Top 5 Muscle Car Designs Of All Time

If you consider yourself a car aficionado, there’s no doubt that you have a keen interest in muscle cars. In terms of speed and power, it doesn’t get much better than classic American muscle cars. Muscle cars are an important part of automobile history, but they also remain an important part of the current culture of cars in the U.S. Some of us enjoy muscle cars of all shapes and sizes, while others like to debate which muscle cars are the best of all time. For those people that fit into the latter category, here are our thoughts on the top five muscle car designs of all time.

5. 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500This car features an astounding seven liters and 428-cubic-inch engine in the form of a mustang. With 355 horsepower, the GT500 is actually more road-friendly than race-ready, which makes it such an impressive muscle car and such a hit with consumers, even to this day. Of course, just because it’s not a racing car doesn’t mean that it can’t fly, because it can, and it’s why the GT500 remains one of the most beloved muscle cars of all time.

4. 1969 Z28 Chevy Camaro – There are certainly faster muscle cars than this one, but few possess the style and likability of the Z28 Chevy Camaro. If your preference is look and feel over pure power and speed, this is the ideal muscle car. With unique combinations available with regard to the engine, exhaust, and induction, this car has to be considered one of the best muscle cars of all time.

3. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro LZ1 – This car was built for the purpose of drag racing, but is completely street legal, which makes it quite appealing. In addition to being a powerful vehicle, the Camaro LZ1 is one of the quickest muscle cars ever manufactured, as it’s as quick as lightning and as loud as thunder from a standstill position. Chevy only made 69 vehicles, and so the rarity of it combined with its power and speed makes it one of the top muscle cars ever made.

2. 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 – This car was designed to be the fastest and meanest car on the road, and almost 50 years later it’s still one of the fastest street legal cars around, being able to jump from 0-60-mph in a little over three seconds. It’s small and sleek, but it packs a major punch for a car its size with 800-horsepower. Aside from its appealing look and impressive speed, the Cobra is also one of the most rare and expensive muscle cars, fetching unbelievable numbers when available at an auction a few years ago, and being able to entice that much interest only adds to its case for being one of the top muscle cars of all time.

1. 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda – With a wide stance and a shaker hood scoop, there’s no doubt that this car is one of the best-designed muscle cars ever made. There may have been question marks about how it handles, but there’s no questioning the power and quickness that the car possesses, as it simply explodes from 0 to 60. With only 119 Barracudas ever built, and even less still around today, one in near-perfect condition was listed with a $2 million price tag last year, which is all the evidence necessary to make this car one of the best muscle cars ever made. See one in action in the video below:


Classic Cars & Restoration Tips

For whatever reason, so many of us have an utter fascination with classic cars, so much so that we go to great lengths to see them, drive them, and if we’re really luck, perhaps even own them. Of course, while we long for the cars of yesteryear, we certainly don’t want them to look their age. After all, part of the fun of driving around in a 30-year old car is making it look like you drove it off the lot brand new 30 minutes ago. If you’re going to be buying and driving a classic car, you have to make sure it’s been restored properly. Here are some restoration tips for you to keep in mind when dealing with classic cars.


One thing to pay close attention to during classic car restoration is rust. If possible, buy a car that has spent its entire life in a warm climate away from wintry conditions that can cause rust and do damage to the vehicle. Rust damage to a classic car will force you to replace the vehicle’s steel body panels, which can be one of the most time consuming and costly ventures in restoring an old car. If you end up with a rust bucket, you’ll have to strip the entire chassis, sand blast all of the metal on the car, and replace any section that can’t be repaired. The time and money it takes to do all of that is going to add up quickly, but it’s work that must be done if you want to restore a car that’s been consumed by rust.

Another important part of the restoration process is making sure you’ll be able to find replacement parts. There’s little doubt that parts of the car will have to be replaced, but with some cars, aftermarket replacement parts can be scarce, forcing you to use expensive used parts, causing the price of the project to skyrocket. If you want to restore a classic car, make sure you choose a model with parts that are easy to find and relatively cheap, or it’s going to make the project far more difficult than you’d like it to be.

