The Worst Car Crashes in Racing History

You love racing. You visit our site to learn more about the sport. And, no doubt you have enjoyed watching other people race their suped-up vehicles down the dragstrip or around the track. If you’ve been enjoying auto racing for any length of time, you have seen some pretty serious wrecks. So, we would like to present to you the worst car crashes in racing history.

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The Worst Car Crashes in Racing History

Racing Crashes that Made You Cry

Racing fans are a special breed. They are loyal to their racers and will travel all over the place just to see them compete. So, we are certain that if your favorite competitor was involved, these are the racing crashes that made you cry:

  • Old Bridge Township Raceway Park– In 2008, Scott Kalitta, a hugely successful drag racer competing in the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes experienced an engine explosion. He was killed on impact and that led to the shortening of the track by the NHRA.
  • Riverside International Raceway– Back in 1964, the Clown Prince of Racing, Joe Weatherly, lost control of his vehicle and hit the wall. His head was crushed against the wall, he wasn’t wearing his harness, and didn’t have a window screen installed. Window nets became required by NASCAR after that event.
  • German Grand Prix- The last Grand Prix to ever occur at Nordschleife was held in 1976. Austrian, Niki Lauda, lost control on the second lap, hit the wall, and his car caught fire. He was stuck in the car and suffered scars and severe burns to his face. Learn more.
  • JGTC at Fuji– It’s now called Super GT, but in 1998 it was the JGTC. During that race, the Fuji Speedway was enduring horrid conditions that included thick fog and heavy rain. In fact, they were so bad that the safety car caused two Porsches to collide while aquaplaning. One driver, Tetsuya Ota, was trapped in his car and on fire. He never raced again.
  • Daytona 500– NASCAR fans know this moment in 2001, as a very dark day. It was the last race for Dale Earnhardt Sr. His car got smashed into the wall at 160mph. The crash caused a fatal fracture to Earnhardt’s skull even though fans admit the accident didn’t look as bad as it was. Read this.
  • Italian Grand Prix– A faulty signal was to blame in this 1978 tragedy. The race started before everyone got into their proper positions. A major crash ensued, with a nine-car-pile-up. Unfortunately, Ronnie Peterson got stuck in his car, which was on fire. He was stuck for almost 20 minutes in the car before anyone came to the rescue. He died in the hospital the next day.

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