How to Rent a Car on Your Vacation

Are you thinking about going on a trip with your family?  If so, you may also be wondering whether you should drive your own car or drive a rental car instead. Well, depending on the length of your trip and some other factors, renting a car may seem to be the best choice. Aside from being able to save money on gasoline, you also get the advantage to travel with a large group and drive a new type of car (perhaps, your dream car) and enjoy it. Isn’t that great? But of course, there are some factors you need to take into account when renting a vehicle for your trip. The following are some helpful tips for renting a car, whether you’re planning to camp in Missouri or looking for the best spa in Maui.

rent a car

Age Restrictions

Before you consider renting a car, you must first find out the age requirement. In most states, the minimum age requirement for renting is 21. However, some companies will not allow you to rent a vehicle if you’re under 25. The rule of a thumb is to do your research before renting.

Rental Companies

Like in other things, there are so many rental car companies out there claiming to offer the best service. While it’s true that you can save more cost when you rent from smaller companies, you would still want to rent from popular and established firms like Avis, Alamo, Budget, and Enterprise. These car rental companies tend to have larger vehicles, newer and high-end cars, as well as other amazing offers.

Consider the Cost

Rates vary from day to day, so if you have the time, consider checking the prices several times. Also make sure to compare prices from different companies in order to determine the best deals. Be sure to also inquire about any free upgrades or discounted rates that may be available for you. Most rental car companies offer discounts and other promotional deals for members of special organizations, like AAA and AARP.

Pay What You Only Need

While it may be tempting to get additional coverage when you rent a car, you may want to think about it first before signing any contract. The thing is purchasing an additional coverage from the rental company can be expensive. Well, if you really want insurance though, acquire rental car insurance from a third party company. That way, you’ll be able to minimize your cost while maximizing your protection. In addition, only rent a car that you need. Don’t acquire a high-end vehicle with a CD/DVD player or a GPS navigation system if you don’t have a plan to use it.

Inspect the Car

Be sure to check the car before you pull it out of the company’s parking lot. If there are pre-existing damages, such as scratches and dents, make sure to report them in the presence of a rental car agent. It’s also best to photograph them. Otherwise, the company would charge you for those damages when you return the car to them.