. Vintage objects in particular need special care. Storing the collection in a proper manner is another important aspect of caring for it. Protecting the collection from circumstances that could damage it means using a gun closet, car garage, or other means of protection.


Some collectors like to maintain the original state of their individual collectibles. Others choose to upgrade them with superior equipment. For cars, this could mean getting a larger and more powerful engine, bigger tires, flashier rims, or a cool sound system. For guns, collectors could improve shooting quality by adding additional equipment such as the best rifle scopes like these, or replacing old and worn parts. Guns can be fitted with newer technology such as different optics and the best AR-15 scopes to increase accuracy. Other changes can be made to prevent jamming and improve overall performance.

Collectors can make upgrades such as these, but many want to keep their items in their original condition and even strive to find original parts when their own parts become damaged.

Showing Off with Pride

Gun shows and car shows are popular events in communities where thousands of people can gather and discuss their collections, how they started collecting the item, and socialize with new people that have the same interests. Participants bring their collections and compare them.

In addition, most of these events are open to enthusiasts who may not have collections of their own. They could feature special contests, family-fun events, and food. Sometimes, they can be week-long festivals that bring collectors and visitors from around the world. Collectors are given a venue to show off their collections, others attend the fun and friendly event, and the surrounding community gets a boost in visibility and business.

The Ability to Use the Collectibles

Unlike many other objects that are collected, cars and guns have an intrinsic use. Cars are a popular mode of transportation, while guns can be used for sport such as target-shooting or hunting. In addition, these uses are not terminal; the collector can use the item repeatedly when he wants to, unlike a stamp.

However, collectors have to be careful when using a collectible object. Using it could expose the item to wear and tear, decreasing its value and putting it in harm’s way. Collectors need to decide if the risk is worth it.

Top 5 Muscle Car Designs Of All Time

If you consider yourself a car aficionado, there’s no doubt that you have a keen interest in muscle cars. In terms of speed and power, it doesn’t get much better than classic American muscle cars. Muscle cars are an important part of automobile history, but they also remain an important part of the current culture of cars in the U.S. Some of us enjoy muscle cars of all shapes and sizes, while others like to debate which muscle cars are the best of all time. For those people that fit into the latter category, here are our thoughts on the top five muscle car designs of all time.

5. 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500This car features an astounding seven liters and 428-cubic-inch engine in the form of a mustang. With 355 horsepower, the GT500 is actually more road-friendly than race-ready, which makes it such an impressive muscle car and such a hit with consumers, even to this day. Of course, just because it’s not a racing car doesn’t mean that it can’t fly, because it can, and it’s why the GT500 remains one of the most beloved muscle cars of all time.

4. 1969 Z28 Chevy Camaro – There are certainly faster muscle cars than this one, but few possess the style and likability of the Z28 Chevy Camaro. If your preference is look and feel over pure power and speed, this is the ideal muscle car. With unique combinations available with regard to the engine, exhaust, and induction, this car has to be considered one of the best muscle cars of all time.

3. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro LZ1 – This car was built for the purpose of drag racing, but is completely street legal, which makes it quite appealing. In addition to being a powerful vehicle, the Camaro LZ1 is one of the quickest muscle cars ever manufactured, as it’s as quick as lightning and as loud as thunder from a standstill position. Chevy only made 69 vehicles, and so the rarity of it combined with its power and speed makes it one of the top muscle cars ever made.

2. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 – This car was designed to be the fastest and meanest car on the road, and almost 50 years later it’s still one of the fastest street legal cars around, being able to jump from 0-60-mph in a little over three seconds. It’s small and sleek, but it packs a major punch for a car its size with 800-horsepower. Aside from its appealing look and impressive speed, the Cobra is also one of the most rare and expensive muscle cars, fetching unbelievable numbers when available at an auction a few years ago, and being able to entice that much interest only adds to its case for being one of the top muscle cars of all time.

1. 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda – With a wide stance and a shaker hood scoop, there’s no doubt that this car is one of the best-designed muscle cars ever made. There may have been question marks about how it handles, but there’s no questioning the power and quickness that the car possesses, as it simply explodes from 0 to 60. With only 119 Barracudas ever built, and even less still around today, one in near-perfect condition was listed with a $2 million price tag last year, which is all the evidence necessary to make this car one of the best muscle cars ever made. See one in action in the video below:


Classic Cars & Restoration Tips

For whatever reason, so many of us have an utter fascination with classic cars, so much so that we go to great lengths to see them, drive them, and if we’re really luck, perhaps even own them. Of course, while we long for the cars of yesteryear, we certainly don’t want them to look their age. After all, part of the fun of driving around in a 30-year old car is making it look like you drove it off the lot brand new 30 minutes ago. If you’re going to be buying and driving a classic car, you have to make sure it’s been restored properly. Here are some restoration tips for you to keep in mind when dealing with classic cars.


One thing to pay close attention to during classic car restoration is rust. If possible, buy a car that has spent its entire life in a warm climate away from wintry conditions that can cause rust and do damage to the vehicle. Rust damage to a classic car will force you to replace the vehicle’s steel body panels, which can be one of the most time consuming and costly ventures in restoring an old car. If you end up with a rust bucket, you’ll have to strip the entire chassis, sand blast all of the metal on the car, and replace any section that can’t be repaired. The time and money it takes to do all of that is going to add up quickly, but it’s work that must be done if you want to restore a car that’s been consumed by rust.

Another important part of the restoration process is making sure you’ll be able to find replacement parts. There’s little doubt that parts of the car will have to be replaced, but with some cars, aftermarket replacement parts can be scarce, forcing you to use expensive used parts, causing the price of the project to skyrocket. If you want to restore a classic car, make sure you choose a model with parts that are easy to find and relatively cheap, or it’s going to make the project far more difficult than you’d like it to be.

Finally, it may be difficult to hear this, but get professional help. Even if you have a friend or family member with substantial knowledge of classic cars, it’s always best to have a professional look at the car, inspect it, and walk you through the proper steps during the restoration process. Doing a classic car restoration without the help of a professional leaves a lot of margin for error, and could ultimately come back to haunt you if the car breaks down in a relatively short period of time. Having a professional looking over your shoulder is an easy way to ensure that the job gets done right. Furthermore, if there’s a disagreement while doing the project with a friend or family member, you wouldn’t want it to impact the rest of your life, so it’s best to include friends and family only once the job is complete, but no sooner.

If you take these tips of car restoration into consideration, take the job seriously, don’t skip corners, and don’t rush things, in the end you’ll be satisfied with the job you’ve done, and more importantly, you’ll end up with the classic car you’ve always wanted.

Image Credit Flick’r User: StevoArnold