Finally, it may be difficult to hear this, but get professional help. Even if you have a friend or family member with substantial knowledge of classic cars, it’s always best to have a professional look at the car, inspect it, and walk you through the proper steps during the restoration process. Doing a classic car restoration without the help of a professional leaves a lot of margin for error, and could ultimately come back to haunt you if the car breaks down in a relatively short period of time. Having a professional looking over your shoulder is an easy way to ensure that the job gets done right. Furthermore, if there’s a disagreement while doing the project with a friend or family member, you wouldn’t want it to impact the rest of your life, so it’s best to include friends and family only once the job is complete, but no sooner.

If you take these tips of car restoration into consideration, take the job seriously, don’t skip corners, and don’t rush things, in the end you’ll be satisfied with the job you’ve done, and more importantly, you’ll end up with the classic car you’ve always wanted.

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5 Quick Horsepower Adders

It is well known that most stock engines that are naturally aspirated can only achieve a peak volumetric efficiency of 75-85 percent. Multiple valves per cylinder and variable valve timing improve breathing efficiency in the late model engines. Building a small and big block engine limits one to two valves per cylinder and such engines have fixed valve timings. Supercharging an engine typically also provides more throttle response in an engine increasing its horsepower making its performance highly impressive.

Good horsepower adders have attractive hardware features such as a chipset solution mainly TRF6903RF. A transceiver and a DBB03 digital baseband with ASIC firmware in a ROM based program memory will also facilitate for an effective engine that has added horsepower. Transceivers also support point to point and broadcast networks that transmit enough air and pressure inside the engine. An engine should have a modular firmware that caters for easy customization to suit the vehicle’s engine .A simple hardware UART interface microcontroller also caters for excellent engine performance in an automatic vehicle as it provides reliable data transfer.

Synthetic lubricants are quick horsepower adders hence switching to synthetic lubricants enables the engine to run smoothly because they are amazing friction reducers. They reduce friction which prevents the engine from wearing out. This enables the engine to live longer and run better. They also offer cold weather performance. Synthetic lubricants enable an engine to survive low temperatures and run smoothly without freezing out. Supercharge kits are also good horsepower adders.

They offer the engine with a boost of 150-200. These kits charge the engine constantly increasing its horsepower which results in the exemplary running of the engine. A forced induction system is a quick horsepower adder. The method of induction sparks up the engine making it run easily. Standard roots blower also facilitate for the adding of an engine’s horsepower. Examples include: Helix root blower, Bullet-cased roots blower. A standard roots blower pushes air into the cylinder balancing the pressure in the vehicle’s engine.

Installing a higher lift and longer duration camshaft also adds horsepower to an engine quickly. This increases the engine’s endurance making it run efficiently under different conditions. Modifying and replacing stock heads with after market performance heads that have larger valves and better ports make the engine horsepower increase rapidly. A larger throttle body or carburettor can also be installed to provide better flow of more CFM. The exhaust can also be improved by scavenging it with headers and cross-over pipes to facilitate for better air flow in the engine

7 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Used Car

With the high sticker price of new cars, and the speedy devaluation rate of new vehicles, numerous shoppers search for used cars available to be purchased. Keeping in mind putting resources into a used car may appear like a wise alternative, purchasers still should be keen in their decisions. Used cars that are sold with hidden faults can turn out to be expensive issues for the clueless purchaser. To abstain from buying the wrong car, here’s a checklist that could be useful:

7 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Used Car

  1. The Test Drive

It’s generally best to take the car on a test drive on both nearby streets and interstates. In various situations, you can get a decent vibe for how the car reacts and performs. On nearby streets, you can feel how the car moves and reacts to sharp turns. You’ll likewise get a smart thought on the state of the brakes with unpredictable. With an outing on the thruway, you can note if the motor runs easily or not. While on a test drive, keep your eyes and ears open.

  1. The Aesthetics: Inside and Out

Make a point to check the inside upholstery carefully, alongside any repairs to the outside of the car. This shouldn’t imply that you shouldn’t buy a car that has been in a minor accident, however you’ll need to ensure the outside was repaired professionally and that the outcomes are scarcely unmistakable to the eye. Continuously open the hood and investigate the motor and parts. Messy and rusted parts can be a solid sign that there might be inconvenience not far off.

