Driving Techniques to Learn from a Race Car Driver

People have all sorts of hobbies and one of the most common ones is rallying. Being a race car driver is something that many people do in their free time, away from their regular occupations. Despite the fact that it seems easy and fun, it requires some skill, which not many people have. That is why we are going to take a look at some driving techniques that you can learn from a race car driver.

Use your eyes like a camera

The eyes are supposed to act like a camera, capturing different shots and focusing on what lies ahead. This gives the brain time to process the condition of the road ahead and make the right decisions.

Brake “left-footedly”

Just the way that we have left handed people, there are also people who tend to use their right feet more than their left. There are also those that simply prefer to brake with their right. This tends to slow drivers down, braking with the left foot is faster and slows the car down faster, since it is closer to the brake pedal. With the dangerous speeds, braking quickly is essential to avoid losing control of the car.

One move at a time

The fact that you’re busy behind the wheel, steering, accelerating, and shifting gears doesn’t mean you have good driving skills. As a matter of fact, professional drivers are usually still, all of their concentration on steering the car most of the time. This is the reason they don’t lose control easily. It is important to focus on one thing at a time without steering, braking, or accelerating too hard.

Grip the wheel…and pull

One common practice among seasoned race car drivers is not only gripping the wheel, but also pulling it. this gives them superior control of their steering wheels.

Regaining control after sliding

Racing isn’t all about speed alone, safety comes before the speed, one of the reasons why drivers practice escaping at length. Remember, unlike drifting, which is controlled, sliding isn’t and could end in a disaster. They need to focus on where they want the car to stop and let the when face in that direction as they brake slowly. This will prevent things like collisions.

Driving in wet/slippery conditions

Drivers need to keep their cars balanced when they drive in wet conditions. In such situations, they can’t follow the racing lines but instead look out for patches of the road with the most grip. They should also ensure that the cars have the appropriate tires.

Driving Techniques to Learn from a Race Car Driver

Driving Techniques to Learn from a Race Car Driver

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Taking part in hobbies is very important, and that is the reason why we highlighted racing and Lego in this article. Follow your dreams while you can.