How to Start A Professional Auto-Related Blog

Are you a car enthusiast? Do you like to share your compassion for automobiles with others? What better way to share your ardour about cars than starting a blog. As you know, blogs are an online diary where you can share your passion and appraisal for things you love. At this moment, technological use and advancement are at its peak. You can easily connect with others in a fraction of a second.

By starting an all-about-cars blog, you will not be just sharing your love for vehicles, but it is also an ideal way to connect with other car enthusiasts like yourself. Moreover, the usage and manufacturing of vehicles are increasing with the growing population of the world. Those who want to buy a car must choose from so many options that they often get confused. Your blog can save such people from the hassle of rigorous research and it can serve as a guide for them.

How to Start A Professional Auto-Related Blog

Here are the three initial steps you need to take for starting your auto-related blog:

  • Pick a website and decide your blog’s name:

First and foremost, choose if you want to start a blog on WordPress, Instagram, or BlogSpot. It is preferable to start with WordPress because of its professional outlook. Moreover, the traffic it brings is mostly of intellectual readers. Carefully pick the type of content you want to write whether it is about street racing cars, sports cars, high-end quality vehicles, luxury cars, or vintage cars. Target the audience by your content.

Don’t isolate your blog, remember to link to the blog posts to social media sites, so people from a heavy traffic generating sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) can also view your blog. If you wish to have a separate website for your automobile weblog, you can take help of website generators available online like or get the WordPress premium plan for an authentic website. You must also select a name for your blog, pick something witty, catchy, and relevant such as FullThrottle.

  • Hire an SEO photographer:

Cars are something that you cannot just read about; you need to see a picture of the vehicle to get an idea about its image and manufacturing. Being a car lover means the instant gratification you get after seeing the sleek feature of a Ferrari or the sporty look of a Jaguar.

So, SEO (search engine optimisation) photography is necessary if you would like your blog to rank higher in Google search. There are numerous SEO photographers available online. If you want further information regarding them, you must read this SEO article on Travelstoked.

  • Become a car knowledge buff:

One cannot start a blog with closed eyes. Keep in mind that whatever you write is going on the internet where thousands of people will read it, so write the content accordingly. Write about things that nobody has spoken much about. Do your research well and get acquainted with car terminologies and slangs such as drophead (slang for convertibles), beltline, torque steer, lockup, brake bias, blip the throttle, etc.

As mentioned above, focus on a specific topic. If you are going to talk about car engines, then keep your focus solely on engines of different cars. Other topics can include car safety, contrasting different vehicles, comparing costs and features of cars, street racing cars, etc.

Take constructive criticism into account by reading comments of disapprovals on your posts. Blogging is an ever-evolving area, and it just keeps improving with time. Try to write things in a professional but slightly humorous manner so the audience would be compelled to read further. Content written in monotonous flow makes us feel like we are reading a manual.