  1. The Leak Test

Any car that is spilling liquids is a warning for a required repair. While you’re on a test drive, pause for a minute to stop in a perfect range out and about, and let the car keep running for no less than 30 seconds. At that point, move the car and do a noticeable assessment for any spilling substances. Dark liquid may be a marker of releasing oil, green liquid may demonstrate a break in radiator fluid, and pink liquid may show a hole in the transmission.

  1. Research Reviews on the Make and Model

Do a bit of analyst work on industry and customer audits eager for advancement and model to reveal conceivable deserts or even basic issues. You can without much of a stretch do a check by doing a pursuit on Google.

  1. Research Price

To guarantee that you are being charged a reasonable value, make a point to analyze costs for the same make, model and year with a few sources. Checking the Blue Book qualities and merchant costs should effectively be possible on the web. Despite the fact that condition and mileage will assume a part in value, you can at present get a decent ballpark figure of the going cost.

  1. Repairman Inspection

Numerous shoppers don’t take an ideal opportunity to have a technician investigate their used car before buy, which can prompt more costly car upkeep not far off. The expense to have a car assessed by an expert can be certainly justified regardless of the cost. A workman is the expert who can help you find concealed issues furthermore help with deciding the car’s quality. On the off chance that there will be significant issues with the motor or transmission later on, this is the star that is going to tell you. .

  1. Checking the Seller

To maintain a strategic distance from purchaser’s regret, never rush to pull the trigger when purchasing a used car. In addition to that, it would be a good idea to run a background check on the seller. Click Here for more help regarding this. Taking an ideal opportunity to do careful research and arranging at the best cost is the most ideal way you can guarantee you’re getting a decent arrangement on the right vehicle.

Top Ways to Expand Your General Knowledge So You Can Talk About More than Just Cars

Cars and car hobbies are fantastic.  Few people realize how much effort goes into revamping a muscle car and even fewer knows what it takes to keep that glorious work of art in tip top shape.  But where anything about cars, engines, suspensions and gearboxes comes completely natural to you, it is a completely foreign language to others.  This can be a bit tough on you when you have to socialize with people who know absolutely nothing about vehicles, repairs and maintenance.  There are plenty of people who know absolutely nothing about vehicles and very few who actually do know a thing or two about muscle cars.  When you only know how to talk car you can soon be faced with a lot of awkward silences and your enthusiasm with vehicles can soon start affecting your work and personal life because everyone who aren’t good with vehicles will avoid you.  Luckily our world is incredibly diverse and you can easily expand your general knowledge about just about anything by simply reading up about it.

Top Ways to Expand Your General Knowledge So You Can Talk About More than Just Cars

Learn to talk politics

Politics is a fiery topic that just about anyone from anywhere is more than willing to talk about.  You can make a great many new friends by simply agreeing with their political point of view.  One of the best ways to be clued up on all the major events and occurrences that is happening in your country is to find out more about the FDD and to start reading up about Mark Dubowitz.  Mark Dubowitz is currently one of the biggest and most recognized name in politics because his influence is shaping the Iran sanctions and may very well be keeping your country from a full on nuclear war.

Learn to talk about news

Watching the news will always give you some terrific topics to talk about with colleagues who aren’t into vehicles.  Even talking about the weather is better than an awkward silence at work or at an event.  When you watch the news you are clued up on all the major things that are happening around you and you always have something fresh to say.

Listen to a radio station

Music is terrific for when you are roaring down the street with your V8 muscle car but a radio station is better for expanding general knowledge and for keeping you up to date on all the latest songs and happenings in your area.

Take up another hobby

Taking up another hobby is terrific for expanding your knowledge and hobbies like golfing or kayaking can help you meet some terrific new people.  When you have more hobbies you have so much more to teach, share and talk about and you can break any silence by talking about something that more people know about.

Take up a class

Taking classes like dancing, yoga or learning to play a music instrument is great fun because you get to meet new people and you get introduced into a whole different world.  Everyone loves to attend a fun class and your colleagues and friends will enjoy your companionship much more when you have something more to talk about than just cars.

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