Do you need bookkeeper help?

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How to Make Buying a Car into a Good Investment

As we know, a car purchase is big. In fact, it may be the second-most expensive purchase that you make after your home. A lot of people consider a car an investment because of its price. But experts say that a car is not actually an investment. When … [Continue reading]

Understanding the Relationship between Car Use and Payroll Tax

Every business owner, especially one that has had issues with tax authorities in the past, knows that special attention needs to be paid to payroll tax. Failure in that regard could attract imposition of fines on a defaulting business. Now several … [Continue reading]

Tracking Down The Perfect Blender For Your Kitchen

If you want to prepare great tasting, healthy dishes you will need to invest in a top quality food processor and blender. Buying a new blender is much like purchasing a new car, you want to know whether it has the necessary horsepower to do a great … [Continue reading]

You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Street Racing; So What Movie Do You Pop In When You Want Your Fix?

You’re obviously a street racing aficionado if you’ve made it here so far.  You love everything that has to do with cars, especially street racing.  Your home, or “Man-Cave” or “Lady-Lair” is filled to the rim with all the things you’ve collected … [Continue reading]

Car Collectors & Gun Collectors – The Similarities

Collecting as a Hobby People have many different hobbies, and collecting objects is a popular one. Individuals will collect anything and everything; popular things to collect include stamps, trading cards, seashells, memorabilia of a favorite … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Muscle Car Designs Of All Time

If you consider yourself a car aficionado, there’s no doubt that you have a keen interest in muscle cars. In terms of speed and power, it doesn’t get much better than classic American muscle cars. Muscle cars are an important part of automobile … [Continue reading]

Classic Cars & Restoration Tips

For whatever reason, so many of us have an utter fascination with classic cars, so much so that we go to great lengths to see them, drive them, and if we’re really luck, perhaps even own them. Of course, while we long for the cars of yesteryear, we … [Continue reading]

Practical Vehicles vs Fun Vehicles

Talking about the pros and cons of fun vehicles vs practical vehicles can get pretty mundane rather quickly. Which is why I highly recommend any car enthusiast to expand their knowledge to other topics than just cars. Anyway, below you can read a … [Continue reading]

5 Quick Horsepower Adders

It is well known that most stock engines that are naturally aspirated can only achieve a peak volumetric efficiency of 75-85 percent. Multiple valves per cylinder and variable valve timing improve breathing efficiency in the late model engines. … [Continue reading]