Myths About Transhumanism Debunked

As much as most racers are mostly interested in things that revolve around racing, it is important that they also get informed on other things too. One of the controversial things that are worth knowing is about transhumanism. The internet has played a very big role when it comes to giving information though this may also be a disadvantage as there is too much information. That has led to a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about transhumanism. Some of the common myths about transhumanism include:

Myths About Transhumanism Debunked

Myths About Transhumanism Debunked

It is a religion

To be honest, the fact that transhumanism is very controversial, it may be perceived to be a religion. Most of the time it tends to be secular and thus has been perceived as not a thing for religious people. The fact that it holds on to the belief of life after death makes people to associate it with spirituality. Most religions believe in life after death in a way. When it comes to transhumanism, you are not required to have faith or follow a certain path like religion does. Transhumanism is more of an ideology and not necessarily a religion or a cult as it is commonly referred to.

It is an atheistic movement

As much as most transhumanists are secular and atheistic, it does not mean that it is an atheistic movement. Transhumanism has no religious affiliations and sometimes people just have the wrong idea. There are many transhumanists that are members of other religions though there are many religions that do not encourage their members to be transhumanists.

The aim of transhumanism is to end humanity

If you read more about transhumanism, you will notice that this statement is not true. According to Christianity, transhumanism is like something explained in revelations about the end times which is a misconception. Transhumanism actually come from humanism and it is all about how the future will turn out. Transhumanists also acknowledge the weaknesses of humanity and do not let it define them.

Transhumanism is like a dehumanization scheme

For some reason this is the idea that goes around about transhumanism. This stems from the belief that natural is good and also from the idea that being human is sacred. From the two beliefs it basically means that a common man is limited to just being human, not more than hum or be anything else than human. According to the beliefs of many, transhumanism aims to move people from being just normal. This is not true at all as with transhumanism you can choose who you want to be and believe what you want to believe.

The arguments about transhumanism are there to stay as many people don’t want to look further into it to really understand it. The society already has branded it as something bad, more like a taboo as it is very controversial. On the flip, transhumanism is nothing really bad, it all depends on what you want to believe and you have the freedom to choose what to believe.