How To Use A Cell Tower Lease for A Loan As A Car Owner

If you want to obtain a loan, especially when the amount is significant and your credit scores aren’t exactly the best, you will have to use a collateral. A cell tower lease is, actually, more preferable than your expensive and precious car, especially if it has already used been for other loans. The cell tower lease in such case becomes the only legitimate solution.

That said, there are some terms that have to be met so that you will be able to use your lease as collateral. One of the most crucial factors is the lease duration, which should be similar to the loan period.

Several carriers provide lease contracts with long time periods but add extra clauses in the contract that give them the benefit of ending the contract with only a short time notice. In such cases, the loaners will take the notification duration as the lease period, since there is no guarantee that the contract will remain valid even after the specified period.

However, there are two methods you can try, but before considering these, you have to know specifically how much money you require and whether or not you are able to pay an installment after each month.

How To Use A Cell Tower Lease for A Loan As A Car Owner

How To Use A Cell Tower Lease for A Loan As A Car Owner

If you unknowingly take the first deal you are being provided but you realize that you can’t really handle it, you can lose an adequate sum of money and affect your credit scores, and that is definitely something you’ll want to avoid.

Once you have that all figured out, these are your options:

  1. Working with the carrier and getting the terms of your contract altered

If the carrier wants to regulate the deal with you for a specified period of time, he might accept the idea of adjusting the notification period or even consider altering the lease or paying it beforehand. This way, you might be able to fix your financial situation without needing a loan.

  1. Working with probable lenders and telling them the situation

Because of the intense competition, most lenders are now more amicable and easier to deal with, so they can agree to provide you with the money you require, even if the lease contract clause still doesn’t suit your expectations. One condition you’ll have to maintain is having decent credit scores, having all your debts paid in time and confirming that you are dependable and reliable.

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