The Need for Focus When Driving Muscle or Classic Cars

The Need for Focus When Driving Muscle or Classic CarsI am rounding up a list of the upcoming movies that I am to include in my must watch films for 2016.  There are some movies that caught my attention, and there are also some that don’t make the cut. This year, I noticed that there are quite a number of superhero movies like Batman V. Superman, Civil War, Suicide Squad, and Wolverine VS Hulk. Lately, their trailers have been flooding the Internet.

Although I have grown immune to the charm of these kinds of movies, I still can’t resist watching some of them most especially when my squad pulls me against my will to the cinemas. So I guess, this year, I would pick at least two or three of these and watch it with a couple of my friends who are really a huge fan of Captain America and Superman.

Comedy, Drama and More

Then there are a dozen of comedy films like Zoolander 2, Hail Caesar, Dirty Grandpa, Neighbors 2 and How to be Single. I love a good comedy movie every once in a while, especially when they aren’t really trying so hard to make me laugh. It’s great to giggle and punch someone’s arm when a perfect punchline comes out of the blue. Don’t you like funny movies too? I think everyone does, well maybe at least from time to time, right?

Drama, thrillers, romance and action films would also be a part of the list. I read about the Finest Hours, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldier of Benghazi, Triple 9, Elvis & Nixon, and Miracles from Heaven so they also land a spot.

I also tried looking at the latest Sundance Film like Holy Hell, Swiss Army Man and Captain Fantastic. These sound like they have a good story so, I am including them in my list as well. Sundance Films never cease to amaze me and I know for sure a lot of people share the same sentiments with me.

Horror films will also be included in the list. I heard they’re releasing the Conjuring 2, Amityville, The Boy and Jeepers Creepers 3. I will try to squeeze them in the very tight movie schedule that I have.

Preparing for Home Invasion

I always have my friends sit on the carpet whenever they come in to watch a film with me at home. So, while I was looking through the juicy details of the castings and reading through the latest news about these movies, I also tasked myself to look for the best carpet cleaner to buy. I did notice how filthy my carpet has become after my carpet cleaner broke down. I also searched for online carpet cleaner reviews just to make sure that I get something better than what I used to have. It’s very important that I find a solution to my carpet issue ASAP.

I think I also have to restock my movie goodies because I’ll soon be expecting my movie buddies coming as soon as I get all the movies I want in Netflix. Snack binging and movie marathons do come hand in hand together and I personally think they’re always better together.

Overall, I think it’s going to another great movie year for all my fellow movie fans. I look forward to the other movies that will come later this year.