The Best Cars for Long Distance Travel

You love cars and while the sports car in your driveway sure is snazzy, it probably isn’t the best car to take on a long distance travel vacation or business trip. On the same side of the truth is the fact that the classic car sitting snuggly in your garage is more than likely not the best option either. So which cars are the best to take on long distances? Keep reading to find out.

The Best Cars for Long Distance Travel

Best Cars for Road Trips

Traveling by plane has become a bit of a pain in the rear. There are so many rules and regulations and now they want to charge you for your luggage. Sure, you can check for the best luggage here, but if you are going to have pay exorbitant amounts of money to take it with you, perhaps you should consider taking a road trip with it instead. And, we are happy to provide you with a list of the best cars for road trips:

  • Leaf– Nissan’s attempt at hybridizing their cars. This car claims to be able to attain 118 mpg. The Environmental Protection Agency clocked it at about 115 mpg, but imagine how far you get driving one of those! Read more.
  • Volt– Manufactured by General Motors, this hybrid is quite impressive. According to the EPA it is the most fuel efficient car sold in the USA reaching 76 mpg. It is an electric/gas combination that allows the gas to take over for your long distances, while the electric side works amidst the stop and go of daily driving.
  • Prius- This is a Toyota designed hybrid. It is one of the cleanest vehicles sold in the USA according to the California Air Resources Board and the EPA. It is the first mass produced hybrid vehicle and has been selling since 1997. The Prius gets about 55 mpg.
  • Civic Hybrid– With hybrid in the name, the car’s design is pretty obvious. This is a Honda version though and boasts 50 mpg. It was the first, in the US, to be Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle certified. That designation is provided by the California Air Resources Board.
  • Golf TDI– Volkswagen has long been known for its diesel cars. This is no exception. With a range of 49 mpg, this is the first non-hybrid we are including. The car has been in use since 1974 though it has cycled through various names over the course of its existence. Ultimately, it was created to replace the air-cooled, rear-engine, Beetle.
  • CT- By far, the first and only luxury car to be included on a long distance travel, best cars for road trips, list this Lexus takes the cake. It, too, is a hybrid but it only claims 47 mpg. Its style and name is supposed to make up for the lesser gas mileage, especially since it declares itself to be a compact premium sports car with a hatchback. We’re still not sure how all that fits together, but it is a nice looking car. Learn more.
  • Fiesta– We felt we couldn’t leave Ford off since we gave Chevy a top of the list position. So, the Fiesta’s manual transmission version can hit 42 mpg, while the automatic one tops out at 45 mpg. Ford calls this a super-mini car and they have been making them since 1976.

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