Smart TV Reviews of 2015

Most people prefer smart TVs over other TVs nowadays, and why shouldn’t they? Smart TVs can be connected to the internet. Additionally, some TVs even have built in web browsers, with most TVs having apps to access some of the most popular video sites, such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video. If you want to buy a latest 2015 TV, chances are, it’s a smart TV, as that is popular these days. The good quality TVs are all smart TVs, and if you want a good TV with excellent picture and sound quality, then keep reading for smart TV reviews.

Sony X930C

Sony X930C

This one is an LED TV by Sony which has     been considered to be excellent by the customers. It has a great motion control and is bright. It is very wide with speakers that are front facing on both the sides of the TV. The bottom is thicker than the top. Overall, it is a nice and clean TV with properly functioning apps.

However, the range of apps is still limited, although the most popular ones are available in this model. Customers have complained about the remote, which they say isn’t very good, as well as the touchpad remote, which they say is quite poor.

LG UF7600

LG UF7600Another LED TV, this one has great features as well as a great color accuracy from an angle. The LG UF7600 is quite the ordinary looking TV, with a glossy finish at the back. Overall, this TV has an amazing interface with a voice-enabled remote.

However, if you want to be picky, the browser is said to be a little slow, although it is faster than Samsung’s 2015 TV models. Additionally, it also has a greater number of apps in comparison to Samsung TVs. For those looking for an attractive TV, this model is one of the best that you can purchase.

Samsung JS8500

Samsung JS8500

This model has been ranked the second best in 2015, and it is all thanks to the great overall picture quality that it possesses. The overall TV is thin, but the TV is quite thick around the borders. Additionally, it comes with a stable stand which isn’t too wide and doesn’t draw too much attention to it. Although this does not have as many apps as some of the other TVs mentioned above, the OS is easy to use and feels familiar.

Additionally, the remote works really well and is sleek, which is a plus. However, it might take a little getting used to, as it lacks buttons and might be tricky to use at first. The browser of this model is also quite fast, although it cannot handle the tests of HTML 5 that the LG TVs could. That said, this model is still among the best and has not disappointed anyone.

Bottom line

The smart TV reviews mentioned above are among the best smart TVs for the year 2015. If you want a TV of the latest model, consider buying one of the models mentioned above.