Tips To Help You Survive Your Street Racing Lawsuit Case

Muscle cars are absolutely glorious. It sure is great to fire up that engine and roar down the street during an exciting street race.  But the downside to street racing is that it is so easy to step out of line and to do something illegal – such as speeding, skipping robots or even making an accident.  A pending lawsuit is not uncommon to muscle car lovers at all.

Plenty of legal cases take incredibly long before a settlement will be reached.  In this time you will have to cover plenty of expenses out of your own pocket and still cover all your living expenses such as mortgage, car payments, utilities and more.  Lawsuits are expensive and tedious whether you are suing or being sued. 

Here are a few great tips to help you survive a pending law case

Tips To Help You Survive Your Street Racing Lawsuit Case
Tips To Help You Survive Your Street Racing Lawsuit Case

Get Settlement Funding

What is settlement funding?  Well, it is a type of loan that isn’t much different from any other loan.  You simply seek out a loan to cover legal expenses while your case is pending.  The loan amount can be used any way you please.  You can pay your lawyer, fix up a damaged car, pay for property damage some other driver might have caused you or simply use the money to survive while you recover from a vehicle injury.   Settlement funding is there to help you survive financially or pay for your case expenses until you either receive your settlement money or until your settlement is established and you know what you are up against if you were in the wrong.

Use a Skilled Lawyer

It is so important to seek out a professional attorney whenever you get into trouble or should you want to sue another driver for damages to your vehicle or for a personal injury obtained during a street race.  With a skilful attorney at your side, your chances of a positive outcome for your case are a lot higher and cases are completed much quicker.

Be Patient

Waiting for a settlement and for settlement money can be quite gruelling but it is so important to be patient while your case is pending. If you get too eager or try to take matters into your own hands you could make your case so much worse or you can reduce your chances of a favourable outcome significantly.

Stay Positive

Law cases are incredibly stressful and it can be hard to stay positive when things don’t seem to go your way.  It is important to stay positive while you are waiting eagerly for the outcome.  Negative feelings and high-stress levels are terrible for your overall health.

Enjoy De-Stressing Activities

If your stress levels are getting too high then look for a way to get out of the house or to break your routine.  Go and enjoy an activity you love, visit friends and family or simply give that beautiful racing car of yours a good polish.  Being active is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety and to keep sane while your case is pending.

How to Stay Safe While Street Racing?

Street racing is becoming more popular nowadays because of the easy access to cars. With the access to limited addition, expensive cars, people like to try their speed, and hence they do professional and amateur street racing. Furthermore, street racing is linked to masculinity in young boys because of the speed, hence, illegal or legal; they like to do it.

Controlling a high-speed car is an art and boasts up the ego system which makes street racing not only a pleasure but an addiction as well. However, because of the dangers involved, street racing is illegal in numerous parts of the world. Street racers need to be trained professionally, and they are equipped with high-security gear. However, illicit street racing includes amateur athletes that have no professional experience or supervision.

Street racing can gather up to 400 to 500 people as an audience. Ensuring that it is done safely and legally, can prevent any hazard to not only your life but also the life of the packed crowd that is there to cheer you up.

How to Stay Safe While Street Racing?

Since the youngsters are going towards a highly rebellious stage, street racing movies that are being used as an influence, and easy access to street racing, celebrities and influential people like Moti Ferder take initiatives like talking to youngsters about the do’s and don’ts of road racing, their dangers, and their risks. This help gives the young one’s perspective, hence, even if they are interested, they go for professional training rather than going out with their friends and doing it in the name of fun.

Countless conferences and workshops are taken place around the world to ensure that street racers around the world are safe. The list compiles some dos and don’ts that were discussed in these workshops.

  • Remember You Are Not In A Movie:

Street racers tend to carry an attitude that goes with the sport. However, with the attitude, they forget to tackle the car, causing damage to their life. Do remember that your priority should be controlling the car and do not think that you are in the fast and the furious movie. No matter how real they look, those are movies, and it all is a camera trick. The smartest thing to do is, show the attitude outside the car not while driving the car and distracting yourself.

  • Make It Legal Or Make It Go:

As mentioned earlier, street racing is conducted legally in several parts of the world. Doing it in a legal way means that you would be trained and equipped with security gear that will help you in keeping as safe as possible. Do remember to pursue your street racing passion legally and safely, and do not forget that if you do not do so, you will not only be putting your life in danger but also others’ life in jeopardy that are around you.

  • Check Your Car Thoroughly:

Even though you may have a mechanic, you should know the mechanism of your vehicle. Ensure that your own eyes thoroughly check your car before racing for satisfaction. Take thorough notes on who is on your car and where your vehicle has been since street racing also subjects to much sabotage.

Do remember to trust only yourself and gain knowledge of your vehicle completely before taking part in road racing, and do not think that nobody around you can pull cheap tactics like these because the chances are, they can and they will.  Trust your people but not blindly, it is always an incredibly smart idea to ensure all is perfect before you start racing.

