Tips to Driving in Big Cities

Driving around in a big city can be quite a challenge for many, and especially drivers that aren’t used to it. It gets even worse when you aren’t conversant with the streets, and one could find themselves spending many hours in something that could have taken a much shorter time. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips for driving in big cities.

Tips to Driving in Big Cities
Tips to Driving in Big Cities

It is important to understand that in the city you are surrounded by many other road users such as motorists and pedestrians, and that calls for extreme caution at all times.

Rush hour can get quite overwhelming and you could end up spending hours in the same Spot. This means taking longer to get to your destination, and the chances of losing concentration and getting into an accident are also higher.

Keep to the right lanes, such as the lanes to the outer side if you’re driving slowly since it will team you up with other drivers also driving slowly.

Always look out for crosswalks, which give pedestrians the right of way, or you could end up crashing into people. Always look both sides over before proceeding, just to be safe.

Watch out for taxis, since they tend to obstruct traffic quite a lot. This is especially when they respond to customers that are hailing them, or when passengers decide to get off at places that aren’t designated.

Red lights mean that passengers can cross the road at will. Keep an eye out for the traffic lights or you could end up causing an accident that could have been avoided.

You also need to be aware that many of the roads within the CBD could have parallel parking on the sides of the roads, where other motorists could have parked their cars. Always be on the lookout for people who are parking or exiting these parallel parking lots.

Places to eat in Barrie, Ontario

One of the big cities you can visit is Barrie, in Ontario, Canada. The traffic there is probably not as crazy as it is in other parts such as Toronto, which is an hour’s drive away. This means that your driving will be a lot more relaxed, giving you time to indulge in the treasures of the city. There are also many good Barrie restaurants that you could visit in the city as you go around your tour. These restaurants can be found in the areas around the Dunlop St. and more on Bayfield St. waterfront Below is a list of some of these restaurants:

  • Fresh-A-Fare – 530 Welham Rd, Barrie
  • Fresh-A-Fare – 531 Bayfield St, Barrie
  • Sizzling Wok – 110 Little Ave, Barrie
  • Mei’s Daily Food – 130 Bell Farm Rd, Barrie
  • Asian One – 555 Essa Rd, Barrie
  • Bâton Rouge Steakhouse Markham – 230 Commerce Valley Dr. E #7, Thornhill
  • Sushi Kiku Japanese Cuisine – 230 Commerce Valley Dr. E, Thornhill
  • The Tremont Café – 80 Simcoe St, Collingwood
  • Fresh-A-Fare South – 530 Welham Rd, Barrie


Driving in a huge busy city can be quite overwhelming and you should try and follow the tips we mentioned above. You could also start off by touring a smaller city like Barry before moving to the bigger and busier Toronto.