Get Color Inspiration for Your Muscle Car from These Insects

The right color can either make or break the look of your muscle car.  You see it over and over again in vehicle revamps.  An old rust bucket can look brilliant by simply spraying it with a modern and gorgeous color that compliments the style and design of the vehicle or a new and flashy car can look horrible in a color that just doesn’t suit the car. 

There are lots of gorgeous color concepts available for vehicles today and spray artists are fantastic at creating wonderful works of art on vehicles.  If you have been struggling to decide on the right color for your muscle car or want a unique color combination then you can certainly have a look at the following insect species for some inspiration.

Get Color Inspiration for Your Muscle Car from These Insects
Get Color Inspiration for Your Muscle Car from These Insects

The Emerald Ash Borer

The colors of this dangerous little beetle will look marvelous on any vintage type muscle car.  The Emerald Ash Borer is labeled as the most dangerous insect in the US because it causes 120 billion dollars of damage to Ash trees every year.  The little borer itself is quite charming to look at.  It has bright metallic green wings with beautiful purple underneath the wing.  This is a perfect color combination for someone looking for a stylish two-tone effect.

The Jewel Beetle

This beetle is one of the most colorful insects in the world.  It has a combination of mustard yellow and rainbow metallic colors on its wings and has a beautiful purple-blue torso.  The metallic hues of this little beetle are perfect for someone looking to paint a muscle car dark metallic with a rainbow color shine.

The Ladybug

Do you have a Volkswagen Beetle?  Then draw some inspiration from the ladybug.  These tiny beetles have the same round shape as your beetle car and when you paint the car in that bright apple red with black spots you will instantly create a very unique signature for your car.

The Fruit Fly

The fruit fly is one of the most beautiful flies to be found.  This fly has a beautiful metallic green and blue torso and metallic red and yellow bottom. Either color combinations will look great on a modern car or you can be flashy and create a two-tone vehicle that consists of these two metallic hues.

The Emerald Swallowtail Butterfly

Just imagine it… A gorgeous black mustang with chrome green stripes spray-painted on the sides of the vehicle.  This little butterfly with its flashy look is inspirational and beautiful to look at.

The Jewel Scarab

If you love golden colors then you can draw inspiration from the Jewel Scarab.  This beautiful beetle looks like it was dipped into pure gold.  A definite must if you want a car that turns heads as you drive down the streets.

Ulysses Butterfly

If you love turquoise or light blue then this butterfly is the right one to draw inspiration from. The butterfly’s wings are a bright metallic turquoise with black tips.  A good combination for any retro vehicle.