Top Reasons to Get a Good Lawyer before You Take Up Street Racing As a Hobby

Racing is fun.  You get to catch up with friends, enjoy a BBQ next to the racing track and you get to mingle with racers and see all the top race cars in your area.  It is only too bad there are so few race tracks out there and even a bigger shame that the races are so scarce.  If there were more race events available there would probably be a lot less street racing going on.  But since there aren’t a whole lot of race events street racing is probably one of your favorite night adventures.  And there is nothing more thrilling than street racing!  The excitement of getting caught by the police for speeding, the secrecy involved in planning a street race and the thrill you get from racing is an experience that is hard to compete with.  It might, however be wise to get to know a lawyer or lawyer firms a bit better before you start indulging in this naughty adventure.

Top Reasons to Get a Good Lawyer before You Take Up Street Racing As a Hobby

Top reasons to know a good lawyer

Skip out on jail – A good lawyer can help get you out of jail a lot faster if you suddenly get arrested so you won’t have to spend a night in jail.

Parole – If you do get arrested for speeding your lawyer can get you out on parole much faster.

Legal advice – Your lawyer probably know the types of situations you get yourself into and can give you the best legal advice as soon as possible so you won’t make your situation worse by saying the wrong thing.

Squish fines – A good lawyer can help you squish or lower an unnecessary high fine.

Litigation – Your lawyer can uphold your case should you get involved in a terrible accident or break any serious laws.  They can help you claim the needed fund from medical and disability firms, help you charge another driver if the fault lied on their side or help you get out of trouble if you are to blame for a road fatality.

Get a good lawyer like Martin Chitwood

The best lawyers can give you the best legal advice and representation so you can either win your case or get the lowest possible sentencing or punishment.  Martin Chitwood, for example is one of Georgia’s super lawyers.  He works with businesses and other litigation cases and recovers millions of dollars for investors.  He is one of the most successful litigations and is a senior partner in the firm; Chitwood Harley Harnes Llp.  With a good lawyer like Martin Chitwood or a good law firm like CHitwood Harley Harnes Llp on your side you are sure to get out of any troubled situation.

Top ways to find a local lawyer

A local lawyer can also be terrific for you if you don’t get into trouble that is quite that serious.  It is important to find a good attorney in your area so they can help you during emergencies and give you the best emergency advice possible at a more affordable rate.  With a good local attorney you can surely get out of the most felonies associated with street racing so you can enjoy this dangerous hobby more often.

You Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Street Racing; So What Movie Do You Pop In When You Want Your Fix?

street racingYou’re obviously a street racing aficionado if you’ve made it here so far.  You love everything that has to do with cars, especially street racing.  Your home, or “Man-Cave” or “Lady-Lair” is filled to the rim with all the things you’ve collected about your favorite hobby over the years.  From autographed pictures of your favorite racers to handcrafted street car models you’ve labored intensely over to bring your ideal ride to life; it’s definitely your special place.  More power to you, enjoy the cave!

When you’ve had a tough day at school or work (or both), you just want to sit back and watch an adrenaline pumping movie.  You’d like to get some speed action going on, what’s your favorite one to turn to?  Admit it, we all know you keep your stash of speed racing and street racing movies apart from your others!  You’ve got a favorite, and we’re not going to count the Fast and Furious series as that’s a given.  You’ve got to love those automatically.  I’m talking about your choice of a speed movie that is fun and has been proven to give you a good time over the years no matter how many times you’ve watched it.

One suggestion that you may or may not have seen is a heart thumping one with a great comedy script where a lot of famous actors from the 70’s got together and made famous.  It’s Cannonball Run just in case you haven’t guessed it already.  It had it all from Burt Reynolds to even James Bond (okay, Roger Moore in that time frame) and even Sammy Davis Jr and Farrah Fawcett.  A surprise to me when I first saw it was Jackie Chan was in it too.  It’s a speedy cross country race that’ll keep you cheering and guessing the whole way through the movie.  If you haven’t watched it, be sure to let it run after the end and watch the cut scenes and bloopers for even more of a good time.

That’s just a suggestion though.  Some of us are all about speed, some the love story, some the underdog, and then also some like a little comedy mixed in too.  What are you favorites?  Shut down the internet browser tab and stop browsing and learning about the Phlebotomist job for a moment and think about what your favorite might be.   You might wind up taking a pause from the list of more classes in California and take the rest of the day off and watch some of your most awesome speed racing favorite movies.  Get some munchies to snack on and kick back in your cave (or lair) with a couple of friends and indulge yourself with some speed for a while.

The internet will be here tomorrow.  Unfortunately, that also means so will your school, work or both as well.  Take some time off and enjoy getting your speed on with one of your faves you haven’t watched in some time and take a break for yourself and your favorite hobby.  Your TV is waiting to show you some thrills!