You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Street Racing; So What Movie Do You Pop In When You Want Your Fix?

street racingYou’re obviously a street racing aficionado if you’ve made it here so far.  You love everything that has to do with cars, especially street racing.  Your home, or “Man-Cave” or “Lady-Lair” is filled to the rim with all the things you’ve collected about your favorite hobby over the years.  From autographed pictures of your favorite racers to handcrafted street car models you’ve labored intensely over to bring your ideal ride to life; it’s definitely your special place.  More power to you, enjoy the cave!

When you’ve had a tough day at school or work (or both), you just want to sit back and watch an adrenaline pumping movie.  You’d like to get some speed action going on, what’s your favorite one to turn to?  Admit it, we all know you keep your stash of speed racing and street racing movies apart from your others!  You’ve got a favorite, and we’re not going to count the Fast and Furious series as that’s a given.  You’ve got to love those automatically.  I’m talking about your choice of a speed movie that is fun and has been proven to give you a good time over the years no matter how many times you’ve watched it.

One suggestion that you may or may not have seen is a heart thumping one with a great comedy script where a lot of famous actors from the 70’s got together and made famous.  It’s Cannonball Run just in case you haven’t guessed it already.  It had it all from Burt Reynolds to even James Bond (okay, Roger Moore in that time frame) and even Sammy Davis Jr and Farrah Fawcett.  A surprise to me when I first saw it was Jackie Chan was in it too.  It’s a speedy cross country race that’ll keep you cheering and guessing the whole way through the movie.  If you haven’t watched it, be sure to let it run after the end and watch the cut scenes and bloopers for even more of a good time.

That’s just a suggestion though.  Some of us are all about speed, some the love story, some the underdog, and then also some like a little comedy mixed in too.  What are you favorites?  Shut down the internet browser tab and stop browsing and learning about the Phlebotomist job for a moment and think about what your favorite might be.   You might wind up taking a pause from the list of more classes in California and take the rest of the day off and watch some of your most awesome speed racing favorite movies.  Get some munchies to snack on and kick back in your cave (or lair) with a couple of friends and indulge yourself with some speed for a while.

The internet will be here tomorrow.  Unfortunately, that also means so will your school, work or both as well.  Take some time off and enjoy getting your speed on with one of your faves you haven’t watched in some time and take a break for yourself and your favorite hobby.  Your TV is waiting to show you some thrills!