Top Gym Gear That Every Muscle Car Driver Should Own

So, you finally did it.  You finally finished that glorious muscle car with the thundering V8, the dropped suspension, the extra wide race-ready tires and you even hired a specialist to design a unique and matching paint job for your dream car.  You come roaring down the street.  Your hair rises as lamp posts and houses skid past you.  You feel like never before and when you finally reach your destination and get out you are ready for a standing novation.  But when you do get out… the public only glances your thin form and thin arms up and down because your body simply doesn’t match your roaring and thundering muscle car…  It is time to start working on our body so you can match your glorious dream car and get the credibility that you deserve after all your hard work and the best way to do that is to get your own home gym gear so your body can also enjoy a fantastic makeover.

Top Gym Gear That Every Muscle Car Driver Should Own

The top things your home gym should have

As a muscle car driver you probably want to work on your arms and upper body the most which means you will need to build muscles and get some cardio gear so you can tone those flabby bits and make those muscles rock.  Here is the top gear that you should definitely get for your home gym;

  • Adjustable Dumbbell Set

With an adjustable dumbbell set you can start off with lower weights and increase your weights as your body improves.  Adjustable dumbbells are a lot more affordable than average weights because you need fewer sets and you can get a fuller body workout because you can adjust the weights to target different areas of your body such as your back, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms and even your legs during leg presses.  Cheap adjustable dumbbells are great for home workouts and for muscle car owners because you can simply pop your set into the boot and take your workout wherever you go.

  • Weight bench

A weight bench allows you to do a greater variety of workouts with your dumbbell set without injuring your back when you are working out.

  • Spinlock bar and weights

If you want to improve your core strength so you can work on engines more effectively then a spinlock bar with some weights is a must.

  • Punch bag

Kickboxing is one of the most fun workouts out there.  It is also one of the best workouts because you build muscles, tone your body and boost your heart through the combination of action and cardio workouts that you get when you slam your fists and legs into these bags.  When you get a punch bag you also need a set of fitness gloves, some hand and foot wraps and perhaps a knee guard or two to keep yourself protected while you are punching away.

With just a few pieces of gym gear at your home or at your workshop you can build a glorious upper body so you can be a muscle man to match your muscle car and blow people’s minds as far as you go.