Useful Apps That You Can Use While Driving

As much as there is so much concentration that is needed while you are driving to make sure you are safe, there are still apps that you can use while driving that will not destruct you. In the current age, you don’t have to personally hold your phone while you are driving, some gadgets have made that so convenient. That has brought so much convenience when you want to multitask. Some of the apps that you take advantage of include:

Useful Apps That You Can Use While Driving
Useful Apps That You Can Use While Driving

Navigation apps

This is a must-have. It is great for navigating, will show you the best routes to use, will give you an approximation of the time you will take to reach your destination, Will give you the distance to your destination and many other things. It is a great app whether you are familiar with a place or not.

Baby monitoring apps

If you have a baby, then you can use baby monitor apps to monitor your baby. Technology has made monitoring your baby so much easy you can even do while on the go. At least you can be confident that your baby is well wherever they are.

Podcast apps

Who said you should miss out on your favorite jam just because you are driving? Al thanks to Podcast apps such as Spotify. You can catch up with your favorite podcasts and jams while driving. Get entertained or learn and new thing and still get to your destination in one piece.

Gas Buddy

Once you are driving, you will have to add fuel at some point. As much as the prices of fuel are relatively the same, you might find that some stations are cheaper than others. Even though it may be a small difference, it makes a big difference when you are buying large quantities of fuel. Once you make GasBuddy your friend, you will always enjoy a bargain of fuel price. It will show you the best fuel deals that are near you.


We all agree that driving can waste you a lot of time especially if you have to account for that time long-term. That should not be the case with apps such as audible. You can enjoy listening to your favorite books while on the move. Podcasts can cover almost everything while audible entirely focuses on audiobooks.


With the change in technology, you don’t have to go to a meditation center to meditate. With the current busy schedules, we need a break to come back to ourselves. Research has shown that mindfulness helps to ward off stress and help us to be healthier. Luckily there are apps such as Headspace that have come to the rescue. Maybe it is what you need to have a more peaceful day.


Without an app, it may be hard sometimes to keep track of your trips and the miles that you have covered. Keeping a record of driving expenses can help you when it comes to getting a tax relief as it may be classified as a business expense. That means that you should consider getting MileIQ.