What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire with No Spare

When was the last time that you have purchased a car? If you have not purchased one for quite some time, then you will be in a surprise when you finally get a new one. A lot of the new car models right now come with no spare.

This can be challenging for people who are always paranoid that their tire is going to become flat. Just remember that if your tire goes flat, it does not mean that you are automatically going to become stranded. If you know that you have a higher chance of getting a flat tire or you are truly paranoid about not having a spare, you can research several ways to pump it up again or you can also learn a few tips on how you can manage when you have a flat tire.

What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire with No Spare
What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire with No Spare

These are some simple tips that you can keep in mind:

  •  You can invest in a good tire repair kit. This usually comes with different materials that you can use in order to patch up the hole that is causing your tire to become flat. There may also be some sealants that can help cover the punctures on the tread of your tires. This fix is only temporary but it may be enough to get you to a professional car repair shop that can help fix your tires for you.
  •  Get run-flat tires. These are tires that will allow you to travel provided that you will only travel at a reduced speed for certain distances. This will make sure that you can go to your destination in a more stable manner. You may not get there like a racecar driver but what matters is that you can get to your required location safely.
  •  Get the number of professionals that you can contact just in case you get a flat tire with no spare. It is possible that you have a tire repair kit but the damage to your tires may already be too extensive that you cannot repair it anymore. You can always get the right help provided that you have enough signals in order to contact the pros.

How to Temporarily Patch a Punctured Tire

This is a process that may help you when you are on the road and you do not have a spare tire.

  1.  Look for the tire that is starting to lose air and remove the debris that has caused the tire to puncture.
  2.  Make sure that the tire stays on the rim. Find and expand the puncture hole. Once you have located the puncture hole, make sure to lubricate this properly.
  3.  Place the repair tool that comes with the kit and you has to make sure that it is plugged all the way. This will make sure that the puncture will not cause too much trouble.
  4.  You can remove the tool already and leave the plug to prevent the air inside the tires from escaping.
  5.  Trim the plug’s end so that it can be in line with the tire wall.

Now that you know how to patch your punctured tire, you can have a higher chance of getting to the right location so that your flat tire can be fixed properly.