Create Epic Videos or Your Races to Post Online

As the use of video on the internet continues to increase, capturing video of your racing exploits may be a great idea.  Not only can you use the videos to keep friends and family updated on your activities, you can also use them to create a YouTube channel to build interest in your team.

If you want to create high-quality, attention-grabbing videos that are sure to delight your fans, consider these tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Quality Recordings

Regardless of how exciting your races may be, they will not seem exciting if the video quality is subpar.  With the number of highly portable recording devices that can shoot in full HD, there is no reason you can’t use that quality in your recordings.  If you don’t currently have a suitable device, consider going to your local electronics store, or shopping around online, for an HD camera.  There are a wide range of options across all price points, so there is sure to be something available that fits your needs and can fit into your budget.

Once you have your camera options, consider investing in a tripod to stabilize the camera when shooting from a stationary location.  While many people believe they can hold a camera very still, a tripod will ensure there is not unnecessary shakiness to the footage that could have easily been avoided.

Create Epic Videos or Your Races to Post Online

Consider Unique Shots

While the majority of shots are going to be from specific vantage points, you can create interest by exploring unique shooting options that may be available.  For example, you can take aerial shots by using a camera mounted on a drone.  Consider reading the Phantom 4 review for some starting information on what may be possible in the arena of drone-based shooting.

You may also want to consider adding a sporting camera, such as a GoPro.  This can let you capture video from a variety of perspectives, such as that of the driver, and can be mounted in a large number of ways to better capture the feeling of being in the action.

Take Time to Edit

Rarely will all of the captured footage be interesting.  Additionally, you may find that you want to combine portions of videos shot on different days, or on different cameras.  This can be done with the integrated YouTube Video Editor, or through separately purchased software.  Some options will help you add text or captions, as well as integrate music into the video while balancing out the other sounds from the original video.

More advanced software may even allow you to adjust the images, similar to editing regular still photos, allowing you to add interesting effects or enhance the colors in the footage to make them appear more true-to-life.

Post with Care

While certain actions or comments may seem entertaining to you and your friends, they may not reflect well on you over the long-run.  It is important to understand that there can be repercussions to posting certain information online, especially content that may be deemed questionable by nature, or that violates the terms and conditions set forth by the platform on which the video will be posted.  Before posting any video, it is best to consider how it may impact your dealings with people in the future, including friends, family, competitors, sports officials, or even future employers.  Do not put anything online that may reflect on you poorly, as a situation may arise one day that makes you regret the decision.