Is She Really Into You Or Does She Simply Like Your Car?

Lots of men invest in gorgeous, expensive and powerful muscle cars in order to enhance status.  It feels good to drive an impressive and beautiful muscle car.  A snazzy and powerful car is often a great attracting feature to help you make new friends or to even help you get more dates.  But sadly, muscle cars are usually a great way to attract gold diggers that might be more interested in your wallet than you in person.

The moment you start to like a girl or woman a question will come to mind; Is she really into you or is she only attracted to fine cars and money?  Here is a quick guide to help you find out when someone is truly interested in you;

Is She Really Into You Or Does She Simply Like Your Car?
Is She Really Into You Or Does She Simply Like Your Car?

Is There Text Chemistry

Most modern relationships are forged on mobile devices.  We text one another all too often and in many cases, we fall in love with the person based on the words they say.  If you are not too great at determining whether she likes you by her texts then it is time for you to grab a copy of the book Text Chemistry.  This book basically teaches you about exclusive romantic and love facts so you can see if someone likes you or not.  The book is also excellent to help men improve their communication skills over the phone or to help them come up with better tricks to impress girls.  You can check out the Text Chemistry Review to find out more about this program.

Does She Know A Lot About You?

Women that are interested in you and in forging long term relationships with you will gather intel about you.  They learn about the things you like, find out about your history and collect information on everything about you.  If she remembers what you like or dislikes then she likely likes you but if she cannot seem to remember things that make you, you, then she is likely only interested in your wallet.

Does She Look At You?

Women that continually lock eyes with you are likely interested in you.  If you are constantly catching her eyes rest on you or see her looking directly into your eyes during communication then she likely finds you attractive and is trying to gather intel.

Does She Keep Communicating With You?

We all reach that point where a conversation with someone goes great one day and slow and slurry the next few days.  If the lady you like doesn’t seem too interested to respond to messages then she is likely still playing the field.

Invite Her to a Gig

Try inviting the woman in question to an event that is a week or two away.  If she is interested in you she will commit.  If not she won’t commit just yet because she might be keeping her options open.

Learn to Read Body Language

Body language can tell you much more about someone’s likes and dislikes than words ever will.  If you don’t know how to read body language then the best thing you can do is to start reading up.  Studying body language is one of the best ways to see if people like you or not.