Winning a Go Kart Race

Go kart racing is one of the most adrenaline causing activities. There is the fact that people are moving at excessively fast speeds, and then the fact that it is a competition and there can only be one winner. First things first, you can make a training ground or yard where you leave. This can be done by clearing out things like trees, which can cause accidents. You can then have someone create some lanes for you, whether gravel or paved. With that in mind, we are now quickly going to jump into the tips on how to win your next go kart race.

Winning a Go Kart Race
Winning a Go Kart Race

Avoid Leaning In

Most people, when karting, tend to lean in as they approach corners. This is a bad habit since their body weight exerts pressure in the inside wheels of the kart. In reality, the weight should be exerted on the outer wheels. The best thing here is to sit square so that the body weight is evenly distributed across the kart.

Get Comfortable

It is important to get into the cart and adjust it to your comfort. Ensure that the seat is in a comfortable sitting position for you, with the pedals and steering wheel at good distances for you to cruise at full throttle comfortable.

Hold the Line

When racing, always go with the racing line since it is the best way known way of getting around the track.

Keep Moving

During the race, it is important to keep moving, maintaining the speed throughout the race. This is the trick that guys like Hamilton use, braking only at the right place, and not too hard, and not too late.

One at a Time

Stick to one pedal at a time. Some tent to press the accelerator and brake at the same time, and this is something that can compromise speed due to things like spin outs and cutouts.

Steal the Lead

One sure trick about racing is to steal the lead right from the word go. Imagine racing behind a slower racer who keeps blocking your way every time that you want to overtake!

Lighten Up

The lighter the cart, the faster it will go. This means that you can wear lighter clothing during the race.

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