Financing your kid’s music lessons on a race car driver’s salary

As a race car driver, you know how dangerous the roads can be. You may enjoy driving at high speed, but a part of you hopes that your kids don’t follow the same path. That’s why it comes as a relief for many race car enthusiasts when their kids show other interests like playing music. However, funding your children’s interests can be tricking during a slow month, and you might be worried they can’t live out their dreams as you can. Not to worry, this guide will help you get your children playing their heart out in no time:

Financing your kid’s music lessons on a race car driver’s salary
Financing your kid’s music lessons on a race car driver’s salary

Finding the right instrument

Before getting into the finances, you need to know the right instrument your kid should play. Instruments Club is an online blog that helps you and your child figure out the easiest instrument to learn. The ukulele, for example, is cheaper than most other stringed instruments. It’s also ideal for a child’s hands.

Since small children can’t really hold or use guitars properly due to their size, ukuleles act as the best alternative! The chords are really easy to figure out and the sound is perfect for different children’s songs. It’s a great, fun instrument that kids will love. You can also opt for something like the piano which may be the ideal way to understand the basic theories and layouts of music.

 It’s a great way to teach children how to learn, read and use notes, follow the rhythm, understand musical terminology, as well as figure out how various chords and notes go together. If your budget or experience makes you shy away from pianos, your children just have to start off with a simple and affordable keyboard to get the basics. Besides these two basic choices, you can even go for bongos, xylophones or other brass or stringed instruments, depending on your financial requirements.

Going online

Nowadays, taking online lessons is a convenient option for most families who take interest in music. You don’t need to focus on long commutes, so you end up saving money on gas and other service costs in different schools and institutes. Online lessons also let your kids work with teachers from across the country so that you get more options to find a suitable teacher, according to your musical and financial needs.

Finding teachers based on price

For some race car driver parents, finding a teacher available at the right price is important. Many online apps, ads, and sites offer you teachers that you can pick and choose according to your budget. You can see their credentials, services, reviews, and ratings so that you end up making a sensible decision when choosing the right teacher for your kids.

Fix the duration and frequency of the lessons

Obviously, learning new skills can take some time for kids. While some kids can definitely benefit from lessons that last an hour or longer, many teachers feel that beginning with a 30-minute class, once a week, is great for most kids. You can increase the time as your child begins to learn a lot more at a faster pace. Short lessons give your children the chance to basically build their interest in the music, due to having shorter attention spans and being more liable to having tantrums or breakdowns. You can also opt to have lessons every alternate week, which can be risky. The responsibility of practice and training will then fall on you at home. This helps you save up on tuition costs while simultaneously spending more time with your kids at home to help them build their interests. All you have to do is supplement their lessons with some other learning methods like apps or online lessons.