The Importance of Car Racing

Car racing is something that people enjoy watching the world over. Some people often wonder what makes people enjoy watching car racing, and in this article, we seek to find some of the reasons to watch car racing.

The Importance of Car Racing
The Importance of Car Racing

Trickle-Down Technology

In order for their teams to win, car engineers are constantly in a bid to make cars that perform better and drive faster. Technology plays a major role in this, with the latest cars featuring things like laser lights, as is seen in the Audi R18 E-tron.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Due to the dangerous nature of racing in the event of accidents, the cars that are being manufactured today feature heavily on safety.

The Thrill

It is one of the most thrilling experiences, being on the track and witnessing the speeds and sounds associated with race cars.

A Form of Escape for Fans

It is the perfect way for fans to entertain themselves after working hard at their work or school.

The Best Money Making Apps in 2019

People can also play racing games among other games online and actually get paid Fr. it. in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best money earning apps in 2019.

  1. SurveyJunkie –works only for the USA, Canada, and Australia, and is perfect for online surveys and watching online videos.
  2. Swagbucks – is only available in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland, and involves web surfing with phones phone, taking paid surveys, watching videos, and playing games.
  3. InboxDollars – is only available in the USA and the UK, and it involves watching videos, online shopping, email reading, taking surveys, completing offers, and playing games
  4. Vindale Research – is only available in the USA and Canada, and involves product reviews.
  5. MyPoints – is only available in the USA and Canada, and it involves taking paid surveys, reading emails, watching videos, shopping, and playing games.
  6. Toluna – is only available in the USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and Netherlands, and it involves surveys.
  7. Global Test Market – is only available in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and involves taking paid surveys.
  8. Pinecone Research – is only available in the USA, Canada, and France, and it involves taking paid surveys.
  9. i-Say App – involves taking paid surveys.
  10. 1Q – make money answering simple questions.
  11. QuizXT app – make money answering quizzes.
  12. Pact – make money losing weight and keeping fit.
  13. Iconzoomer – make money testing ideas.
  14. Feature Points – make money and gifts testing products.
  15. Decluttr – make money selling stuff.
  16. Ibotta – make and save money while shopping.
  17. Ebates – this is a shopping app that offers cash back if you shop with it.
  18. Receipt Hog – make money taking pictures of receipts, eating out, drinking out, etc.
  19. Checkpoints – make money completing simple shopping tasks, watching videos, completing offers, and taking quizzes.
  20. Dosh – offers cash back, coupon deals, and offers.
  21. ESPN Streak for The Cash   – make money predicting games in different sports.
  22. UberEATS – earn money delivering food to customers.
  23. Fronto – make money swiping the lock screen to unlock ads, deals, and coupons among other things.
  24. Stash – get paid for investing.


You can also race your own cars in some of the games that are available in some of the apps and websites mentioned above, and the best part is that you will not only have fun, but will also get paid for it.